Sunday, April 20, 2008

New stuffies and other important stuffs!

Hello to all our furry and not-so-furry friends! Here's a picture of a nice juicy Aire-snooter for you! I, Poppy wasn't cooperating too well so Mom had to hold my head to get a good picture. I just get sooooo excited when someone gets the camera out!
Yesterday, Mom went to some yard sales and she brought us home two new stuffies. Mine is Clifford the big red dog. I had one of these, once before, but I killed him! He was the one that Dad took the voice box from and made it into a doorbell for our basement door. The rest of him just disappeared, one day, while we were outside! Penny got a new green froggie! He doesn't have a name, yet and believe it or not...both of our new toys still have their eyes! We are pretty sure that will change soon!

Here's a close-up of my right eye so you can see how good of a job my eye drops are doing. All the gunky white stuff is gone now. Mom ran out of the medicine last night, and boy am I glad! I hated it when she came at me with that tiny bottle! I don't think she was too excited about it either, since she had to force it on me three times a day. The tiny white spot you see, in the corner of my eye, is just a reflection from the camera flash. Woohoo...I'm all better now!

This is our toy pile. Many years ago, it started out with just that plastic bucket that you see on the floor. Over the years, the pile has grown quite tall and this isn't ALL of our toys. Some of them like Mr. Tiger, Wubba, my trusty white Mr. Bear and various others are scattered around the house. Unfortunately for our mom and dad, we haven't quite mastered the art of returning them to the pile when we are done playing with them. I guess it's one of those things like when we come in from outside...we can open the door to come in, but we haven't learned to close it behind us.
Here's a rare picture of Penny. She heard Mom turn the camera on and she started looking for a place to hide. She ran around the island, in the kitchen and headed for her bed. For some reason, she turned around and was headed back into the kitchen when Mom snapped her picture. See how tight she has her tail tucked? What a chicken!
Our Blue Birds are still here! Dad has named them Mason and Mena. Mason likes to sit on the dog crate, out on the deck, and watch TV through the window. That wouldn't be so bad, except that he flies at the window and pecks at the glass. Yesterday, Dad taped a piece of printer paper over the glass, right where he pecks it. Too bad, Mason, not you can't see the TV! He also pecks the glass in the living room window and Mom thinks he is pecking at his own reflection. Maybe he thinks it's another male Blue Bird! Mena has been very busy gathering materials for their nest so she should be laying eggs soon, if she hasn't already. Mom went and got them 1000 meal worms and the man at the bird store says they should last about a week. Mom says she and Dad will be in the poor house by the end of nesting season! We think she should just spend the meal worm money on treats for us. It would go farther, anyway! After all, one human dollar equals seven dollars in dog money, doesn't it?
Poppy & Penny


The Thuglets said...

Hello Girls...Poppy great to see your eye stuff is working!

Wow what a pile of toys you have...you ar every good at keeping them!

Big Nose Pokes
The Thuglets x

Anonymous said...

Hi P & P
It's me Pearl, mees too Opal here, we missed so much when Nanny was on vacakeshun hour are the eyes Poppy? Hopes they gets betterest soonest. Nanny has a Clifford dog, I must ask her for him to play with she also has Louie the Lobster, I'll post some newest piktors soones. Please ask Momma if Harley was ever sent, if nots Nanny is going to gets hime for Opal and mees, but, she can't finds the aswess so pwease e-mail it to her, Opal is so sited to begetting a wheelie bruver.
Hugs, bellyrubs, smoochies
Wheelies from Ms. Opal

Molly the Airedale said...

Your eye looks so much better, Poppy! Thank goodness those drops are a thing of the past!
Gee, Penny is really scared of the camera, isn't she! You're so pretty, Penny! Don't be afraid!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Cassidy said...

Aw, poor Penny. We have the opposite problem - we hear the camera and we pose!

Me likes your new toys, me pulled Bagpuss' eyes and ears off the other day, tee hee!

Cassidy x

Lorenza said...

Hi, girls!
Glad to hear that Poppy's eye is much better.
Your mom got you two very nice stuffies!
I've never killed a toy! But I've heard is fun to do that!
Kisses and hugs

Asta said...

I'm so glad youw eye is bettew!!!
And that you bof got new toys...I can't wait to see the baby blue biwdies..I wish Penny wasn't so shy awound the camewa....she's so pwetty
smoochie kisses

Lacy said...

woofies and burfs Penny and Poppy...glad u eyes better..dats da way my sis angel lacylulu did, her didnt like dat camera much either...our birdies r nesting toooo...i gots to watch out or they steal my furs off me body..

b safe,

Eric said...

Hi Poppy n Penny, That's good you eye is better Poppy. And Penny you are too cute to hide yourself away.

You are very good not to chase the birdies!!Mom has a bird phobia and wouldn't let me read about the birdies when you had pictures the other day. I shoo them all away for her her when we are out!!!

Wiry Wags, Eric X

Dexter said...

Glad you're feeling better. That sure is a big pile of stuffies and what not. Must be party central at your place.


Faya said...

New stuffies ! I think we are very lucky... Mine are still alive but I received them only today so this is correct..check tomorrow...
Happy that your eye is better...
Kisses, Faya

Deetz said...

Those are cool toys you have. Those birds eat a ton of worms. Thats crazy. My mum said if you hang up chimes near the window, that will sometimes make them stop trying to watch the TV or fly in the house. Your eye looks wonderful. I am so sorry your eye was sick. My mum is a good mum.

Agatha and Archie said...

We are so glad your eye is better!! ANd your stuffie "area" lokks like ours!!! Except ours is up higher..Love A+A

Noah the Airedale said...

You two have so many stuffies. We hardly have any, mainly because Tess & Lucy rip them apart in no time.
Penny, you might need some camera therapy to help you get over your fear.

Hugs and tail wags

Huskee and Hershey said...

Hello girls,
I like your new toys! I am sure you'd have a great time playing with them... Glad that Poppy's eye is better!

Willow the Black Dale said...

Penny & Poppy,
Great Toy Collection!!! Now you see if my mom brought home another dale I would have to share my toys.
But here is an idea for your mom....ask HER to take a puppy so my mom WON'T!!! Hmmm....do you ladies think that would work? Moms seem to be suckers for these puppies as they go into the "zone" when they see or play with them.
Oh bother....at least I have dad. I will keep you posted.
Nose pokes,

Tenkiller Airedales said...

Good morning Penny and Poppy! What a selection of toys you have!!! And some still have eyes???? Wouldn't happen here. Speaking of eyes....glad your eye is BETTER Poppy! I hate it when I have to have "eye stuff!" No fun there. Our mommy is ALWAYS in the PUPPY ZONE!! No kidding, she loves these babies. I must admit, they are cute. Look at the blog later, we'll have new puppy pictures up. Some of them already weigh over 3 pounds. Whew!!!

Airslaps, Apache

Deetz said...

My mum posted pictures of Charlotte if you want to meet her...also might have a scary eye picture contest if you are interested.

The 3 G-Dales said...

Howdy there!

We can't hawve those kinds of toys, Mumsie has gone to the emergency room in themiddle of the night too many times because WE EAT EVERYTHING WE CHEW. WE - yes me and Roy- are the original Chewydales. We are a little jealous we must admit.

Glad to see your eye goopies are all gone...wetbeardslime is cool but eye goopies, not so much. The little bottle is your friend, weally.

Have a pawesome aire-day tomorrow dudes!

Nose pokes!
The G-Dales

Urban Smoothie Read said...

i know that red dog...is that clifford?

Jackson's J1 and J2 said...

I'm soooo jealous of all your toys! Mine only last about 5 minutes! Glad your eye is getting better, pal! Jx

Miss Ellie and Baz said...

Love your toy pile......it's awesome. Us Dale's can never have enough toys.

Miss Ellie and Baz