Thursday, November 13, 2008

We're still here!

Hello to all of our furry and not-so-furry friends! It's me, Patches! Remember we told you that I would be getting a b-a-t-h soon? Well, it happened! I wasn't too thrilled with the whole idea...especially since I had never been in a hooman bathtub before. Mom got the bathroom all ready with the shampoo, Mane and Tail conditioner and lots of towels. Then Dad helped herd just ME into the bathroom. It wasn't easy to keep Poppy and Penny from trying to help. Mom tied my leash to the handle bar on the tub and she thought I couldn't get away. Wrong! As soon as she got me all soaped up, I jumped out of the tub and got wedged between my mom's knees. She hurried and got me back into the tub, but not before the entire bathroom (not to mention Mom's clothes) was covered in doggie shampoo. Heeheehee! I bet NEXT time, she'll take me to the groomer and pay someone else to do it! I AM nice and clean, though and I smell really good!
Poppy has been spending a lot of time checking on the plants that have been brought inside for the winter. We have a Bougainvilla that has lost all of it's pretty flowers and leaves, a ginormous Jade plant and a Squirrel Foot Fern! There are leaves and flowers all over the floor! Mom keeps cleaning them up, but they keep coming back. When the plants finally quit shedding, they will be moved to their usual wintertime places.

Here's a rare picture of me and Penny! Pay no attention to the Aire-art on the dishwasher and the coolerator. Our mom keeps cleaning it off, but it keeps magically reappearing!

Our mom keeps trying to get a picture of us playing bitey-face, but so far, this is as close as she has come! Poppy and I always seem to have somedog else's legs or face in our mouths. Penny was joining in with us, but as soon as she heard the camera turn on, she disappeared!

This is where Pokey sleeps when Mom is cleaning the living room floor. This morning, he had to get up there because Robbie the Roomba was cleaning all the Aire-hair and stuffie guts off the floor.

This is our Christmas cactus that spends the summer outside. It's blooming waaaaaay before Christmas. Jeeze, it isn't even Thanksgiving yet! At this rate, it will be all done blooming before the holidays even get here.
On Tuesday, Poppy went to the v-e-t to get an estimate for removing her lipoma. She was a very good girl at the vet's office, but she refused to get back into the Aire-mobile when they were all done. Mom had to pick her up and put her into the back. Even though Poppy has lost almost 4 pounds since her last vet visit, our mom really hurt her back! She says she isn't going to the vet with anydog alone again! Poppy is going to have to wait until our mom gets a job to have that lipoma removed. The vet said it really doesn't need to come off, but Mom wants it GONE! So....Poppy gets to wait on the lipoma surgery unless our mom wins the lottery or something!
Yesterday, our mom and Aunt Wendy spent the whole day together and when Mom came home, we sniffed her from head to toe. Not only did she smell like Ezzy and Jagger, but she also smelled like some strange doggie and even a kitty! She said that was because they went to some Humane Society and several doggie boutiques. She could have at least taken ME with her! I sure hope she bought us some Christmas presents from those doggie stores!
Well, everybuddy, I guess I'm going to do some serious napping now. It's raining here, today and none of us want to go outside at all, so we will nap in between our zoomie and bitey-face sessions.
Patches (and Poppy & Penny too)


Stanislaw said...

I'm due for a bath as well today... only I think I smell WORSE after!

My grandhumans' Christmas Cactus (named Chris) always blooms before Thanksgiving too! Whazzup with that? Don't they know what their job is? I mean it's right there in their name!!

Eduardo said...

I get a bath today as well...Thanks for the up-date! Enjoy your baitey face games & naps!
Hugs & Snugs
Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle

Lady Kaos said...

I think I'm getting a bath this weekend. Mom keeps talking about Sasha and I smelling bad and looking pretty bad so we need a bathr before my human cousins come to visit.
Mom has 4 Christmas Cactus plants. # of them have buds and Mom is really excited about it. They don't always bloom and it makes her sad when they don't. The one that hangs in the laundry room hasn't bloomed in a couple of years and is the only one that doesn't have buds on it right now. We're crossing our paws that if it doesn't bloom for Christmas, it will bloom for Easter because her's have been known to bloom then, too.

Sunny,Scooter, (sometimes Jamie) said...

Sorry your Mom hurt her back! Hope she is feeling better now. Our Mom says if she wins the lottery, she'll share. (She has to play it to win it tho! )

River said...

Glad to hear you survived the bath. My mom is the one who puts it off because she hates all the water that ends up on the floor.

love & wags,

Molly the Airedale said...

Did you at least enjoy the drying part of the bath, Patches? We love being rubbed down with the towel after all the water has been let out of the tub!
The Christmas cactus is just beautiful! Our mom kills all the plants that she brings in from outside because she can't ever remember to water them! Her first victim was the Rosemary plant!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Lorenza said...

I'd love to get a bath in a tub but we don't have one!
That christmas cactus is beautiful. I had never seen one of those.
Take care
Kisses and hugs

Dewey Dewster said...

Oh gee we all hate baths but we get 'em all the time....tell yer Mom ta hold on tighter next time.....Gram's Christmas cactus is full of buds but hasn't opened up yet.....we're sure it won't be bloomin' again at Christams time....maybe they all got confused by the cold weather we had MUCH too early....hope yer Mom wins the lottery....jobs seem ta be hard ta find right now.....

Dewey Dewster here.....

Niamh said...

Sorry to hear about your bath Patches. They are the worst thing I think. That Christmas cactus is sure pretty. We couldn't have one here because my person would manage to kill it immediately.

Your friend,

Dexter said...

The Christmas cactus is so pretty! Please don't eat it, you three.

I hope your mom can get some bitey face photos.


Noah the Airedale said...

Hiya Gals
We had baths the other day too. They always bath us at Kelston Kennels just before pick up. We smell nice but the lady told D & B that Willow wouldn't be blow dried hee hee, she simply refused.
It's good that Poppy's surgery isn't urgent but we understand how your mum feels. D would want it gone too.

Noah xxx

Anonymous said...

I really don't understand why you don't like bath?? I love bath and especially sauna. That has been the most terrible thing while I was suffering about my stupid toes... So now I can go to sauna today.
Maybe your mum is Santas little helper, and that is why she couldn't take you to those doggie boutiques...

Lots of Kerrykisses to all of you!

Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...


Patches, you smell soooo good I can sniff ya right through the puter screen!! YUM!!! Is that a hint of lavender I detect??? What fab smellin' shampoo for ya!

Oh, do we ever feel for ur mom's back and that stoopid pine straw. Actually, um we've never seen pine straw, but Mumsie saw plenty of it in the South when they lived down there...she was never smart enuff to use a pitch fork...she always spread it by hand and got really ITCHY!!

Mumsie decided that from now on she's gonna ask for help with us at the vetties, groomers etc gettin' us back in the car. She figured that out a couple of weeks ago when we'd all been groomed and all collars were half slippin' off and she was tryin' by herself to get us back into the car. Groomers is on a really busy road...so from now on she's going to have someone help us to and from the car...she can't imagine havin' to lift Stan...Scruffy is scared to jump into the car and he's bad enuff at 20lbs!!! She figures it's easier and safer even if she hates to ask for help...

Oh...she bought Stan a dishpan the other day...a plastic one that easily holds two Dale paws to wash the mud off...she dips his front end and then the back...she said it's tons faster than the 17 washrags per Dale routine...I think she's waitin' till the ground freezes...that's the cleanest time of the year around here...even with snow!!!

Gotta run...it's Dingo time...my fav part of the day!

Hugs and kissies..Laciegirl

Agatha and Archie said...

They must all get together( the PL's ) and say IT IS BATH DAY!! becasue we had bathes in the tub too!!!! Archie like his bath..NOT ME!!! i always try for a get away as well! Love and kisses A+A

Agatha and Archie said...

They must all get together( the PL's ) and say IT IS BATH DAY!! becasue we had bathes in the tub too!!!! Archie like his bath..NOT ME!!! i always try for a get away as well! Love and kisses A+A

Kirby said...

Awww, a bath Patches, no fun with that. Did you do the drying dance when you were all done? I love to do the drying dance and dry off on everyone else. He he!! I hope your Mom picked up some Christmas gifts for you all!

Your pal,

Pedro said...


Wow that was a good catch-up post! I don't like baths either. Ziggy practically asks for baths. My tells him to go get in the bath tub and he does! Talk about a brown noser!


Gus, Louie and Callie said...

Wow a bath. Mom is thinking Callie needs one after they put her zipper in but it is a bit cool outside so she thinks she should wait till this weekend. Maybe is will be a bit warmer outside..
the Xmas cactus is beautiful. Mom remembers the one her grandmother had. It was huge. After Grandma passed away Mom's Mom tried to keep it but it also passed away.. Guess it was Grandma that had the green thumb..

Big Sloppy Kisses
Gus, Louie and Callie

The Black and Tans. said...

Hi Patches

Good to hear you survived the BATH.
We don't really mind them but we do like to have a good shake so there is more water up the walls than in the bath by the time we leave the bathroom.

We love to hear the mutterings of the hoomans about hair all over the place.

Welll they must take the consequences of bathing us!

Molly and Taffy