Friday, October 24, 2008

Happy Weekend, Everybuddy!

Hi everybuddy! It's Bess and Bill! We were put up for auction, this morning on that Ebay kennel.
We are pulling a farm wagon that the 3 P's dogdad built. It took him a veeeeeery long time to build it because he tried to make it as authentic as possible. Our creator thinks we should fill the wagon with snow and Christmas presents. Maybe our new furever pawrents will do that!

The 3 P's are having a very lazy day today. It's raining, the wind is blowing very hard and it's kind of cold outside. Every time they have to go outside, they stand at the top of the steps until Mom or Dad MAKE them go down the stairs. I guess they don't want to get their tender feets wet.

We are asking everyone to vote for BabyStan so he can be the cover boy for the K9 Kingdom. Isn't he cute? He will make a great king! You can vote for him at: http://www.myk9kingdom.com/photo-contest-2008.php So far, he's waaaaaay ahead of everydog else and we hope he stays that way!
Patches got in big trouble yesterday and again this morning. Yesterday, Mom took out some potatoes to peel for supper, but she dropped one of them on the floor. No sooner than it hit the floor, Patches ran over and grabbed it. She ran to the big bed, with it and ran around on it with the potato in her mouth. She acted like she just won the lottery! By the time Mom pried it out of her jaws of death, it was full of holes. She didn't eat any of it, but there were lots of puncture marks on it. Then, this morning, Mom put a piece of crumpled up tissue paper in the trash can under the computer. A few minutes later, Poppy dragged it out and then Patches nabbed it and took off for the bed again. I don't know what it is about her and that bed! She seems to take everything up there! Well, Mom tried to grab her everytime Patches came close enough, but it took several tries before she finally got a hold of her. That Patches is one quick doggie! Mom finally extricated most of the tissue paper from her jaws of death, but we think she swallowed one tiny piece.
That's all for today, folks! We are off to sit on a shelf and hope for a new furever home!
Bess & Bill (oh, yeah...and Poppy, Penny & Patches too)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Greetings, all you furry and not so furry critters! It's me, Patches! I'm all fixed up now from my fix-it surgery and back to my wild and crazy ways. Remember poor Rudolph the feltie from our last post? Well, he's all back together now and pulling a sled with two Aire-pups. If you want to see him, you will have to go over to Ezzy and Jagger's bloggy . Aunt Wendy bought him from our mom so he is living with Ezzy and Jagger now.
The 3 of us girls have been watching our mom very closley these days. She has emptied one whole curio cabinet of all her bears. She cleaned the inside and outside of it and now she is trying to put some of the bears back, but there always seems to be some jaws of death lurking nearby. She sneaked all those bears into boxes when we were outside. Now they are sitting up high on one of the dressers so we can't get to them. So not fair! She's hoping to sell some of them on Ebay because she has waaaaaaaaaay too many. Besides, since she still hasn't found a job, she really needs the money to buy treats for us!

Remember when we showed you our Roomba that magically vacuums our floors? Well, our mom keeps saying she wished there was one that would wash the floor. She found it! I don't think we will be getting one, anytime soon though, since they cost $500. She will have to keep on washing the floors the old fashioned way!
Well, everybudy, I'm off to try and get the closet door open where I know there is another box of bears!
Patches (and Poppy and Penny too)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wheelie Wednesday...and somedogs are in big trouble!

Happy wheelie Wednesday, everybuddy! My name is Rudolph the non-wheelie! I get to do the post today because I have just come out of a very loooooong reconstructive surgery! I was created to pull a sleigh with a couple of other Aire-pups in it, but it seems that somedogs had other ideas for me. This is what our mom found right after Poppy and Patches were acting all crazy in the living room. She isn't sure which doggie is guilty, so she's blaming both of them. The only thing she knows, for sure, it that Penny wasn't involved. Those wild doggies ate off my ears, my tail, my piddler and part of my black saddle! I didn't have eyes or a nose, yet, so they didn't get those! It's a good thing Mom found me when she did or the carnage would have been even worse!
As most of you know, last Friday was Poppy's barkday. Well, our pawrents gave the girls three new stuffies...the brown moose, the red dog and the blue teddy bear. Well, already, they have had eye-ectomies and nose-ectomies and some of them are losing their stuffing. This time, Mom KNOWS who the guilty party is...it's Patches! The same doggie that didn't want anything to do with stuffies when she first entered the witness protection program! Well...now she can't get enough of them!

Poppy is all excited because Mom and Dad went to PetCo, yesterday and spent lots of their yard sale money on us! They didn't make a whole lot of money, but they got rid of a whole lot of stuff! You see, our pawrents go and buy stuff, at yard sales and then sell it on Ebay. Even though they have been doing this for several years and you would think they would know what sells and what doesn't, they still make a lot of mistakes. Everything that doesn't sell on Ebay, goes into our next yard sale. Everyone always says we have the best yard sale in the neighborhood. Well, if that's true...why don't they buy more stuff from us? Every year, on December 31, our pawrents load up the Aire-mobile and take loads of stuff to the Goodwill.

Our mom is thinking about dismanteling Patches' crate and storing it in the basement. She decided to leave it in the kitchen until after Patches recovered from her fix-it surgery, but now that she's all better, Mom is thinking, once again of putting it in the basement. The problem is...that Patches still goes in there every night when we all go to bed. Mom would like to put the bar stools back that belong there, but she can't with the big honking crate in the way. Now, our mom is thinking about leaving the quilt there and taking away the crate. I guess maybe she will think about it some more!

Remember our Bluebirds? Well, yesterday, they stopped by to say Hello! We saw them on the deck so Dad hurried up and put meal worms out for them. Well...when he opened the door, they flew away and haven't come back! We put the meal worms out, again, this morning, so we are hoping they come back for a little snack!
Well, furry friends, after 3 1/2 hours of surgery, I'm back to my normal self, but I'm very sleepy. I'm off to have a nap in a very safe place away from the jaws of death!
Rudolph (and those other 3 P's too)

Friday, October 10, 2008

Happy Barkday to Poppy!

Hi furry friends! It's me, Poppy! Today is my 8th barkday and boy, am I going to pawty! I got peanut butter paw cookies and pupcorn! Woohoo! Of course, I have to share with those other two doggies that live here, but I guess there's enough for all of us...as long as I get more than they do.

In this picture, I'm practicing my scary eye stuff so I will be ready for Halloween. We don't pass out candy because the 3 of us go insane every time the doorbell rings and we tear up the wood floor in the foyer. However, our one little neighbor girl always shows up even though we keep our lights off. She isn't scared of us, but she usually has a friend with her and we scare the "you know what" out of HER. Heeheehee! It just makes our night!

On Wednesday, I got my barkday Aire-cut at my new, old place. They were very good to me. Their grooming table is hydraulic and it comes down to just my level so I don't have to jump up. Also, just like they promised, I was the first doggie in and the first doggie out. They worked on me constantly instead of putting me in a cage so they could work on somedog else! It was very nice!

It was NOT so nice when I got home! Just as I came in the door, Penny and Patches attacked me! Not once, but twice! Dad says it's because they thought I was some strange dog invading their home. Our mom always thought doggies used smell to figure out who somedog is, but I guess I didn't smell like my regular self either. Anyway, after a few minutes, they finally recognized me and didn't attack me anymore. It's a good thing, too, 'cause I can give as good as I get!

Tomorrow, our neighborhood is having our fall yard sale and we're hoping our pawrents get lots of dog money to buy treats for us! We are also hoping our mom finds us some good stuffies when she drives around the neighborhood to buy everyone else's junk.

Well, everybuddy, I'm off to eat some of my barkday treats and have my first nap of the morning!

Poppy (and those other 2 doggies too!)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Wheelie Wednesday on Tuesday!

Hi everybuddy! I'm a new Irish Terrier wheelie that will be put up for auction, soon, on that Ebay kennel. I don't have a name yet, but I'll probably get one later today. We are doing Wheelie Wednesday on Tuesday, this week, because our personal secretary (aka Mom) will be too busy tomorrow.
Patches has been a baaaaaad girl! Look what she did to Clifford the big red dog! Pokey was watching her and trying to tell her to stop, but would she listen? Nope! Now Clifford has gone to the big trash can. The first thing Patches did was give him an eye-ectomy and then she pulled lots of his stuffing out. Poor Clifford! Patches tried to blame it on Pokey, but Mom knows who really did the destructomania!

Poppy still has her nose out of joint because she knows she is getting an Aire-cut for her barkday. Yesterday, she got a barkday card from PetSmart with a coupon for a free treat or toy, but our mom has to spend $15 to get it. What's up with that? Since when do you have to buy something to get your barkday present? We think that stinks!

She's hoping to get one of those cards from PetCo because we NEED to spend some money there. Our mom needs to go get us some more of that hip and joint care stuff. We're pretty sure she will also get Poppy a barkday present and some TREATS! Since I am not a real doggie, I don't need any treats, but those other three dogs are ALWAYS begging for treats...and they get way too many!
Well, everybuddy, I'm off to wait my turn for going to the Ebay kennel.
The new wheelie (and the 3 P's too)

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Poppy's barkday present!

Hello to all of our furry and not-so-furry friends! It's me, Poppy! As some of you may know, this coming Friday will be my 8th barkday. Well, I was informed, yesterday, that my barkday present will be a new Aire-cut. As Joe Stains would say, "WTF"! I was expecting toys and treats or at the very least...a ginormous CAKE! Who wants a crappy old Aire-cut for their barkday? I think this stinks! Mom told me that I am going to a new place, though. Well, it's not really new...I just haven't been there in a really loooooong time. I'm going back to the very first place I ever got groomed. My original groomer sold the place and moved over to PetSmart, so we went with her. A few years later, she got sick and died, so we have been going to all different groomers and our mom doesn't really like any of them. The last one made me get up on the table and off the table about 50 times while she groomed me and I had really bad arfritis problems for several days after I got home. My new, old place told Mom that they won't do that to me...I will be the first dog in and the first dog out. Yay!
Patches is doing much better, now, after her fix-it surgery. For a few days, she would cry when she jumped up on the big bed, but not anymore!

Now, she thinks she is the supreme ruler looking down on me and Penny! Ha! I am the only supreme ruler around here and everydog KNOWS that! Just in case they aren't aware of it, I make sure they KNOW it!

Now that it has cooled off, here in Georgia, we wanted to show you some of our beautimous plants. This is a Bougainvilla that our mom has had for many years. She brings it inside in the winter time and puts it out on the deck when it's warm outside. Our dad has been giving it Miracle Grow and it must be working!

This is one of our ornamental potato plants. They don't grow any flowers, but the leaves are about as big as a hooman's head. It is planted under the deck and it reaches all the way up to the top of the deck. It will grow ugly, little potatoes that you can't eat. Mom picks them and stores them over the winter and then plants new ones in the spring.

Our dad's mom gave our mom some of the potatoes about 15 years ago and she has been growing them every year since. She used to plant them around our mailbox and it made it easy for people to find our house. Well, she doesn't do that anymore because it's hard to tell when the mailman has been here and besides, in the dark, it looked like a gigantic man standing at the end of the driveway. Whenever Mom had to go somewhere in the dark, it scared the "you-know-what" out of her! Heehee! WE thought it was pretty funny, but I guess Mom got tired of getting scared all the time.
We hope you are all having as gorgeous of a day as we are! It's kind of cool outside and our leaves are just starting to turn a little bit. It makes it really nice for when we go out to patrol the perimeter of our back yard. We have to make sure there are no intruders (like squirrels) and keep watch over all the neighbor dogs! Have a great week, everydoggie!
Poppy (and Penny & Patches too)

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Wheelie Wednesday!

Hi everybuddy! We finally made it back to our regularly scheduled Wheelie Wednesday post! Today, we have two new wheelies doing the post! One is an Airedale and one is a Wire Fox Terrier. We will be put up for auction, soon on Ebay.

I am the WFT on a new kind of wheelie. Our creator calls it a wheelie cycle because it only has 3 wheels instead of the usual four. The 3 P's dad says it's a lot harder to make a wheelie cycle than the regular 4 wheeled ones. Whatever...we wheelies just think it's cool.

As most of you know, Patches was spayed on Monday. She's doing much better today. She actually ate most of her breakfast and she has started following the peeple around again. In the mean time, she has been sleeping on her back with her back leg up in the air. Her incision is so small that you can barely see it in this photo. You might be able to see it a little better if you click on it to biggyfy it.

In this picture, she is showing off her big white patch on her chest. It is in the shape of a cross! Sorry about the x-rated picture! She has no shame whatsoever! Actually, she slept like this, a lot, before her fix-it surgery! Poppy does it too, but Penny NEVER does! We think it has something to do with Penny being raised as a hunting dog. If she slept upside down, she would be way too vulnerable! Just a thought...we don't know for sure.
Well, everybuddy, sorry our post is so short for today, but our secretary has to go do some weed eating!
Poppy, Penny, Patches (and the 2 new wheelies)