Monday, July 26, 2010

We had very impawtant visitors!

Hey, every buddy! It's me, Patches! As some of you may know, we had some very impawtant visitors on Saturday! The two special wires (aka Jake and Fergi) were traveling through Georgia with their moma and their girl, Nina. They stopped to spend some time with us! We were so excited that we also invited Sally Ann and her mommy (Lisa) and Ezzy Rider with his mom and dad (aka Aunt Wendy and Unkle Bill). This first picture (above) was supposed to be last, but as usual, Vista screwed it up. Anyway, it is some of the cool stuffs they brought for us! Our mom also got a gorgeous tote bag that is handmade by the moma of the two special wires. She is guarding it with her life to make sure nodoggie gets their teefies on it!

This is Sally Ann sitting on her mommy's lap while Jake takes in the view from our big box window in the kitchen.

This is them again with Nina girl on the left. We were all eating foodables that our mom cheated on. It was so hot that she didn't want to start up the oven, so she bought frozen raviolis and garlic bread and a Pepperidge Farm frozen cake for desert. Sally Ann brought a Key Lime Mango pie, so some of the peeps ate that too. Sally Ann and Lisa also brought a flatsie toy for everydoggie! Thanks, Sally Ann! Penny has been squeeking hers a LOT!

Here's Miss Fergie running around the kitchen. We thought she was going to play with that toy, but it was just being dragged around by her leash. She is such a sweetie pie! Maybe, someday, she'll figure out how much fun the toys are!

Here's me getting some lovin' from Jake and Fergie's moma. I think she wanted to dognap me, but my mom wouldn't let her have me. (At least not THAT day...SOME days, she might consider it!

This is Ezzy Rider! As usual, he was right in the middle of everything that went on. He and I had quite a few play sessions! And he was very nice to the LITTLE doggies, just like we were.

As each new doggie arrived, Penny and I were penned in the living room so we could meet everydoggie snooter to snooter with a gate between us. Once we all got settled down, our mom let us loose and boy did we have fun! Jake was kind of sticking close to Penny when he wasn't in the window. Maybe he thought it was good to stick close to a more mature doggie. Fergie explored the whole house even though she is still kind of shy. Unfortunately, just as everyone arrived, we were having major thunder boomers! They didn't last toooo long and once they were over, we all went outside for a potty break. We didn't stay out too long because of all the fresh mud.

What a great time we had! We just love meeting and spending time with Dogs with Blogs peeps and pups!

Patches & Penny (who managed to not show up in any of our pictures)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A public service announcement for Skinneeez stuffing-free dog toys!

Hey, everydoggie! Remember our PSA about the Kong Wobbler? Well, those same peeps asked us to do a review of the Skinneeez stuffing-free dog toy. The one they sent to us is a Forest Series Fox and I have to say: he's mighty tasty!

As usual, I (Patches) wouldn't let Penny come near Mr. Foxy! He might not have any stuffing, but he does have a squeeker in his tail and that spells FUN! Okay, maybe not so fun for Mom since I have been squeeking him non-stop since she gave him to me.

We have heard some stories, lately, about a doggie who ate stuffing out of a child's plush toy and got really, really sick and eventually went to the Rainbox Bridge! Now, our mom has always bought our stuffies at yard sales, so they aren't really meant for doggies...just for kids (who, hopefully) are smart enough to NOT eat the stuffing! My favorite way to enjoy my stuffies is (1) remove the eyes, no matter how long it takes. (2) pull lots of stuffing out through the eye-hole and (3) remove as many limbs as possible (assuming the stuffie is an animal of some sort). Oh, and I almost forgot: (4) if the stuffie is large enough, I HAVE to perform my secret ritual on said stuffie! Now, Mr. Skinneeez Foxy isn't large enough to perform my secret ritual because I would fall flat on my snooter, but he sure is fun to shake like crazy...just like we would do with real prey and he's totally harmless since there is no stuffing! Not to mention that he will last much longer than our usual stuffies. In this house, one of our usual stuffies starts to lose stuffing within 1.3 seconds after entering our jaws of death!

So, let's see...no stuffing to make a mess that our peeps have to clean up or that we eat and get really, really sick (or worse), no plastic eyes for us to rip out and that squeeker in the tail makes it the pawfect dog toy! We give it 8 paws up!

Sorry, everybuddy, I gotta run! While I have been in here barking stuffs for Mom to type, Penny is in the living room squeeking Mr. Foxy and I HAVE to stop her! NOW!

Penny & Patches

Sunday, July 11, 2010

It's just plain HOT in HOTlanta!

Hello, everydoggie, everykittie, bear and hooman! It's me, Patches! I just checked the thermo...thermet...termt...um, that thing that tells us how hot it is outside! It says 95.1 degrees! No wonder we don't want to stay out there for very long! I guess that's why they call this HOTlanta! We are actually about 30 miles north of Atlanta, but it gets just as hot HERE!

Last week, our mom watched our neighbor's Puggie doggies while they were on vac...vata..va...um, out of town! She went over there to make sure they had lots of cool water and foodables. The little Puggies are brother and sister (actual littermates). The black one is a little girl and the buff colored one is a larger male. The male doggie scared the "you know what" out of our mom, the first time she went over there. He just stayed in his crate and wouldn't even come out! So, from then until the next time she went over, she was a nervous wreck! She didn't want to have to call the neighbor when he was away, to tell him that his dog was sick...or worse! Well, the next time she went over, both Puggies were bouncing all over the place and they put their hairs ALL over OUR mom! We had to sniff every inch of her when she came home!

Now, our mom is feeding and watering the other neighbor's animals. They have 2 totally aquatic froggies and Mom just has to drop some foods into a little hole at the top of their "house". It's a good thing that's all she has to do, because she sure isn't going to touch the froggies! They have a bunny that has her very own hutch in the woods behind the neighbor's house. Mom got to pet her when she went over to get feeding instructions, but now, when our mom shows up, the bunny runs to the other end of her house and hides. Do you think she might smell Aire-heads on our mom? The only other animal that mom has to take care of is the c-a-t! Yes, I said C-A-T! Domino is a pretty cool cat, but our mom won't let us go near her! (Someday, we'll make her tell you why!) She likes to come over to our house and lounge on our front step. The NERVE! We can smell her through the door, so we know she's there and we try to bark her away, but I guess she knows we can't get to her 'cause our barking doesn't scare her one bit!

Somewhere, in all these pictures, is a rare photo of Penny. Since our mom is old, senile, and a whack job, she can't remember in what order she loaded the pictures! (And stoopid Vista won't show them to her before the post is published). Oh yeah, and she's on ant-eye-bye-oticks again for yet ANOTHER sinus infection. She's also using something called a Neti Pot, for her sinuses. She pours it into one nostril and then the other. The first time she used it, she felt like she was drowning, but once she got past that feeling, the neti pot is like a miracle for the sinuses! She says even though she's using the neti pot, she still feels like 10 pounds of crap in a 5 pound bag...whatever THAT means! I guess it's because of the infection, but it can't be all THAT bad...she's still feeding us and she ran away with Aunt Wendy, yesterday, for the WHOLE day! They left to go yard sale-ing at about 7:30 in the morning and didn't come home until almost 4:00! Oh, Mom says I have to tell you that they did come home for a few minutes around noon. They had to unload the car and let us out to potty! I also heard a rumor that they went out to breakfast AND lunch! And guess what they brought US! NOTHING! How could they be so cruel?

Well, everybuddy, I'm going to go lay on an aire-conditioning vent! Try to stay cool wherever YOU are!

Patches (and Penny too)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Our mom is a whack job!

Hey there, pups and kitties! It's me, Penny! We found out, a couple days ago, that our mom is a total whack job! She called the v-e-t to get a grooming appointment for Patches and they told her that Patches was over due for her yearly vaccinations. Mom told the lady that that was wrong...Patches already had her shots. Sooooo, the lady asked Mom to bring a copy of the receipt. Mom told her that they (the v-e-t-s office) already had the records since that's where Patches got her shots. The vet lady said they had no record of it, so Mom dug through all her doggie records and guess what! That lady was right!

I guess our whack job of a mom thought it was already done since she spent like a bazillion dollars and kept taking both of us to see the v-e-t or the groomer! Well, haha on Patches! She had to go YESTERDAY! I'm going to turn the bloggy over to her now, so she can bark you all about it!

Hi peeps and pups! It's me, Princess Patches! Let me tell you, I wasn't feeling too much like a Princess, yesterday morning. First, my mom tried to put the power steering collar on me (that's the one with all the hurty prongs). She said it was like trying to put a collar on a piranha. It also didn't help that Penny wanted the collar on HER! Finally, we got the collar on and then Mom had to distract Penny so she could get me out to the Aire-mobile by myself! This is no easy trick since Penny is quite the escape artist when she knows that somedoggie is going in the Aire-mobile without HER! We finally arrived and found out that I have lost 3 pounds since I had my toofies cleaned! Mom says, "Woohoo" and I say, "ppppffffffttttttttt!". It is sooooo not fair that Penny's treats are always bigger than mine. ALWAYS!

Well, I got all my shotses and they stole my blood! I let them take my temperature (even though I HATED it), but I was sure hoping they wouldn't have to steal any of my poop! I'm pretty sure that was in their evil plan to torture me, but I fooled them! On our way to the front door, I left them a nice, big deposit! Whew, I dodged THAT bullet! Somehow, Mom wasn't nearly as excited when they handed her a glass bottle with a swabber in it and told her to go get a little "sample". Sorry, Mom, but that's what you get for taking me there in the first place! Hahahahahaha!

The v-e-t says I'm very healthy and he'll see me in 6 months. What? He says now that I'm 7 years old, I really should see him every 6 months. Well, we'll SEE about that! Unless we win the lottery, I don't think Mom can afford to do this TWICE a year!

We would like to say Happy Canada Day to Sunshade, Jaffa, Chef and all our other buddies in Canada. We would also like to say Happy 4th of July to all of our pals in the USA and don't forget to salute our troops! Freedom isn't FREE, ya know!

Penny & Patches