Friday, February 29, 2008


Hi everybody! Yesterday, we got to enjoy Penny's birfday treats as soon as Aunt Wendy got here! She played with us for a little while and then she and Mom set off on their journey to see an Aire-boy named Winston. When they arrived, they met him and took him for a walk and gave him treats. Yes, OUR treats! Mom wanted to bring him home right away, but she decided to see the other Aire-boy first that will be in our area on Sunday. Winston seems to be a very sweet boy, but they have given him a very bad Aire-cut and he has a few hot spots. His saddle is somewhat gray instead of black, but we think that is because this is his very first Aire-cut. He is very skinny and if we bring him home, Mom will take great pleasure in fattening him up! We also think he may be older than the 2 1/2 years that they say he is. We may still end up with him as our new little brother, but we won't know for sure until Mom meets the other Aire-boy! We are hoping it will be either Sunday or Tuesday. We will let you all know what she decides! The picture, at the top is Winston, the cutie!
Thank you, again to all of you doggies that sent me, Penny birfday wishes! It was a pawsome day with all the good treats we got! I'm kind of wishing EVERYDAY was my birfday, but then I guess I would get too old too fast! I guess I will settle for only two per year. At least we will get three per year once we get that new brother! That will be pawsome!
Poppy & Penny

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Penny's barkday & possible new brother!

Happy Birfday to me, Penny! We finally get to see what was in the bag that Mom brought home on Sunday. We each get a peanut butter cup covered with carob and a doggie shaped cookie. We are sooooo excited! There's only one problem...we can't have them until Aunt Wendy gets here! She's Ezzy Rider's and Jag's mom, but they won't be coming with her AGAIN! It seems that she and our mom are going way far away to see an Aire-boy that could possibly become our new little brother. The Aire-boy is 2 to 3 years old and knows lots of tricks, but he has some issues with other dogs. We are hoping it's just an issue with other BOY dogs, but we don't know yet. There is another Aire-boy coming to a place near us on Sunday, but Mom won't be able to see him until Tuesday or Thursday of next week. He has some "other dog" issues too, but they think that it is because his foster mother is in a wheelchair and she has a five year old Aire-boy guarding her all the time. They want to see how he is when somedog isn't guarding his person.

We would like to thank Asta, the WFT from New York City for this pawsome birfday card! It was the first thing Mom saw when she started up the 'puter this morning! And thanks for all the birfday wishes that some of you doggies have left on our blog! Before we started this bloggy thing, the only birfday wishes we got were from Mom and Dad. Now, we get them from all over the world. How cool is that?

This picture is Poppy watching Mom take pictures of our doggie treats. She can't wait! For just a minute, I thought it was not fair for her to get treats too, but then I remembered that I get treats when it is HER birfday! That is in October so it will be a long wait!

We are going to have a nap now so the time will go faster for Aunt Wendy to get here and we can have our birfday treats!


Penny the Birfday girl & Poppy

Monday, February 25, 2008

SO not fair! We are outraged!

Hi everydog, cat, hammie and hooman! These are our sad faces! We are outraged, today, because our mom left us with Dad all day, yesterday! She went to lunch and shopping with Ezzy Rider and Jagger's mom. She also played with them before and after the shopping! Soooooo not fair! When she came home, we sniffed her all over and she smelled soooooo good! We thought maybe Ezzy and Jag were WITH her. No such luck! She only brought their smells home. Also, we detected the smell of a Black Lab named Zach. She petted him in a parking lot when his parents were getting him out of a car. We sure wish we could have met him! We had a meeting and decided to go ahead and let Mom into the house because she was carrying a bag and that usually means something for US! There WAS something in the bag, for us, but we can't have it until Thursday on Penny's barkday. It is some kind of fancy treats. Mom put the bag on top of a basket on the island in our kitchen...well out of reach of us countersurfers. Whatever it is, it smells yummylicious, but Mom says we have to wait. What a buzz-kill! We hope the time goes really fast for Thursday to get here!
Our mom got a pee-mail from Airedale Rescue, but she is still waiting on the phone call. It seems that some of the people who rescue the 'dales have the flu. We sure hope they get better soon so we can find out whether we are getting a new brother or sister. We are soooo excited!
Poppy & Penny

Friday, February 22, 2008

Feeding stations, Penny's Birthday, Animal Rescue Site

Hello to all our furry and not-so-furry friends! Some of you have asked about our feeding stations so we are posting pictures of them. The one on the top is Penny's and you can see the water puddle on the towel right under her water bowl. The one on the bottom is mine (Poppy's). Notice there is no water under mine...I have been drinking out of Penny's. The stands are wrought iron and the bowls are ceramic. We have other plastic bowls that our people put our food in and then they put that bowl inside the ceramic bowls on the left sides. The only reason for this is that our mom is like 406 years old and she has some arf-ritis in her hands so she has a tendency to drop the big ceramic bowls. It's safer for all of us, this way!
Next week will be a really exciting week, for us! Penny will be 9 years old on Feb. 28. When one of us has a barkday, we both get presents! We can hardly wait. We are also hoping for lots of treats and maybe, some cake! Woo hoo!
Some of you may have noticed the pink button on the right hand side of our blog. Mom has discovered that there is an Animal Rescue Site that has a button to click to donate dog and cat food. It is free to click on because the sponsors at the site donate money for food everytime someone clicks on the button. Each click donates approximately 1/6 of a bowl of food and you can click it once everyday. Mom has been clicking from home and then from work too since the clicks come from 2 different computers. If you would like to donate, click on the link below the pink button. We don't get anything for clicking except the knowledge that we are helping other animals.
We are hoping the rain stops soon so we can play outside. We desperately need the rain, but does it have to come all at one time? We are really tired of having to wipe our feet every time we come in and Mom is really tired of all the red mud that we are dragging in.
Poppy & Penny

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Cleaning up the yard and wasting water

Today, Mom got the bright idea to clean up our back yard. It's about 50 degrees and the sun is shining so it seemed like a good idea at the time. She put on her rubber shoes, gloves and old clothes. She got out the 300 feet of extension cords and the 150 mph blower. She was READY! What she didn't realize is that the wind is blowing so hard that it blows our poopies right back at her! She wasn't exactly having fun, but she did manage to get it done. Of course, now she has a headache from the wind whistling through her ears. We asked her to clean up our poopies so our yard will be nice and clean if we get a new brother or sister. We want to make a good impression on him or her. No, we haven't heard anything, yet, from Airedale Rescue, but everyone says it takes two or three weeks. We still have our paws crossed.
These are two pictures of me, Poppy on the left and Penny on the right. We are making a quick get away because we just wasted about two gallons of water. We can't help it if our beards are so long that they sop up so much water! See that purple towel on the floor? That is a gigantic towel called a bathsheet that Mom puts under Penny's feeding station so Mom doesn't bust her butt everytime she goes into the dog feeding room. She has slid in the water more than a few times so she finally got smart and put towels down for us. There is a freezer full of meatables in our dog feeding room along with an extra refrigerator and our parents are going to have to move them to the garage if we get a new Aire-kid. Right now, there is only enough extra room in there for our two feeding stations so we will need a little more room. We will probably need a bigger toy box too, but that won't be a problem... we'll just have Dad build us one!
Poppy & Penny (the only Aire-kids in town with a poopie-free yard...until the next time we go out!!!!)

Saturday, February 16, 2008

We're blowing our coats...and other important stuff

Hi everydog, kitty and hammie! Oh, yeah, and hoomans too! This morning, Mom has discovered that we are blowing our coats. Her first clue was the slippers she was wearing. She noticed they were covered with hair so she used a lint brush to get it all off. Then she walked from the living room to the kitchen and the hair was already back! We blow our coats twice a year...in the spring and in the fall. Mom thinks it's kind of early this year, but it's probably because we have been having some pretty warm days. She has swept the kitchen and foyer floors twice, this morning and once last night. She got enough Aire-hair to make a couple more dogs. When she brushed our hair, she got enough to make 5 or 6 more! We don't mind being brushed, but we aren't too thrilled with the fact that the Roomba is running almost constantly. We have to keep moving out of it's way or it might just suck us up! It is one EVIL machine!
The picture on the left is the back of Penny's head and my tail. See how fluffy they are? Mom has let our hairs grow for the winter. She says we need Aire-cuts right now, but thinks we will wait a couple more weeks until it gets a little warmer. We had a meeting and decided that we don't want to freeze when we go out to do our potties in the cold mornings. The picture on the right is me, Poppy thinking about attacking that bunny rabbit on the floor in front of me.
We have heard a rumor that we might be getting a new brother or sister. Our mom has made an application with Airedale rescue to get one for us. They have two that Mom and Dad are interested in. One is a male and the other is a female. We aren't particular as to which one we get as long as he or she will play with us! When Mom woke up on Thursday morning, she had no intention of getting another dog, but when she saw the ones that Airedale rescue has, she couldn't help herself! She is addicted to 'dales! She talked it over with our personal servant (Dad) and he told her to fill out the application. Woo hoo! We haven't been approved yet, but our paws are crossed. Mom and Dad were approved about 10 years ago, but ended up getting Pockets from a breeder instead. Our silly parents already have an extra dog bed and a feeding station. We hope they aren't counting their chickens before they are hatched!
Mom and dad are mixing concrete, this morning, to pour a slab by the basement door so we are on our way to help! Have a great weekend, everybody!
Poppy & Penny & Maybe a soon to be brother or sister!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Destructomania and we got our first Valentine's Card!

Woo Hoo! We got our first Valentine's Day card! It's from Ezzy Rider and Jagger, our two best pals! We love younger boys! The card is a little soggy because I, Poppy carried it around in my mouth, for a while. I couldn't hold still long enough for Mom to get a picture of that. I was too busy absorbing the wonderful smells of our buddys! They are such sweet boys!

The picture in the center, above is my latest act of destructomania. I have had this Nemo fish for a long, long time and I finally decided to gut him. He is one of my favorite toys because he is just the right size for humping. That's right...girl dogs hump their stuffies too! Our mom learned, a long time ago, that it has nothing to do with male or female. It's all about dominance and I am the alpha in this house! Penny won't let me hump her so I had to resort to humping all my large stuffies. I used to have a bear that was 3 feet tall and believe me, HE knew who was the boss! He finally had to go to stuffie heaven because his fur was still and filthy and he wouldn't fit in the washing machine. Oh, well, he was loads of fun before I humped him to death! It was so fun to make Mom laugh so hard she almost cried. I get so engrossed in my humping that I almost fall on my face and Mom just can't stop laughing!

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone!


Poppy & Penny

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Award, Mom's new camera, lazy dogs.

Hi to all our furry and not so furry friends! Our mom FINALLY got a new camera! Actually, her old one was new, too. It just didn't take very good pictures and dad said it was a piece of junk. Ok, junk wasn't the exact word he used, but you get the idea. The new camera takes much better pictures...or at least, it WILL once our technology challenged mom figures it out.

We would like to thank Harry and Cassidy for the E for Excellent award that they have passed on to all their Airedale pals. We are supposed to pass it on to 10 other blogs, but since we aren't sure who hasn't received it yet, consider yourself awarded! There are soooo many great blogs on the DWB!

These are two pictures of me (Poppy) just being lazy! We haven't had any great adventures lately, but we are hoping to go to the dog park with Ezzy Rider and Jagger soon! On Thursday, our moms went to lunch and shopping for the entire afternoon and left us home with Dad. Although Dad takes great care of us (he's our personal servant), we think we could have had way more fun if they took us with them! We don't think anyone would have thought it was strange to see four large Airedales sitting in a booth with our moms in that restaurant! I'm sure Ezzy and Jag would feel the same. Maybe that can happen when Turbo finally rules the world!
Poppy & Penny

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

How we got our names...and Mom is outraged!

Hello all our furry and not-so-furry friends! Noah the Airedale asked if all our names starting with a "P" was by design or a coincidence. Well, many years ago, our mom & dad had a Miniature Schnauzer named Daisy. When Daisy was about 12 years old, they got another one that was a puppy in hopes of keeping Daisy active. The puppy was black and silver and the black was so dark that they named her Pepper. Right before Daisy went to the bridge, they started doing research on dog breeds. Mom went into an antique shop and a large curly black and tan dog followed her all around and kept putting her face in Mom's hand. She asked the owner of the shop what kind of dog that was. It was an Airedale so they concentrated their research on Airedales. Eventually, they found a breeder that had a one year old with some genetic problems that were keeping her from finding her fur-ever home. She was already named Pockets by the breeder. Her kennel name was Mega-bucks Deep Pockets because the breeder had spent a fortune to keep her alive with all her health problems. Mom and Dad fell, instantly, in love with Pockets and they knew that she would be a good fit with Pepper. Well, as time went on, Pepper started to bite Dad almost every time he came near her. He was very upset and wanted Mom to have Pepper "put down". Mom couldn't do that so she placed her with a new family through small animal rescue. The same day, they went to a breeder to get another Airedale. Mom took a dictionary with her to pick a name that started with a "P". When they met the new dog, she was so red that they chose the name Penny. Fast forward a few years to the day after Pockets went to the bridge. Dad called Pockets' breeder and she didn't have any Airedales ready at that time, but she contacted a breeder in South Carolina that had a one year old female that she was training to be a show dog. When the breeder heard Dad's story, she agreed to sell that dog if Mom and Dad wanted her. This time, they didn't take the dictionary because they were too distraught to even think about it. When they got there, they fell in love with the new dog, but couldn't come up with a name that started with a "P". Mom called Pockets' breeder and told her that she needed a name that starts with "P". The breeder named her Poppy... so that is the story of why our names always start with a "P".

Now, we are turning our blog over to Mom so she can tell you about her outrage!

There is a small town in Georgia called Sugar Hill that is trying to ban Pit Bulls and Pit Bull Mixes from all public places. Although I am not a "Pit Bull person", I do know that not all Pit Bulls are aggressive or dangerous. They are only that way if people have taught them to be! I have met some very sweet Pit Bulls and I have met some very aggressive and dangerous small dogs. If that city is allowed to ban Pit Bulls in public areas, what breed will be next? And where are the people with Pit Bulls and Pit Bull Mixes supposed to walk their dogs? This just has me very upset! ANY dog can be made to be dangerous! I don't know what these people are thinking! There are lots of animal shelters full of dogs already and now, I am afraid there will be even more when Pit Bull owners start turning in their dogs so they don't have to move. I know that not ALL of them will do that, but I hate to see it happen to even one dog. I certainly hope the city of Sugar Hill comes to it's senses before they start banning Any dogs!

Our mom feels better, now that she has "vented".


Poppy & Penny

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Caught in the act...and what a "ham" Pockets was!

Hi everydog! I, Poppy was caught in the act of trying to take a smooshed basketball stuffie out to the back yard. I was trying to look innocent...really, Mom, I was just bringing it to the door so it could get some fresh air! Somehow, I don't think she was buying that! Believe it or not, that basketball is about 2 or 3 years old and it still has all of it's stuffing. There aren't even any holes in it. Sometimes, I like to lay on the floor with all my teefies wrapped around it and make very strange Aire-noises, just like I do with the white bear.

Our mom was looking through some old pictures and remembering what a "ham" Pockets was for the camera. She really knew how to "work" it! No matter what she was told to do for the camera, she did it. Too bad Penny and I aren't that cooperative! I get too excited and Penny is just plain afraid of the camera. Mom needs to get one of those stealth cameras that deer hunters use in the woods. Of course, then she could spy on us when she isn't home. Mom just loves these pictures of Pockets. She even has this picture as a screen saver on the computer at home AND at work. Maybe, when she gets her new camera, she can get some of us that are really good. I doubt it...but, maybe!

This morning, when it was only about 36 degrees, our mom tried to kill herself by transplanting a Camelia bush and a Wisteria plant. Our dad has put a wood burning stove in his workshop in the basement and Mom was afraid the smoke stack would kill the Camelia and the Wisteria. She is worried about them surviving since this is certainly not the time of year to be transplanting stuff. However, this way at least they will have a CHANCE of surviving. There would be no chance where they were before. We tried to help her, but for some reason, she was having a hard time keeping us out of the red Georgia clay so we had to be sent back in the house. So not fair...we were only trying to help!

For some reason, stupid blogger wouldn't download those 3 blank photos at the top! And Mom can't figure out how to delete them.


Poppy & Penny