Tuesday, April 27, 2010

No breakfast AGAIN!

Hi, every buddy! It's me, Penny. Yeah, I know...the pictures are of Patches. I'm still camera shy and I especially don't want anydoggie to see the big empty patch on my back. I am doing just fine, but I have to wait until next Tuesday to get my staples out. Mom says it hurts to look at them. I guess it's better to hurt HER than ME! The tumor they removed was way larger than we thought and my vet had to really stretch my skin to close up the hole. I know that sounds pretty disgusting, but it wasn't so bad. All the peeps at the vet's office petted me and took really good care of me!

My mom tried to give me sort of a partial Aire-cut because I look pretty silly right now. Actually, I was due for my spring hAire-cut, but I had surgery instead. Now I'm going to have to look kind of silly when all the peeps come, on Saturday, for my dad's memorial. I guess I'll have to wait a couple of weeks to get groomed since I'm not allow to have a b-a-t-h! Heeheehee!

Back to why I started this post in the first place! We got NO breakfast AGAIN this morning! I was NOT amused! That little whippersnapper, aka Patches, went to get her teefies cleaned so that meant NODOGGIE got breakfast! Okay, I actually did get my breakfast, but I had to wait until Mom came home from dropping off the wild child. NOW, I suppose my dindin will be late too! Patches can't come home until after 4:00 and I'm used to eating by at least 3:00. Mom says it won't kill me, but I'm not so sure! I've already lost 16 pounds! Yeah, it took a whole year, but my arfritis is better and I can almost beat Patches to the neighbor's fence! Almost! I'm usually too dignified to run like a puppy, but I do have my moments! My v-e-t says I'm doing really well for an 11 year old Aire-girl.

Our mom has started to get stuffs ready for Saturday and she's supposed to be cleaning the house, but right now I think we're going to nap. Mom's been on ant-eye-bio-ticks for 13 days for a major sinus infection and she keeps saying she feels like crap. I don't know what crap feels like, but I'm pretty sure it is really, really tired. Mom's only got one more day of those awful pills and I sure hope she stops feeling like crap pretty soon!

Well, everydoggie, we're off to have that nap and I'm going to enjoy my day of being the only dog! (Not really, but I do have to keep up my reputation of being the only dignified doggie in da house.)

Penny (and the whippersnapper with clean teefies too)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Penny's out of surgery!

Hi, everybuddy! It's me, Patches. Our mom just talked to the vet's office and they told her that Penny is out of surgery and doing fine! She's holding her head up and will come home after 4 p.m. today! Woohoo!

I, for one, will be really glad when she gets home! I didn't get my breakfast until after 9:00 this morning and now, Mom says I can't eat my afternoon meal until Penny comes home. Why do I have to suffer when I'm not the one having surgery? My mom says I should quit complaining 'cause she didn't eat breakfast until after 9 a.m. too.

Penny was one pissed pup, this morning! Our morning ritual goes like this: I jump on Mom's head, she gets up and goes into the bathroom. We can't figure out what she's doing in there, so we bark at her...especially Penny. It's an ear-piercing bark and Mom keeps yelling at us to stop it! Of course, we DON'T. Finally, she lets us outside. We hit the bottom of the steps, squat and fly back up the steps to eat breakfast. Normally, our mom has our food bowls in our feeding stands within a couple seconds of our arrival. Well...not this morning! She walked around the kitchen doing other stuffs and not paying any attention to us starving pups! WTF? We followed our mom all over the house and wouldn't get more than 2 inches away from her. We had to stay close, ya know, just in case she decided to give us our food. Well, no such luck! I sure hope we go back to our regular feeding schedule tomorrow! Today's schedule (or lack thereof) just sucks!

We'll keep you posted on how Penny's doing after she comes home!

PUPDATE: Penny is home and we just had our dinner. Mom took some away from Penny's dish and gave it to ME! Heeheehee! Penny's got a Poodle leggie and a ginormous shaved patch on her back. Her incision is about 7 to 8 inches long and she has lots of stitches on the inside and staples on the outside. That nasty thingy was lots bigger than what you could see on the outside. She just drank loads of water and has already been outside twice. So far, she's doing great! Oh, yeah, and I have an appointment to get my teefies cleaned next Tuesday. Penny's are all pearly white now and Mom says I have to match!
A starving Patches

Thursday, April 8, 2010

It's all about ME! By Princess Patches

Hello to all our furry and not-so-furry friends! It's me, Patches! Well, I'm no longer a fuzz butt, fuzz face or fuzz anything! Yesterday, I spent the day with Cindy, my groomer and now I'm the best looking and best smelling Aire-kid around.

Yeah, I know...Mom took my cool dude suit (aka bandanananana) off as soon as I got home because it was too loose and Penny kept pulling on it. Mom was afraid I might get choked or something, so she ditched it! She's such a worry-wart!

I was hoping to have news, today, about the UGA open house, but our mom and Aunt Wendy ended up not going. They are both having back problems and didn't feel like driving all the way to Athens. What a couple of wimps! Anyway, they are hoping to go to Grace's Birthday Pawty in the fall. They have it every year, at UGA, as a fundraiser, even though Grace and her dad have both crossed the bridge. They missed it last fall because our dad was just having too many problems for Mom to be able to leave him alone all day.

Our mom has decided that we are going to have a small memorial service for our dad on Saturday, May 1st at 3 p.m. He didn't want a funeral or any announcements in the paper and Mom honored his wishes, but now, she feels like she needs to do this for US...okay, HER! But, we'll be there too! It will be at our house and she has invited family and a friend or two. They will just spend the day remembering Dad and eating some of his favorite foods. We were hoping there would be a standing rib roast, but Mom says, "No way".

On April 20th, Penny is going to have surgery. Remember the ginormous thingy, on her back, that we thought would 'splode? Well it never did and it just keeps getting bigger. She also has a problem with one of her little doggie nipples. It is swollen and has turned a dark color. Our vet is going to take care of both problems AND clean her teefies. Our mom isn't too thrilled about putting an 11 year old dog under general anesthetic, but the vet assures her it is safe. He used it on a 15 year old dog, last week, and everything was fine! In spite of that, I'm pretty sure Mom's blood pressure will be off the charts, on the 20th! Yeah, she's been having problems with that for about a month. She even ended up at an urgent care place, one day, because it went up to 214/103. Her doctor doubled the medicine and it is better now. Not great...but better!

Well, everydoggie, I need to go have another nap. A day at the groomer's just wears me out!

Patches (and Penny too)