Sunday, June 27, 2010

The re-arrangement of the weiner dog's face.

Hey, all you pups and kitties! (Oh, and hoomans too!) It's me, Patches. Those of you who know me well, just HAD to know that it wouldn't be long before I rearranged my weiner doggie's face! Yep, a few days ago, my mom caught me eating something when no food or treats had been given to me. Uh oh! I was caught de-eyeing my brand new weiner doggie! For a while, my mom was afraid I had actually swallowed the ginormous plastic eye, but then she saw me prancing around her bed like I had won the lottery! That always means I have something I SHOULDN'T! This time, it was the very large eye! I, accidentally, dropped it on the floor and Mom snatched it before I could get it. Foiled again! At least, my mom could rest a little easier knowing that I wouldn't be needing emergency surgery to de-eye my insides! And she wouldn't have to dig deep into her wallet to pay the v-e-t bill!

Having discovered said "eye", our mom let me go about playing with my weiner doggie! Mom took a picture of the destuffing to send to Airedale Armeggedon on Facebook and look who showed up! The guilty pawty! Yeah, it's me...Princess Patches! Unfortunately, as soon as Mom took the pictures, she cleaned up the stuffing, so I will have to start all over again! I was having sooooo much fun pulling the stuffing out of his eye-hole! Now, my weiner doggie is 1/2 blind so soon, he will match my blind froggie. Yeah, the froggie is still here! Woohoo! My mom just can't bring herself to send him to the big trash can in the sky because he was the first stuffie that I really fell in love with. Oh, Mom says that trash can is actually outside of our garage...not in the sky! Anyhoo, the leggies are almost detached from my froggie and as soon as one of them comes off, my mom says it's "adios" Mr. froggie, even if he IS my favorite toy!

Well, everydoggie and everykitty, that's it for today. I have to go lay on an aire-conditioning vent and soak up all the cool aire! It's 96 degrees, here, today and the humidity is about 1000 percent! We would KILL for some thunderstorms...or at least a little rain! (Our mom had a lot of nerve writing that part about the thunderstorms...I did NOT bark that to her!)

Patches (and Penny too)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

A public service announcement for the Kong Wobbler!

Hello to all our furry and not-so-furry friends! It's me, Patches! A few weeks ago, we were asked, by the Kong Company, to test and write a review for their Kong Wobbler. Our package arrived a few days ago and it even included some IQ Salmon treats! Our mom says the treats are very stinky, but hey, we say, "The stinkier, the better!" They are just the right kind of stinky to get our attention when they are inside the the Kong Wobbler!

I gotta tell ya, this Kong Wobbler is the greatest! The first time I tried it, Mom hadn't put enough treats in it and I had a really hard time with it. She shook it until a treat fell out and of course, I pounced on it right away. Then I kept looking on the carpet, for another treat. Our mom finally put more treats in it and then it got my attention!

After a few minutes, I figured out that if I stick my snooter in the hole, I can smell the yummy salmon treats! I tried biting the hole, but that didn't work. I finally got so frustrated that I put the big paw smackdown on the Kong and then a treat fell out of the hole! Woohoo...jackpot! Now, being the smart Aire-girl that I am, I figured that if one smackdown gave me one treat, then several smackdowns should give me lots of treats! It worked!

We only had two problems with our Kong Wobbler. I growled at Penny when she came near it and it doesn't give me nearly enough treats! Mom says that those problems are not the fault of the Kong...it will only give out however many treats are put IN!

If you want to have some real fun, you need to get one of these cool toys! Remember, though, they are only for dogs over 25 pounds. The bottom is weighted so it can't really fall over, but a small doggie might get whapped on the head when it pops back up after the smackdown!

We have to give the Kong Wobbler 8 paws up! We would give the IQ salmon treats 50 paws up, if we HAD 50 paws. They are the ultimate in yumminess AND they are all natural! The ingredients are as follows: Salmon. Yep, that's it...just salmon. No grain or fillers or anything else. Just salmon!

We hope you've enjoyed our Kong Wobbler review. Now, go GET one! You will love it! And what a fun way to get foodables!

Patches (and Penny, who has to play with the Kong Wobbler when I'm outside alone)!

Monday, June 14, 2010

My Barkday present!

Hi, every buddy! It's me, Patches! Remember my 7th barkday from May 27th? Well, I didn't think my mom was going to get me any presents because she says we have too many toys already. She surprised me with this weiner doggie! Kind of looks like Lorenza, doesn't it? Except that it's about 4 times as big as Lorenza and a different color.

Our mom started throwing away all our stuffies that were made for kids instead of doggies. She heard that somedoggie ate the stuffings and got sick and died. Poor doggie! Well, our mom has changed her mind, now, because we never actually EAT the stuffings. Yeah, I rip them out, but I just leave them all over the house and don't actually eat any of it. I do, however, like to munch on their eyeballs. I haven't been able to de-eye my weiner doggie YET 'cause Mom catches me EVERYtime and yells at me. Her reason for getting me a weiner doggie is that I need a new stuffie to help me perform my secret ritual. My blind froggie has always been my favorite for humping...I mean performing my secret ritual...but my mom says he has definitely seen better days and needs to go in the t-r-a-s-h! Oh, my, doG! What will I do without my blind froggie? I can't help it if he stinks! Mom hasn't thrown him out quite yet...she's waiting to catch me doing the secret ritual on the weiner doggie. As soon as she sees me do it, the froggie is outta here!

Well, everydoggie, that's it for today! I just barked at the mails man and now I'm off to bark at the peeps that are putting new windows in our neighbor's house! It is sooooo much fun to bark at those guys. We like to sneak up on them and bark really loud and watch them jump about 6 feet in the aire! Toooooo funny!

Patches (and Penny too)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

A new collar and a new niece!

Hi everybuddy! It's me, Patches! About a week or so ago, we won a contest on Maggie and Mitch's bloggy. We are soooooo excited! Our prize is this gorgeous handcrafted leather collar. It was made by Tim, an Amish man that Maggie and Mitch know. He is a great craftsman! His work is magnificent!

It actually fits both of us so whichever one of us is going out in public gets to wear the collar! Isn't it great? It's black leather with turquoise stones and we think it looks really nice against our black and tan furs! We think we made a great choice of colors!

It looks even better on Penny 'cause her saddle is blacker than mine, but of course, there is no picture. She's still a chicken when it comes to the flashy box!

Now, we want you all to meet our newest family member! Please meet our niece, Skeeter! She's a Beagle/Blue Tick/Shepherd mix and what a cutie! She will do a lot of travelling with her mommy and daddy and she already has her own suitcase. Her mom, Debi, is our mom's step-daughter. They live in Oh-HI-Oh, but they travel all over the country. We hope we get to meet Skeeter in dogson someday soon. If you would like to visit Skeeter, you can go to http://www.skeetersbigadventures.blogspot.com. Sorry, stoopid Vista still won't let us put in links. We tried to put one in for M & M's bloggy and it put it way down at the bottom of the page! Stoopid!

Well, that's it for today, guys. Our personal secretary has a boo-boo on her right wrist so she is typing with her left hand and only a couple of fingers on the right hand. It makes for lots of mistakes. It seems that this is a self-inflicted injury. Yep, she over-does EVERYthing! She trimmed ALL the bushes in our front and side yards and then proceeded to wax our Aire-mobile. It hadn't been waxed in a loooong time and used to stay outside all the time, so waxing it was no picnic. We finally got a bunch of stuffs out of our garage, so now Chuck the Truck can have his own home INSIDE the garage. Mom even bought a flashing "stop" sign so she knows just how far to pull into the garage without going through the wall. When she drives in, once the bumper touches it, it flashes bright red. Now, that might sound funny to you all, but one time, our dad drove his car right through the drywall! Since our mom can't see so well, she isn't taking any chances! Oh, and now that "Chuck" sleeps inside, our neighbors were freaking out. One lady was really worried because she didn't see a vehicle in our driveway for 2 whole days. She thought our mom ran away! She was really worried about US because she saw us out in our backyard, but couldn't figure out how we were getting in or out. I wonder why she didn't just call or pee-mail our mom!

Patches (and Penny)