Friday, May 30, 2008

Blue birds! Patches has been here almost a week!

Hello to all our furry and not-so-furry friends! It's me, Patches. First, I want to say a great big THANK YOU to everyone who wished me a happy barkday. A very special THANK YOU goes out to Maggie, Mitch and their mom for the bootiful e-card they sent to me. It plays music! This has been my very best barkday ever!
I am getting lots of love and treats! I am learning how to play with Poppy and Penny and I'm learning that I have to wait my turn for stuff since I am no longer an only doggie. This morning, I had my teefies brushed for the very first time. It was kind of fun since the toothpaste tastes like beef. My new mom says I did very well for the first time with a toothbrush in my mouf! I bit it a little bit, but I didn't try to swallow it.

See all these bears on the poles? Well, Mom informed me that I am not allowed to touch ANY of them! I told her that is no problem since I don't really see the point of playing with toys. I am much more interested in FOOD! I stop and smell the toys, sometimes, but I just don't see what is so fun about playing with them. Now, Poppy and Penny feel differently...they are ALWAYS playing with stuffies and Poppy likes to hump the big ones! She's a silly girl.

This is the back of my new house and part of the BIG backyard that I get to run around in. Now that I have been here almost a week, I have finally figured out that I don't need a leash on to go out there. I get to be free-range doggie as long as I'm in the house or in MY (okay, OUR) backyard. I have inspected every inch of the yard and the day before yesterday, I almost caught an evil squirrel! The squirrels around here, have become used to just staying in their feeders when Poppy and Penny go out. They weren't aware, however, that there's a new dog in town that might want to taste them. I was about two feet away from one when he realized I was there. He ran to the nearest tree and I missed nabbing him by about an inch. Mom was yelling at me, but I was on a mission so I ignored her! One of these days, I'm going to catch one of those evil critters!
Our Bluebird puppies are still here, but we haven't seen them since the day they left the nest. We know they are here, because the mama and daddy birdies are taking 5 or 6 meal wormies, at a time, and flying towards the front of the house. They come back really quick to get some more, so we know they are still feeding the babies. The book says that the parents continue to feed the babies for about 12 days. Dad put up a new Bluebird box for them and both parents have done a close inspection of it. The book also says it can be anywhere from two days to a month before they start on a new batch of babies. We sure hope they decide to have their next "litter" here, at our house!
Our mom is feeling a little better, but not great, yet. She's less sore than she was after her tumble down the steps. She's finding out that the older she gets, the longer it takes to recover!
Well, everyone, that's all for today...I need to go see if I can score some more treats before Mom goes to that work place. I get to stay home and watch Dad run saws and stuff like that. I'm sure I'll take some Aire-naps and get some more treats whenever he eats.
Patches (and Poppy & Penny too!)

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Wheelie Wednesday!

Hi everybody! Thanks for joining us for Wheely Wednesday! I, Penny get to do the post today! First, I want to show you the mini Patches that Mom made. Ok, she had it finished before Patches came to live with us, so it doesn't have the white patches on it. Actually, it could be any of the 3 of us.
As you can see, it's a "wheelie" and it can get going pretty fast when it has to escape the jaws of death that at least 2 of us would like to put on it.

Patches is still trying to figure out whether she is supposed to potty inside or outside, but she's doing better. Mom and Dad let her be a free-range doggie, last night, for the first time. They didn't put her in her crate when we all went to sleep. She roamed around for a while and slept in two different bedrooms and even spent some time in her crate with the door open. She jumped on Mom at 3:18 this morning. Mom thought she might settle down and go to sleep, but no such luck. She had to go outside, so Mom went with her. That got Poppy and me up, so we ALL made a trip to the backyard. Mom went back to bed until 5:00 and then we all went outside again. This time, Mom was trying to get Patches to do poopies, so she was going to go down the stairs and walk around the yard with her. Unfortunately, Mom slipped on the stairs and hurt her left leg and her right arm. She caught herself by grabbing the railing with her right hand, but her feet didn't stop and she pulled muscles in her arm and her leg. Her butt hit a bunch of stairs, but that won't be a problem since she has lots of padding to cushion the fall!

This is a picture of Mom and Poppy trying to show Patches her new bed. It matches mine and I think she will really like it once she gets used to it. Poppy's doesn't match anymore. Mom originally bought 2 ginormous beds that looked like Ralph Lauren fabric. That was fine when there was just me and Queen Pockets. She went back and bought 2 more in a plaid fabric and they have been stored in a closet for several years. A couple years ago, I had a problem with peeing excessively and I sort of, accidentally, ruined the smaller of the 2 original beds. It went in the trash, so now we have 2 beds of one fabric and one of a different one. That's okay since Poppy likes to be different anyhow! Poppy looks very fat, in this picture, but she says she's only fluffy. She will be getting an Aire-cut on Saturday and then we will find out for sure whether it's all Aire-hair of if she's getting kind of porky!

Since we got home from the wheelie skating party, we have been doing lots of THIS! I think we may have over dosed on ice cream on Aire-Ruby. Lacie was feeding milkshakes to Patches and somehow it got out of hand. The blender 'sploded and a bunch of us doggies were covered in ice cream. It sure was fun to clean up. We hope we didn't leave too big of a mess on Ruby's plane!
Patches wants to thank everyone who wished her a happy birfday! Maggie and Mitch sent her a beautimous e-card that we will post as soon as our mom is feeling better. She was sick all day, yesterday and now, not only is she still sick, but she thinks rigor mortis is setting into her arm and leg.
We signed up for the International Package Exchange and we will be sending a box of goodies to Koobuss the Wire Fox Terrier. Pedro will be sending something to us! This is going to be a whole lot of fun! We need to send a big thank you to Chef and Mr. T-Bone Beasley and their moms for organizing the whole thing. We know it was a lot of work!

Aire-hugs to everyone!
Penny and Mini Patches

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Happy Barkday, Patches!

Hello everydoggie, kitty, hammie and hooman! I, Poppy get to do the post today to wish our new sister, Patches, a very happy barkday! She's 5 years old today! Since her previous hooman wasn't sure exactly how old she is, we don't think she's ever had a barkday pawty before. Our mom talked to a lady who has one of Patches' littermates, so we know that today is her real barkday.
We know you've seen this picture before, but we couldn't resist posting it again with Patches' smiling face! She's getting along very well here at Airedale Heaven, but she did get into a bit of trouble yesterday. She has done a few potties in the house, but Mom had a discussion with her and she hasn't done it anymore. We had a few teeth-flashing sessions since Patches doesn't like it when Penny or I get too close to Mom or Dad. We think it's just because she has always been an only dog and it will take her some time to adjust to the fact that there are 3 of us now and we all need lovings just as much as she does!

This is where Patches sleeps at night or if Mom and Dad go somewhere. She's got plenty of room in this ginormous crate and a very thick and comfy quilt.

She still prefers the cold, hard kitchen floor to her comfy crate. I guess it's because the floor is nice and cool. It must feel good on her tummy. I, myself prefer the carpet or my big soft bed, but we will let Patches sleep wherever she wants.

Most of the time, she won't let our pawrents out of her sight, but she was good when they went away for about an hour, the other day. We were supposed to have a barkday pawty today, but since Mom isn't feeling so hot, we are going to do it on Thursday. Aunt Wendy is coming over to celebrate with all of us! Mom got Patches a big bag of Canine Cuts from PetCo. I'm sure she will share with us. Ok, she might not WANT to, but when one of us gets a treat, we ALL get a treat!
We all had a great time at Pearl, Opal and Harley's skating pawty. Patches even sat next to Lacie on Aire-Ruby and Lacie used her blendering skills to whip up some milkshakes for her. Thanks Lacie...Patches says they were delish! When we were at the pawty, we all ended up in a huge pup-pile on the skating rink floor. We kept Patches away from the pile because we didn't want anydog falling on her. Maybe somedog will have another skating pawty when she is stronger. You can see all the photos of the pawty on Asta's bloggy. She's a great photographer!
Poppy, Penny & Patches

Monday, May 26, 2008

Patches' second day at Airedale Heaven!

Hi again everybody! It's me, Patches. I just wanted to let everyone know that I am settling in very well in my new home. Not long after I arrived, Mom figured out that I didn't know how to go outside without a leash. Yesterday, she worked with me, all day and by the afternoon, I was running outside and down the steps without a leash. By about 4 p.m., I finally figured out that it was okay for me to go without Mom or Dad coming with me! Woohoo! I've never known such freedom!
My favorite place for Aire-naps is on the kitchen floor. Mom thought I would prefer my comfy, thick quilt in my crate, but no! The kitchen floor is nice and cool and suits me just fine. Can you see my white patches on my front paws? I also have teeny tiny ones on my back paws and a really big white blaze on my chest. Mom says that makes me very special!

In this picture, I am supposed to be checking out my new ginormous bed, but I was too busy exploring the big bedroom where Poppy and Penny sleep.

Oh, I almost forgot...Mom found out that tomorrow, Tuesday May 27th, is my 5th birthday! Yesterday, she went to PetCo and bought me a birthday present. I sure hope it's eatable! So far, I haven't shown much interest in toys, but I sure do love foods! They also got me a big bag of dog food that has extra calories and extra protein. It is very yummy!

Here's one of our Bluebird puppies thinking about leaving the nest. Yesterday, we got to see two of them fly out of the nest for the first time ever. It was soooo cool. Each one stuck his head out and then a little more of his body. It took each one a long time to get up enough courage, but once they did, they were gone in a flash. Dad tried to get a picture of the first flight, but the birdies were just too fast!

Here's the mama birdie telling the little ones that it's time to fly. Every time they put their heads back into the nest, she showed up and scolded them. She also went and got meal wormies out of the tray, but she wouldn't give them to the babies. She would take them to the entrance hole and then fly away and eat them herself. I guess she was telling them it was time for them to get their own wormies.

Once both babies were out of the nest, we were afraid we would never see them again, but they came back to eat wormies with the mom and dad. The babies sure are funny looking! Their chests are all spotted, but their backs and wings are bright blue. We think they must both be males. We thought there might be three babies, but we only saw two leave the nest. There could have been another one that left while Mom and Dad were at PetCo, but we don't really know. Mom and Dad already miss all the activity around the nest. We don't know if the mama and daddy will stick around and have another "litter" or if they will move on to some place else. We sure hope they stick around.
Well, I'm off to explore the back yard some more!
Patches (and Poppy & Penny)

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Introducing....Princess Patches!

Hi everybody! I am Princess Patches! You may know me from the previous post where I was formerly known as Cher. I am in the witness protection program, now, and my new name is Patches. Poppy and Penny are being very good to me. They are sharing their treats with me and showing me lots of love.
I am about the same height as Poppy, but I only weigh 32 pounds. I have already had lots of good food since I got here, yesterday afternoon. I also have some pills, from the vet, for my really dry skin and coat. My new mom is giving me supplements on my food and I woof it all down like I haven't eaten in years!

We aren't going to post any pictures of the back part of my body because it's...well...just too disturbing. Mom and Dad almost cry every time they look at my poor little back. From what I've seen, so far, I don't think it will be too long before I am a normal sized Aire-girl. I really think I'm going to like it here in Airedale Heaven! I have a nice ginormous crate to sleep in, at night, with a very thick, soft, comfy quilt. I will let everyone know how I am doing as I grow into the beautimous Aire-girl that I want to be. I am not afraid of anyone or anydog and I am very calm and loving. I want to be petted constantly and, so far, that hasn't been a problem for my new pawrents or Penny and Poppy. They really seem to love me!

Here's a picture of one of our Bluebird puppies that is about ready to leave the nest. We think they will probably fly by later today or tomorrow.
I'm off to explore the house and yard some more!
Patches (and Poppy & Penny too!)

Friday, May 23, 2008

Play date, home visit and heartbreaking rescue!

Pupdate at bottom of this post.Hi everybody! It's me, Poppy. Yesterday, Penny and I finally got to have that long awaited play date with Ezzy Rider. He and his mom came to our house at about 9:00 in the morning and we got to rip and tear around the back yard and in the house for about 3 whole hours. It was pawsome! Dad was in charge, while Mom and Aunt Wendy went to visit a family who wants to rescue a 'dale, so we don't have any pictures of our excellent adventure. You'll just have to take our word for it...we had a really good time!
Mom and Aunt Wendy spent the whole day on Airedale Rescue. First, they met a very nice couple who have had Airedales in the past. Their last Aire-boy lived with them until he went to the bridge at the age of 15. It was, basically, just a formality that they had to be approved to get a new furkid from the Airedale Rescue Group. They got all four paws up and are 100% approved! Yay!

After they met with that very nice couple, they set out to take possession of a 5 year old Aire-girl that was being surrendered by her owner. It was a very bad situation because the owner was being evicted and didn't want to give up her doggie. When Mom talked to the owner, on the phone, she got the feeling that they would be making a very long trip for nothing. She was afraid the owner wouldn't give up the dog, once they got there. After making it abundantly clear that if Mom and Aunt Wendy made the long trip, the dog WOULD be going with them, the owner finally agreed. Well, you wouldn't believe what they found when they finally got to the place where the dog was living! The lady was living in an extended stay motel with her Aire-girl and several cats. As soon as Mom and Aunt Wendy stepped inside, it was all they could do to keep from throwing up! The smell of cat urine was over-powering! Mom reached down to pet Cher (the Aire-girl) and almost passed out. Poor Cher was so skinny that Mom could feel every bone in her tiny little body. She has never been groomed and hasn't had any vaccinations in over two years! Her owner was wearing sunglasses in that dark, stinky motel room and poor little Cher was just wagging like crazy!

The owner asked Mom and Aunt Wendy if she could borrow $20 until payday, but fortunately, they had locked their purses in the car, so they told her they didn't have any money with them. She gave them a bag of toys and a tiny food bowl that belonged to Cher, but they stunk so bad that Aunt Wendy found a dumpster to deposit them into. They took Cher outside and let her potty and then put her into the car. Before they left the parking lot of the motel, they both cried! They couldn't believe the condition of that bootiful little Aire-girl or the conditions she was living in! They took Cher to a very nice vet's office where she will be spayed and vaccinated once they test her for heart worm. There is a very high likelihood that she has it, but hopefully, she can be treated for it! If they can get her healthy, Mom and Dad might adopt her for us. Right now, she only weighs 32 pounds and she is about the same height as I am. I am pretty small for an Airedale and so is Cher. She came from a very reputable breeder here, in the Atlanta area and that breeder is just sick over the whole thing! So, everydog, kitty, hammie and hooman...please send some healing Aire-zen or whatever kind of zen you have to help Cher get healthy! Right now, we are feeling kind of guilty for having so much food and a great place to live! We are definitely thanking doG for all we have!!!!!
Added on Saturday May 24th:
Pupdate: Cher does not have heart worm. Mom and Aunt Wendy will be picking her up later today (Saturday). She is coming to our house. Woohoo! If we get along okay with her, she will be staying here furever! Mom will do a post to introduce her to all of you once she gets home and we get some pictures. We are soooooo excited!
Poppy & Penny (the VERY well fed Aire-girls)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wheelie Wednesday!

Hi everydog, kittie, hammie, bear and hooman! It's me, PorkChop! I'm glad you joined us for Wheely Wednesday!
It was really quiet around here for the last couple of days. Those real dogs were pawtying in Australia, so I, and all the other wheelies, had the house to ourselves! Well, sort of...our mom and dad were still here. Today, they are celebrating their 28th anniversary. Well, I guess you really can't call it celebrating...they have decided not to go out to dinner since they have to have a new windshield wiper motor put on the Aire-mobile. It's going to cost over $700 and Mom is not amused. The wipers on her Tahoe won't shut off and she looks pretty silly driving around with the wipers on when the sun is shining!

Ever since those real doggies got back from Australia, they have been doing a lot of this! They must have had way too many pawtinis and dogaritas! I guess it's safe to say that they had a pawsome time. Their fuzzy butts are really dragging! All they want to do is sleep! They did stay awake long enough to tell us how nice it was to see all their friends!

Mom and Dad can hear tiny peeps coming from the Bluebird nest, now. Mason and Mena are starting to get very demanding for their meal wormies. As soon as they empty the dish, they start yelling for more! Those are going to be some really fat bird puppies! This picture is the Chickadee nest. We thought we were going to have Chickadee puppies too, but their nest has been abandoned. We don't know what happened to the mama birdie, but when she hadn't come around in a few days, Dad opened the bird house and found this. There are 3 teeny tiny eggs! It's kind of interesting to see that the actual nest is only on one side...the other side is flat. I guess that's so the mama could get into the nest to feed the babies without stepping on them. The nest is mostly made of moss, but there is also some building insulation and lots of Aire-hair! Dad gave the nest to the little girl, next door, so she could take it to school for "show and tell". It's sad that we won't be seeing any Chickadee pups, but at least a whole bunch of school kids will get to see what their nest looks like.
We had some really nasty storms here, last night! Penny was a nervous wreck! She even went to the basement a couple of times. There were some tornadoes not too far from us, but they missed our house. We've got lots of leaves and tree limbs all over the place, but no real damage. We were much more fortunate than the next county over from us! A lot of them have no electricity or cable TV and no one knows how long they will be out! In our subdivision, all of our utilities are under ground, so we very seldom ever loose our electric or cable. We like it that way!
Well, everybody, I'm going back to the china cabinet now. See you next Wheely Wednesday!
PorkChop (and 2 very sleepy doggies...Poppy & Penny)

Monday, May 19, 2008

International Package Exchange!

Hi everybody! It's me, Poppy! I am really excited today because Mr. T-Bone Beasley and Chef have come up with a great idea. It's an International Package Exchange for all of us DWBers that want to participate. You can get all the details at either of their bloggies! I am hoping to get a new stuffy and Penny is trolling for eatables. (Like either of us NEEDS that stuff)! It's going to be so much fun trading packages with our pals! So head on over to T-Bone's or Chef's blog and get signed up to participate.

We are really sad that we missed our play date with Ezzy Rider on Saturday. His mom was feeling kind of "under the weather", so we are going to reschedule for some other Saturday. If we wait long enough, maybe Jagger can come too!

Mom and Dad went to PetCo, yesterday, to get meal wormies for the Bluebirds. Those bird puppies sure are hungry...they are eating 1,000 meal wormies in about a week. Dad figures that the babies should fly around May 27th. We haven't seen them yet, but the mommy and daddy are hanging around the house almost all the time and they are feeding them so much that we are afraid the babies will be too fat to leave the nest. Oh, yeah...all they got US was some doggie toothpaste. It tastes good, but we would rather have treats or stuffies!

This last picture is Queen Pockets. She was our mom and dad's very first Airedale and she went to the bridge 6 years ago on May 8. Tomorrow would have been her 11th barkday. Every year, on her barkday, Mom used to take her to the pet store and let her pick out her own present. Mom says she had her lips on every toy in the place! I never got to meet her, but Penny got to spend almost two years with her and she learned all of Pockie's Aire-head tricks. She still uses a lot of them on ME!
By the way, our mom's finger is almost all better, except she still can't bend it all the way. Our dad's spinal cord stimulator was unsuccessful. After 8 days, he had it removed. He said the pain wasn't worth the tiny little bit of pain relief he got from it. We don't know what they will try next, but he's going to go see an orthopaedic doctor as soon as he gets over the pain from the spinal cord stimulator. We sure hope the new doctor has some tricks up his sleeve! We want our dad to be pain free!
That's all, for today, so head on over to see Chef or Mr. T -Bone if you want to sign up for the International Package Exchange!
Poppy & Penny

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Wheelie Wednesday!

Hi everydog, kitty, hammie, bear and hooman! It is I, Carter M. Bearington. Normally, I live in one of the curio cabinets with a whole lot of other bears and such, but today, I get to do the posting because I recently became a wheelie. Ok, so I wasn't BORN a wheelie...our mom gave me the wheels so I could participate in Wheely Wednesdays. Why should all those doggies get to have all the fun?

PorkChop came and liberated me from the curio cabinet in the middle of the night when everydog else was sleeping. He is taking me for a really neat ride! We are touring the entertainment center and seeing lots of sights. I hope PorkChop doesn't do any burnouts...I don't want to fall off my wheelies! I probably better hold on to my glasses.

We saw these two pups watching us from a shelf up above. I bet they're jealous because they don't have any wheels. We studied a painting that Aunt Wendy painted and we dreamed of being in Holland when we saw our mom's Grandma's really old bowl. It's very pretty, but very delicate, so I warned PorkChop not to make any sharp turns!

It was a really fun night and I sure hope PorkChop comes to get me again. It was fun being out in the fresh air without all those other bears crowded around me. If they are really nice to me, I might let one of them borrow my wheels sometime.

Uh oh! Somedog is watching us! I guess we didn't make it back to the curio cabinet before Poppy got up. Look at that tongue hanging out. She would love to wrap her large 'dale jaws around both of us! Not going to happen, Poppy!

I actually think she's drooling! We better get out of here before she decides to countersurf! PorkChop says I shouldn't worry because we are too high up for her to get us. Hmmm...I just don't like that look she's giving us, so I'm going back to my home now. Maybe I will see you all again some day. Poppy wants to bark a few words before we go.
Hi everybody. It's me, Poppy. Just wanted to let you know that our mom's finger is getting better. Some of the swelling has gone down and it isn't quite as purple. Our Bluebirdies are definitely feeding babies. It will be a while before we can see them, but the mommy and daddy are carrying wormies to them like crazy. Yesterday, our mom went some place for a loooong time and when she came home, she smelled just like Ezzy Rider and Jagger. Penny and I sniffed and sniffed all over her, but we couldn't find the boys. SO not fair! She tried to appease us by telling us that Ezzy is coming over here, on Saturday morning, to run with us in our back yard. We can't wait! Too bad Jagger won't be able to come! He's not allowed to run around like a crazy dog because of his hip dysplasia. We sure hope his hips get stronger soon so we can play with him!


Carter M. Bearington & PorkChop & Poppy & Penny

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day to our mom and all the other moms out there!

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there in bloggyland!
We sent this card to our mom with some help from Aunt Wendy. She won't admit to having anything to do with it, but Mom knows she did since we can't write with our big hairy paws and we couldn't take it to the post office by ourselves. Thanks for helping us, Aunt Wendy!
Yesterday afternoon, we noticed the Bluebirds making many trips into their nest with meal worms, so we think we have birdie puppies! They take the wormies in, but do not bring them back out. It sure looks like they are feeding babies! We can't wait to see them! Dad told us that end of the deck is off limits, to us, until further notice. He doesn't want us bothering the bird puppies!
Our personal secretary is having a hard time typing what we're barking, today, because she has done something really bad to the middle finger of her left hand. Yesterday, she was digging out tree roots again. She dug out one that was about 6 inches in diameter and 4 feet long. First, she almost fell down when the thing finally came out of the ground...and then she tried to throw it over the fence and it came back to bite her! She was afraid it was going to hit her in the head so she pushed on it with her left hand. It bent her middle finger all the way back. At first, she thought it was broken, but she can still bend it up to a point. It is about twice the size it is supposed to be and it's really purple. She says she can still give peeple the "finger", but she can't do much else with it! That's okay since Dad is cooking dinner today (which he does MOST days anyway) and she can still pet us with her right hand!
Poppy & Penny

Thursday, May 8, 2008

National Stuffie Appreciation Day!

Hello to all our furry and not-so-furry friends! Mr. T-Bone Beasley has declared today as National Stuffie Appreciation Day! In honor of this most auspicious occasion, I present to you one of only about 2 stuffies, in our possession, that still has his eyes. It's Clifford the big red dog! We salute Clifford for being able to keep his eyes intact for over two weeks!

Here, we have Mr. Zebra. He hasn't been as fortunate as Clifford...he is blind as a bat! I, Poppy de-eyed him a long time ago. He has a small amount of stuffing oozing out of one eye socket, but it isn't bad enough for Mom to send him to the bridge. I'm pretty sure that will change soon!

This is me with my trusty white (or NOT so white) Mr. Bear. He has been just as unfortunate as Mr. Zebra...he can't see a thing! That's okay though, I still love him! He comforts me when Mom and Dad go away and leave us alone like they did yesterday. We really LOVE all our stuffies and appreciate them greatly. Some a little more than others! My favorite of all time is my soccer ball, but Mom hasn't been able to get a picture of me with it. I like to suck on it and make all sorts of weird Aire-noises...especially right when Mom comes home from work.

This doesn't have anything to do with NSAD, but we wanted to show you a rare picture of us, together in our back yard. Dad took this picture when Mom was outside and Penny never suspected he had the camera!
This is what Mom was doing outside, after they came home from the peeple vet. She was digging some really big tree roots out of our yard. Dad keeps running over them with the mower so Mom decided they had to go. Since we have had a drought for sooooo long, a lot of the roots are coming to the top of the ground and dulling the mower blades. Mom has made a pretty good dent in the over-abundance of them, but there are still like a gazillion more!

Our dad's surgery went well, but he is in a LOT of pain, today. The doctor used a 7 inch long needle to put the electrode into his spinal column and now, Dad can't lean back against a chair. He can't believe that a "pain clinic" would inflict so much pain! So far, he says the neuro-stimulator isn't doing much to relieve the pain in his legs, but we are hoping that will change!
Poppy & Penny