Friday, September 28, 2012

Guess what we got!

Hi, everydoggie! It's me, Princess Patches! Yes, I am still the princess, but it seems that the big Jagger boy is becoming the KING of my house. I think my mom is in love with him. She's always loving on him and making up new names for him and stuffs like that! Should I be jealous? Oh, and his newest name is FrankenJagger for halloweenie! Okay, back to the purpose of my post. This is a new sign that will be posted somewhere on our fence. We haven't figured out just exactly WHERE yet. My mom would LIKE to put it on our front door, but she's afraid that might look a little tacky. Maybe we can get her to put it on a post in our front yard. Then all the peoples who walk or drive by would know that Airedales live here. Also, any burglars should think twice before crossing the jaws (I mean PATHS) of 3 hungry Airedales. Of course, all they have to do is take one LOOK at FrankenJagger and they would RUN the other way! That boy is twice as big as me and Ezzy! If you would like a sign like this with your dog's breed on it, click here. The peoples over there are really great to work with. The first sign we got looked like some kind of terrier, but not an Airedale. My mom pee-mailed them and sent them a picture of what an Airedale is supposed to look like. This is the new sign and we think it's pawfect! In case the link doesn't work, just type this into your browser: mysecuritysign.com/breed/dog-signs-by-breed.aspx. They have lots of different signs to choose from and it doesn't have to say "crossing". They have other ones too! That's it for today, everydoggie! Aire-hugs, Patches and Ezzy Rider and FrankenJagger too