Sunday, May 31, 2009

Aire-transport and my barkday presents!

Hi everybuddy! It's me, Patches! I want to tell you all about my barkday presents, but first, I have to tell you about the Aire-transport that Mom and Aunt Wendy did yesterday. They drove to Chattanooga, Tennessee to take Amos (a 10 year old Aire-boy) to his new home and to pick up Claire-dale (and 8 year old Aire-girl). Amos is on the left, in the picture, and Claire is on the right. Mom is on the far right and the other two peoples are Amos' new family. Claire is going to be fostered by Aunt Wendy, Ezzy Rider and Jagger. When they introduced Claire to the boyz, Ezzy cleaned her ears and Jag wanted her to play. Aunt Wendy said Claire has been a very good girl and she slept all night! When Claire disappeared from her home, her peoples didn't even bother to try to find her. She ended up at a teenage rehab place where she lived for about a year. The teenagers must have given her lots of treats because she is waaaaaaaaay overweight! Now she is on a serious diet and she's concentrating on growing her furs back. She was so matted that she had to be shaved!
Now, on to my barkday presents! As you can see, I am loving one of them to death! He's a cool loofa doggie wearing a patriotic suit.

Here's a picture of ALL my presents!

My favorite was the one in the middle. It was some treats and the bone in the middle of the package said "Princess". I know they made it just for me because my name is really Princess Patches!
On Tuesday, this week, my mom and Aunt Wendy are going to Athens yet AGAIN! This time, they are going on a tour of the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine small animal hospital. Ya see, when our mom and dad both go to the bridge, their will says that UGA gets all their stuffs. All the stuffs will be sold and there will be a scholarship for students that can't afford to go to vet school. They are also meeting up with a couple peoples from Airedale Rescue that will go on the tour with them.
Well, everybuddy, I'm off to play with my loofa dog some more and I have to make sure that Poppy and Penny don't get him!
Princess Patches (and Poppy & Penny too)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Today is my 6th barkday!

Hello to all our furry and not so furry friends! It's me, Patches! We interrupt our regularly scheduled Wheelie Wednesday because today is my 6th barkday and the first one that I really get to celebrate! Yeah, I had my 5th barkday here, at Airedale Heaven, last year, but I had only been in the witness protection program for 3 days then. I was so nervous being in my new home, that my barkday wasn't really that big of a deal.
This year, I'm REALLY celebrating! My blind frog decided to celebrate with me by 'sploding right in front of my face. Wasn't that nice of him? He shot stuffing right out of his arm pit just for ME!

My mom says he should really go in the trash, but since he's the stuffie that I love the most, she says I can keep him a while longer. Yay! As you can see, our squirrel/racoon still lives! Sometimes, Poppy performs her secret ritual on him, but none of us have bitten into him enough to make him 'splode. Mom says it's a good thing since he's filled with tiny styrofoam pellets like Pokey the lion was. Mom used Pokey's stuffing to ship some stuffs she sold on Ebay and some lady got mad. We don't know why...her glass stuff arrived without being broken and our mom put a note on the outside of the box for her to open it outside. Maybe she didn't read the note!
As some of you know, last Sunday was my Gotcha Day! I had ice cream and some special treats! Woohoo! Mom said I can't have too many treats though, since I need to lose 3 to 5 pounds. Boo! We were supposed to have my big pawty on Monday, over at Ezzy Rider and Jagger's house, but it rained most of the day, so I just celebrated at home with Poppy and Penny. Today, our mom is running away with Aunt Wendy, so maybe she'll bring me back a really cool present! Yeah, they run away at least one day a week, but they always come back! They call it their mental health day...whatever THAT means!
Well, everybuddy, I'm off to enjoy my special day!
Patches (and Poppy and Penny too)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wheelie Wednesday...and Patches got all her shots!

Hello to all you doggies, kitties, hammies, bears, birdies and humans! It's me, PorkChop! I know, I know...I haven't posted in a while! I've been really excited lately because I have heard a rumor that I may be moving to a new home! Oh, I'll still be at Airedale Heaven...I am just moving to one of the curio cabinets in the living room. See that big crystal plate behind my tail? Well, our mom has acquired a couple more just like it and she needs to make room for them. Actually, it's fine with me to be moving to the living room. That's where the real doggies spend most of their time and I can't see them from the china cabinet in the kitchen.
Patches went to the v-e-t, this morning! No, nothing is wrong...she just had to get all her yearly shots. She was not amused when they took her temperature! She sat down so they couldn't get near her fuzz butt, but the vet tech tricked her and got the nasty thermometer in there. She was also pretty upset about them stealing some of her poop, but she felt better about it once she found out everything was okay! Mom said she was a very good girl, but she wouldn't eat the treat that Dr. Hardee gave to her. She told our mom to put it in her pocket for later.
We don't know what's up with this picture of Patches. She is foaming at the mouth and we have no idea what that thing is that's stuck to her big marshmallow nose! It must be a weed of some sort!

Here's our final installment of Mom's Peony pictures. This plant had at least a dozen blooms all at one time. It was, definitely, the prettiest of all our Peonys!
Unfortunately, our mom thought she was doing a good thing by putting stakes in the ground to hold up the blossoms. Wrong! As soon as she put the stakes in, the wind blew the Peonys over so each stem was bent right at the top of the stakes. Wouldn't you think she would have remembered that from last year? Obviously not, since she did it AGAIN!

And finally, for your viewing pleasure, we have a very rare, full face picture of Penny! When our mom went out to get the picture of the Peony, Penny was laying down on the living room floor. Mom came through the door, from the garage, and surprised Penny! Of course, by the time the stoopid flash delay thingy worked, Penny was already up and trying to run away, but Mom got her face anyway! Heeheehee!

Well, everybuddy, I am heading back into my china cabinet so I can pack up everything for my big move! Oh, yeah, and I need to rest up for Patches' big Gotcha Day and Barkday celebrations! I have heard that the pawty is at Ezzy Rider and Jagger's house on Monday (Memorial Day)! We hope to have lots of pictures!
PorkChop (and Poppy, Penny & Patches too)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Patches' Gotcha Day and Barkday are both coming soon!

Hi every buddy! It's me, Patches! I am getting soooo excited because one week from today, May 24th, is my first gotcha day! It will be one year since I entered the witness protection program and moved here, to Airedale Heaven! And then, just a few days later, on May 27th, it will be my 6th Barkday! I just have to say...I sure have had loads of fun, this past year. I've gotten to go on lots of rides in the Aire-mobile with Mom!

I have also learned a whole bunch of stuffs! Like how to live peacefully with 2 other 'dales, how to go outside without a leash and the most impawtant thing I've learned is not to think that every meal might be my LAST! I know, now, that there is always more food and more treats!
I did hear some disturbing news, though! On Wednesday, I have to go see the dogtor. No, nothing is wrong...I just have to have all my yearly shots. Until I came here, I wasn't getting my vaccinations on a regular basis, but now, my mom wants to make sure we keep up with them. I sure hope they don't stick that nasty thermometer up my fuzzy butt!

We wanted to show you some of our mom's beautimous Peonies! Several years ago, she moved them from the back yard to the front, right along the side of the driveway. It took them a few years to start producing nice flowers, but this year, they have made up for it!

Here's a really pretty pink one with a white furry center.

This one is called Parfait something or other. We can't remember the exact name. Since Mom took these pictures, a few days ago, we have two more that have bloomed. They are a gorgeous dark pink color. One of them has like a gazillion blooms! We haven't got a picture of that one yet.
Remember our Bluebirds from last year? Well, we think they are about to build another nest in the Bluebird box on our deck. They were a little too late to use the box earlier in the season. It was taken over by Tufted Tit Mouse birdies. We never did see how many puppies they had, but we could hear the babies peeping when we went outside! Last night, Mason and Mena (the Bluebirds) kept looking into the nesting box, but they were having a hard time getting inside. Finally, our mom realized that the Tufted Tit Mice must have fledged, so she and our dad went out and cleaned the old nest out of the box. Just as soon as they were done, Mason and Mena came back again. They kept going in and out of the box. We hope Mena starts building a nest today!
Oh, and last week, our mom discovered a Carolina Wren that had nested behind our hose reel! She went to use the hose and saw a whole bunch of leaves and stuff on the ledge, behind the hose. When she looked in to see what it was, she saw 2 baby birdies! She ended up not using the hose because she didn't want to disturb the babies! One of them ended up leaving the nest that same day and a few days later, the other one flew away! Our dad removed the nest, so now, Mom can use the hose again!
Well, everybuddy, I'm off for my second trip outside and then I think I'll have a little nap. I need to be all rested up for the celebrating I will be doing next week!
Patches (and Poppy & Penny too)!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Awards...and we went to Athens AGAIN!!!!!!!!

Hello to all of our furry and not-so-furry friends! It's me, Patches! A long time ago, right before our mom abandoned us to go to Oh-Hi-Oh, we got 2 very cool awards! The Kreativ Blogger Award was bestowed upon us by Falcon the Airedale as well as Persephone, Buster and Ms. Blue, the gorgeous Kerry Blues! Thank you all very much!This lovely blog award comes to us from our new friends, the Rocky Creek Scotties and Java! Thank you very much! We think your blog is lovely too!
Now, I have to tell you all about our second trip to Athens, Georgia. We went over there so our mom and Aunt Wendy could meet even more peoples from the Airedale Rescue Group. There were 4 more ladies, there, that we had never met before. It's very nice to know there are soooo many great peoples that helps doggies just like me!

You probably don't remember this big guy! His name is York, he is 13 years old and we had a picture of him in our last Athens post. Then, he was very furry and curly. Now, he has a new Aire-cut and he looks great! Even at 13, he's always up for beggin' for food! In fact, at one point, we all left the deck and when we came back, York had "shopped" Miss Barbara's sandwich and was chowing down on it. He ate every last bite!

This is a little white doggie who is an honorary Airedale. Her name is Maggie and today, for the first time in her life, she got to taste FREEDOM! Maggie is an escape artist so she always has to be on a leash, but today, since the entire property is fenced, she got to go off-leash. Woohoo, Maggie! She has an Airedale sister named Abby who is 10 years old. Abby visited with us, too, and we thought we had a picture of her, but we can't seem to find it. Abby's just as afraid of the camera as Penny is and Mom's flash really scared her. My mom is very sorry, Miss Abby!

In this picture, York was on the other deck, watching Maggie and Jagger. Sorry, but we never did get a picture of Maggie's sweet face. Everytime Mom thought she could get a good picture, the stupid delay thingy, on the camera, waited just long enough for Maggie to turn around!

Maybe you remember this boy from our other post. His name is Luke and our mom really would like to dognap him! He's an apartment-sized Airedale and he is soooooo cute! It's very hard to get a good picture of Luke, too, because he is moving constantly...kind of like Poppy!

Here's Jagger taking a rest. He was a very good boy, all day and some of the peoples gave him little bites of food when they ate lunch. Jagger and I went on lots of walks together!

This is me, Patches. Mom said I was a very good girl, all day! Yeah, I was foaming at the mouth because I was sooooo excited to be there! I was more relaxed, this time, since I had been there once before. See how nekkid I am? My dummy mom didn't bring my regular collar and she was afraid I might get hurt if I kept the prong collar on all day, so I got to go nekkid!

This is a Aunt Wendy taking a picture of my mom while my mom took HER picture. Silly humans! Rocky and Jagger are chillin' after many sessions of bitey-face.

Here's Rocky, on the left, and Jagger, on the right during one of their muzzle wrestling sessions!

In this picture, Luke got into the act so Rocky, Luke and Jagger all played bitey-face. I was sitting behind the camera, by my mom's feet. I played a little bitey-face too, but I didn't get caught in a picture.

Jagger is waaaaay bigger than the rest of us 'dales that were there, but nodoggie seemed to be afraid of him. He's such a sweetheart!

This is Rocky, Luke and Jagger again. I think they were hoping someone would drop some food from the sky.

Our last picture is Bucky. Poor Bucky cut one of his paws, very badly, so he had to be sequestered from the rest of us crazy 'dales! He has to have a few more days of rest before he can rejoin his brothers in enjoying the large wooded area of their temporary home!
We had a really great day! There were 7 of us 'dales there, including Bucky who couldn't play with us! There were 8 peoples there and all the ladies had a good time talking about us Aire-pups! We sure hope we get to do that again, someday!
Well, everybuddy, I'm off to take my 343,789th nap of the day! Yesterday was such a busy day for all us pups, that I slept all the way home in the Aire-mobile, slept most of the evening, last night, and I'm still napping today! Maybe I'll be caught up by tomorrow!
Patches (and Poppy and Penny too)

Monday, May 4, 2009

Still trying to catch up!

Hello to all our furry and not-so-furry friends! It's me, Poppy! Does this guy remind you of anydoggie? Our mom has always said we bear a striking resemblance to Alf! Now, she has proof! She bought Alf for us at a yard sale, last weekend. First she had him pose for a few pictures and then she made us promise to not de-eye him right away. Yeah, right, Mom! Whatever you say!
We didn't actually make any promises, but she gave him to us anyway. Our time with Alf lasted approximately 30 seconds! First, Patches and I fought over him and then we tried to tear his shirt off. As soon as Mom saw us going for the eyes, he flew up on top of the TV armoire in the living room. Patches is pretty sure he flew by himself, but I saw our mom sling him up there! When can we have him back, Mom? We promise not to perform an eye-ectomy on him! Yeah, right, Poppy! Right now, Alf is one of only one or two stuffies, in this house that still has eyes.

Since our mom got home, last Tuesday night, she has been trying to catch us up on everyone's bloggies, but we are still waaaaaaaaaay behind! We have a couple of awards to pick up from Falcon and Persephone and Buster. We'll get there! Our personal secretary is just about a week behind on everything!
That's all we have time for today, everybuddy! Oh, yeah...I almost forgot...Patches is going to Athens, Georgia again this weekend for another Airedale meet-up! There will be even MORE Aire-pups there, this time! Hopefully, our mom will remember to take the camera so we can show the pictures to all of you!
Poppy (and Penny & Patches too)