Friday, June 29, 2012

We are a 3-Airedale household again! Woohoo!

Hey, hey, hey, everydoggie, everykitty and every human! It's me, Princess Patches! We have big news! About 2 months ago, my cousins Ezzy Rider and Jagger moved in with me! Okay, with Mom too! And Aunt Wendy came with them. So all 5 of us are living in the same house. Woohoo! I have two bitey face pals. And I DO mean bitey-face! We are playing almost constantly. Every once in a while, we have to take time out from bitey-face to do big zoomies out in the back yard. Oh, and to eat, but we aren't away from a good game of bitey-face for long! It sure feels good to have Aire-buddies again! Aunt Wendy is making some big changes in her life and my mom and I invited her and her two Aire-boys to come and live with us. Sorry, I never did give you an update on our Blue Birdies! They raised a whole family in our bird house and now, they have moved to another one of our Bluebird houses and they are raising a SECOND family! The house they are in, now, is right outside of our ginormous box window in the kitchen. We can sit at the table and watch their comings and goings. My mom feels very lucky that they came back to be with us after being gone for 2 years! Well, everybody, that's all the news for now...except that it is HOT HOT HOT! Right now, it is 103.6 degrees F outside! Those birdies must be cooking! We run down the stairs, do our bidness and get back inside! Aire-hugs, Patches (and Ezzy Rider and Jagger too!)