Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving to all USA doggies and happy Thursday to everydog else!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our fur buddies in the USA! Happy Thursday to everyone else! We are waiting, patiently, for our turkey dinner. Every Thanksgiving and Christmas, our mom cooks a ginormous dinner and no one comes to eat it except Mom, Dad and of course US!

Dad always asks when the company is arriving and Mom always tells him no one is coming! We live a looooong way from all of our relatives. Years and years ago, Mom and Dad went to someone else's house for Thanksgiving dinner and Mom said it didn't seem like Thanksgiving because she didn't get many of the foods that she had grown up with. The next year, she started cooking the big dinner whether anyone was coming or not.

Now, we know that you don't know our mom very well, but we want to tell you a little secret about her. She hardly ever cooks! Yep, that's right...our dad does about 90% of the cooking that goes on in our house. Mom KNOWS how to cook...she just doesn't do it very often! Our dad, on the other paw, cooks all the time! He even makes Aire-stew just for US doggies! He starts out with rice and lots of meat and puts all kinds of yummy stuff in it. We can always tell when he's cooking for us and we line up behind him when he's standing at the stove.
We are pretty sure we will be getting in some trouble this afternoon. When Dad carves the turkey, all 3 of us will be right at his feet. One of us will Aire-snap one of the other furkids and the fight will be ON! It happens every time Dad carves some kind of meat! Hey, getting in trouble for that is sooooo worth it! After all, we are MEATITARIANS! And we are each afraid that somedog else will get the first bite...or maybe somedog else will get MORE bites!
On a different subject, our DWB Christmas cards are all ready to go. Well, the snail mail ones are, anyway. They will be going in the mail tomorrow, so watch your mailboxes! Our personal secretary still has to do the e-cards. She thinks she has figured out how to do them, so watch for us in your e-mail too!
Well, every buddy, we are going back to nap and count down to turkey time!
Poppy, Penny & Patches

Friday, November 21, 2008

Patches is in BIG trouble!

Hello, everydoggie, kitty, hamsterrier, bear and hooman! It's me, Poppy! I heard PorkChop telling all of you about our cold weather on Wednesday. Well, it's not over YET! It is only 20 degrees, here, this morning and I literally freeze my tail off every time I go outside. I heard Mom saying something about "Where the heck is Al Gore with that global warming thing when you need him?"

Do you see this look on my face? It's because I can't believe what Patches did! She is in sooooo much trouble! We have an area in our hallway where there is a seam in the carpet. Through the years, Penny's and my hooge toenails started to rip the seam, so Mom had someone come in and fix it. They did a crappy job, but at least it was better than a frayed out seam. Well, the other morning, our mom was in the 'puter room and she heard what she thought was one of us de-stuffing a stuffie. No big deal...it happens all the time. Well, when she finally came out of the 'puter room, Patches was munching on that seam in the carpet. Mom took a swat at her and missed, but then she started yelling lots of HBO words! There is no picture of the eaten area because Mom covered it up with a throw rug and she's too upset to take a picture of it. We really need new carpet, but until our mom gets another job, there will be no new carpet (or anything else).

Our mom keeps trying to get a good picture of us playing bitey face so here's yet another attempt. Since we usually have a great game of bitey face right after our 6 p.m. trip outside, Mom has decided to keep the camera right next to the chair where she does her needle felting. So far, it's working pretty well. She even got a short movie of us, but so far, stupid Vista hasn't been able to upload it. She says she will keep trying. She may have to send it to the old computer and post it from there. Once again, she's saying HBO words about the inventors of Vista. She would like to see them tazered! We told her that's pretty mean, but she doesn't seem to care!

Patches likes to lounge on the living room floor, surrounded by stuffies. I don't know if you can see them, but there are some teeny tiny white spots on the carpet right in front of the coffee table. (You may have to click on the picture to biggify it) Those are tiny styrofoam balls that somedog (ME!) shook out of Pokey the giant lion. Our mom keeps saying he isn't long for this world, but I don't know what that means. I hope it doesn't mean he's headed to the trash barrel because every night I just HAVE to perform a secret ritual on him! Mom is hoping to get a video of me doing that, but so far...no luck! I am one quick doggie!

Patches was thinking about taking a bite out of Pokey, but I snuck in and grabbed him out of her jaws of death right after our mom snapped this picture. He's MY Pokey and I don't tolerate anydog else putting their lips or teefies on him! See that white toybox in the center of this picture? Well, that was a ginormous toy box that Dad made for US! We never even got to use it because Mom claimed it for all her needle felting stuff. That is soooo unfair, but she says she needs it to keep all the wool away from us doggies. Whatever, Mom...we'll just keep all our stuffies piled up in the corner and scattered all over the house!
Last night, Mom found a spot on Patches' neck that she thought was a tick. After she was done freaking out, she got a flashlight and had Dad hold Patches so she could look at it. It wasn't a tick! It looks like maybe a Poppy bite!...or maybe a Penny bite. We aren't sure who the guilty party is, but we DO know it's not a tick and it doesn't seem to be infected. Every once in a while, when the 3 of us get really rowdy and we're doing lots of Aire-snaps, somedog squeals. When that happens, our mom yells at us, but she usually can't figure out which dog did the squealing. Patches' bite probably happened during one of our many Aire-snapping sessions.
Well, furry friends, that's about it for today!
Poppy (and Penny & Patches too!)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wheelie Wednesday...and we are freezing!

Happy Wheelie Wednesday everybuddy! It's me, PorkChop! The thermometer, on our deck, says it's only 17 degrees this morning. What's up with that? I thought Georgia was considered the deep south! It's not supposed to be this cold here in NOVEMBER! January or February maybe, but NOT November!

Poppy says she freezes every time she has to go outside. She just had an Aire-cut about two weeks ago, so she doesn't have as much wooliness to keep her warm as Patches and Penny have. Mom says Patches and Penny will each have one more Aire-cut and then no more until spring. Poppy is very glad she's already had her last one before the winter!

Patches has already de-stuffed 3 stuffies, this week. One of them (our big blue bear) had to go to stuffie heaven. The other two (Snoopy and Mr. Tiger) are still hanging around, but probably not for long. Snoopy has been here for over a year and although he had an eye-ectomy and nose-ectomy immediately upon moving in, he didn't start leaking stuffing until recently. Mr. Tiger will be here a year on Christmas if he lives that long. Believe it or not, he still has both eyes AND his nose! Yeah, we can't figure out how that happened either, but it's a fact! Patches has attempted the eye-ectomy many times, but so far, has been unsuccessful!

Patches decided to take a break from terrierizing the stuffies. Our mom's ginormous Eagle is watching her very closely. He knows he's safe from being de-stuffed since he is made of wood. However, we sure hope nodog decides to take a bite out of him. We have a large, decorative bird house in the foyer that is made of wood and our pawrents' first Airedale, Miss Pockets, chewed the wooden perch! Mom won't throw it out because it has sentimental value...whatever THAT is! That doesn't stop her from throwing out de-stuffed stuffies! WE think all of our stuffies have sentimental value!
Our mom wants to go outside, today and pick up leaves and pine straw with the magic picker upper thingy, but we think she might be too wimpy to go out in the cold. We told her that most of the frozen dog poopies would probably be sucked into the magic picker upper, but that isn't giving her much incentive to get dressed up like Nanook of the North and get out there. She said something about maybe addressing Christmas cards instead. She hasn't sent out cards in about four years and a lot of people probably think she fell off the face of the earth. Well, they will still have to think that because the only ones she is sending are on the DWB list! Yay, Mom! All our DWB buddies are WAY more important than all those other people anyway!
Well, everybuddy, I didn't even come out of my china cabinet to bark this to my personal secretary. I did open the door, though, so she could hear me and now I'm closing the door so I can stay nice and warm! See you all next Wheelie Wednesday!
PorkChop (and Poppy, Penny & Patches too)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

We're still here!

Hello to all of our furry and not-so-furry friends! It's me, Patches! Remember we told you that I would be getting a b-a-t-h soon? Well, it happened! I wasn't too thrilled with the whole idea...especially since I had never been in a hooman bathtub before. Mom got the bathroom all ready with the shampoo, Mane and Tail conditioner and lots of towels. Then Dad helped herd just ME into the bathroom. It wasn't easy to keep Poppy and Penny from trying to help. Mom tied my leash to the handle bar on the tub and she thought I couldn't get away. Wrong! As soon as she got me all soaped up, I jumped out of the tub and got wedged between my mom's knees. She hurried and got me back into the tub, but not before the entire bathroom (not to mention Mom's clothes) was covered in doggie shampoo. Heeheehee! I bet NEXT time, she'll take me to the groomer and pay someone else to do it! I AM nice and clean, though and I smell really good!
Poppy has been spending a lot of time checking on the plants that have been brought inside for the winter. We have a Bougainvilla that has lost all of it's pretty flowers and leaves, a ginormous Jade plant and a Squirrel Foot Fern! There are leaves and flowers all over the floor! Mom keeps cleaning them up, but they keep coming back. When the plants finally quit shedding, they will be moved to their usual wintertime places.

Here's a rare picture of me and Penny! Pay no attention to the Aire-art on the dishwasher and the coolerator. Our mom keeps cleaning it off, but it keeps magically reappearing!

Our mom keeps trying to get a picture of us playing bitey-face, but so far, this is as close as she has come! Poppy and I always seem to have somedog else's legs or face in our mouths. Penny was joining in with us, but as soon as she heard the camera turn on, she disappeared!

This is where Pokey sleeps when Mom is cleaning the living room floor. This morning, he had to get up there because Robbie the Roomba was cleaning all the Aire-hair and stuffie guts off the floor.

This is our Christmas cactus that spends the summer outside. It's blooming waaaaaay before Christmas. Jeeze, it isn't even Thanksgiving yet! At this rate, it will be all done blooming before the holidays even get here.
On Tuesday, Poppy went to the v-e-t to get an estimate for removing her lipoma. She was a very good girl at the vet's office, but she refused to get back into the Aire-mobile when they were all done. Mom had to pick her up and put her into the back. Even though Poppy has lost almost 4 pounds since her last vet visit, our mom really hurt her back! She says she isn't going to the vet with anydog alone again! Poppy is going to have to wait until our mom gets a job to have that lipoma removed. The vet said it really doesn't need to come off, but Mom wants it GONE! So....Poppy gets to wait on the lipoma surgery unless our mom wins the lottery or something!
Yesterday, our mom and Aunt Wendy spent the whole day together and when Mom came home, we sniffed her from head to toe. Not only did she smell like Ezzy and Jagger, but she also smelled like some strange doggie and even a kitty! She said that was because they went to some Humane Society and several doggie boutiques. She could have at least taken ME with her! I sure hope she bought us some Christmas presents from those doggie stores!
Well, everybuddy, I guess I'm going to do some serious napping now. It's raining here, today and none of us want to go outside at all, so we will nap in between our zoomie and bitey-face sessions.
Patches (and Poppy & Penny too)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Wheelie Wednesday!

Hi everybuddy! We're glad you could join us for Wheelie Wednesday! Today, I PorkChop will be doing the post! I haven't been around much lately, because our mom has just been too busy to help me post. Yesterday, I watched her from my home in the china cabinet. I saw her pitch forking pine straw and picking up lots and lots of dog poopies in the back yard. Boy, I'm sure glad I don't contribute to the poopie piles out there! With three Aire-heads (or should I say Aire-BUTTS), there is a LOT of poopies to be picked up. When just Poppy and Penny were here, they seemed to keep it confined to the grass, but Patches is another story. She has been doing her stuff in the woods! Whenever our people walk in the back yard, they know they have to watch for "land mines" in the grass, but the woods was always a poopie-free zone. Well, those days are OVER!

Yesterday, somedog, who will remain nameless, caused one of our stuffies to 'splode. We don't want to name names, but her initials are PDP (Patches D Pup). She told Mom that this big red and white doggie just 'sploded all by himself! Mom wasn't buying her story!

The first clue was that there had been a stuffie avalanche! Our stuffies are usually piled up way higher than the wallpaper, but you can see that the pile has kind of sunk and what you can't see is that the rest of the living room is FULL of wayward stuffies. Just the night before, Mom had piled all the stuffies up because she was going to steam clean the carpets. Well, before she even got started, Patches pulled a stuffie out of the middle of the pile and that triggered the avalanche.

Patches and Poppy take great pleasure in running around on the wet carpet. Penny actually likes to sleep on it and our mom thinks she is crazy. She can't believe it doesn't feel really cold on Penny's skin. Maybe it's because there is so much Aire-hair between the wet carpet and her skin!

Patches is protesting that b-a-t-h thingy that she heard she is getting! She says she's just starting to smell really "doggy" and now Mom wants to take it all away. Fortunately, for her, the b-a-t-h will have to wait until our mom's back recovers from all the pitch forking!

Poppy says she's going to hide in one of the bedrooms because she thinks she might be next for the b-a-t-h! Don't worry, girls, I heard Mom say there will be more pitch forking going on today. That means at least one more day of recovery before she can give anydog a bath!

Right after our mom finished steam cleaning the bedroom carpet, all 3 Aire-goofs had to check it out! It's hard to see in this picture, but Penny is in here too! They are all really upset because their beds are all piled up on the big bed. Wait till they find out that their beds are going to be washed in the near future! They are too big to fit in the washing machine, so Mom will have to take them out onto the deck, one at a time, and hose them off. It takes about a week for each one to dry, so for quite a while, there will be ONE doggie without a bed! Poppy says it won't be her, because she bed-hops to which ever one is available!
Well, everybuddy, that's all for today. I'm going back into my china cabinet now where there is no wet floor and no chance of me having a b-a-t-h!
PorkChop (and Poppy, Penny & Patches too)

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Busy, busy, busy!

Hello everydoggie, kittie, hammie, bear, goat and hooman! It's me, Poppy! Sorry we haven't been blogging much lately. Our personal secretary is too busy to operate the keyboard for us. We keep barking orders to her, but she doesn't seem to hear us. We don't know what her problem is. She doesn't have a real job anymore, but she's always doing SOMETHING! At least she still finds time to feed us and give us treats!
Patches has found out that she might be going to an Airedale event, in Atlanta, next Sunday. She is hoping to meet one of her littermates that lives most of the year in Floriduh. We sure hope she gets to go, but it depends on a lot of stuff. Mostly, it depends on whether Aunt Wendy will be able to go. Since it's in Atlanta, our mom refuses to drive there by herself! She has cataracts in both eyes and can't read street signs anymore, so she doesn't drive to anywhere she is unfamiliar with! Patches is kind of upset because she has heard that this event means she will have to have a b-a-t-h! She is really not looking forward to that!

This is a picture of our mom's latest felties. They don't have names yet, but they will be going up for auction, soon, on that Ebay kennel we've been hearing so much about. Remember Bess and Bill from our last post? Well, they are going to live in Wisconsin with a very nice lady that has 2 Aire-kids. They have been renamed Duchess and Oliver and they will be on their way to the land of great cheese tomorrow.
We have been having a blast at the Howl-o-ween pawty at the Tower of London. Lacie keeps feeding us some really yummy smoothies and we just can't stop giggling! Today is our last day in the UK, so we should be home later on tonight. It sure has been a lot of fun! We have been having a terrific time playing bitey face with lots of our DWB buddies! We even think we may have seen a few ghosts!
Poppy, Penny & Patches