Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Patches is home from her fix-it surgery!

Hi, everybuddy! It's me, Patches! Yesterday, I had my fix-it surgery. I didn't know I was even broken and now, I think maybe the v-e-t might have broken me! I was very upset, yesterday morning, when Mom wouldn't let me eat. I'm not quite as big of a food hound as Penny is, but I'm close. Penny was REALLY mad! Even our pawrents didn't get to eat breakfast before Mom took me to see the v-e-t. When we got there, I was a crazy doggie and pulled my mom all over the parking lot and inside the vet's office. The nurse said I didn't act like a 5 year old. The first bit of good news I got was that I weigh 43.4 pounds. I only weighed 32.5 pounds when I first entered the witness protection program. All the good food I get is working to make me a really healthy Aire-head!
I came home, yesterday at about 4:00 and Poppy has been watching over me since I came home. The nurses said I did just fine and when they went to lift me into the Aire-mobile, I jumped in by myself! Then, when we got home, Dad came out to lift me out, but once again, I jumped out by myself! Everyone was a little worried because they heard that spaying is hard on a 5 year old. I guess I showed them!

Mom gave me some water and food, last night, but I didn't want any. Mostly, I wanted to stand around looking pitiful because it kind of hurt to lay down. This morning, I am laying down a lot and not doing my usual bitey-face with Poppy. Penny and Poppy keep sniffing me, but Mom and Dad keep making them get away from me. When we first got home, Mom was reading the invoice that the vet gave her and she realized that they didn't give her any pain pills, even though they were on the invoice. She called the v-e-t and they apologized for forgetting. Now, Mom has to drive all the way back up there, this morning, to get them for me. I really need them, but I'm not sure how they plan on getting them into my tummy since I still don't want to eat. I looked at my food, this morning, and I stood in front of the bowl for a few minutes, but I'm just not hungry yet!
Maybe I'll feel better once Mom gets back here with my pain pills! I'm not licking or biting at my stitches, so I don't have to wear a lampshade...at least, not YET! I'm waiting for nurse Lacie to get here with her smoothie mix...I'm sure that will perk me up!
Well, everybuddy, I'm going to lay back down now!
Patches (and Poppy & Penny too)

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Awards, reindeer and we missed Wheelie Wednesday...AGAIN!

Hello, all our furry and not so furry friends! Sorry we haven't been bloggin' much lately! Our mom's been super busy and our paws are just too darn big to hit the right keys. Our buddy, Mango the relentlessly huge, gave us this really great award! Thank you soooo much, Mango! You lift our spirits too!
We also got this really cool award from one of our newest pals, Mason Dixie. Mason is a gorgeous Golden Retriever that lives in Ohio. That's where both of our pawrents lived when they were pups. Thank you, Mason...we love your bloggy too.

We were some of the lucky ones to win this book from Butchy and Snickers! Our mom finally did all the quizzes for us and you won't believe what kind of dogs it says we are! Patches is a Saluki and fits into the Private Eye category. We aren't too sure about the Saluki part, but she is definitely a Private Eye! She can find stuff to shop that nodog else even knew existed! Poppy is a match to our buddy Mitch...it says she is a Chesapeake Bay Retriever/Contender! We don't know where that came from since she isn't very good at retrieving ANYTHING. Penny is a Dalmation and a Trend Setter. I guess that means she's kind of a laid back doggie, but we don't know where the trend setter thingy came from. We think Patches is more of a trend setter with her Red Hat Lady collar!

Now, I want to tell you about the sad, sad story of my reindeer. I, Patches, sat in front of the coolerator, willing it to fall into my jaws of death for about 2 days. I put on my most pitiful face, but it still wouldn't fall down for me. Well, one time, when I was outside (actually all 3 of us were out), Mom decided to find out why the reindeer had a zipper on it's belly. She thought it might be a secret pajama bag or something. She was wrong! Inside the zipper, there was a voice box! Now everydog knows that it is soooo much fun to crunch up a voice box, but our pawrents were afraid one of us (mainly ME) would break it up and swallow some of the pieces. Mom gave my reindeer to Dad so that he could remove the voice box and all the wires.

Poppy was trying to help, but Dad said all the Aire-slobber was making it difficult to get the wires out.

She finally settled down to watch the surgery. Dad ended up having to use scissors to get some of the wires out because they ran all the way into the reindeer's head! Once the voice box and wires were all out, we found out that if you squeezed his ear, he played Christmas songs and his nose lit up. Unfortunately, for me, the surgery ended in tragedy...my poor reindeer is no longer with us. The surgery was so extensive and messy that the reindeer had to go in the trash! I'll miss you, my little reindeer friend! I soooo wanted to eat your nose off!

I was totally barkless! All I could do was stand beside Dad with my mouth hanging open in horror! Rest in peace, little buddy!
Mom keeps telling me that I'm going to get fixed on Monday. I didn't even know I was broken! Mom says I will have to spend some time in my crate, after I come home, and there will be no bitey face or bitey leggies for a while. I don't mind the part about being in my crate, but I'm sure going to miss all the bitey face and leggies! I sure hope I'm all better by October 10th! That is Poppy's 8th barkday and I am planning to PAWTY!

We would like to wish a very happy 4th barkday to our buddy, Ezzy Rider, on Saturday, and we want to send lots of healing Aire-zen to Deetz and his family. After 17 years and 4 months, Gizmo has gone to the Rainbow Bridge and we know they are really hurting. Run free and eat anything you want, lil Gizmo!
Well, that's all for today, furry folks! We'll try to get back to our Wheelie Wednesday schedule next week!
Patches (and Poppy & Penny too)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

We had a visitor!

Hello everydog, kitty, hammie and hooman! It's me, Patches! We had a surprise visitor, early this morning. It was a Hoot Owl! Isn't he pretty? We really didn't get to see him since it was dark outside, but we think this is what he looks like. The first time we went outside, this morning, Mom kept hearing this really weird noise. At first, she thought it was a dog, but the noise was exactly the same every time and it didn't sound like anydog she had ever heard before. Finally, she came in and got Dad to come out and listen to it. Being the old farm boy that he is, he recognized it right away as a Hoot Owl. Mom thought it was really strange that none of us barked at it. We all took off in the direction of the hooting, but nodog barked.
Yesterday, our mom took a box into the computer room and it had a plastic bag in it. She put it on the floor under some shelves and went back to the kitchen. The next time she came to this end of the house, this is what she saw. The plastic bag was shredded all over the bedroom floor and the big bed. Somedog had been having a ripping good time! Since any of the three of us could have done it, I figured I was safe because I didn't have any evidence hanging out of my mouth.

Well, I was wrong! Somehow, Mom knew that I was the guilty party. I still can't figure out how she knows! I tried to tell her that the pink teddy bear did it, but she wasn't buying that! Maybe Poppy and Penny told on me when I wasn't looking. That Penny is a real snitch...she tattles on me and Poppy all the time! Mom keeps telling her she's not the "enforcer", but she does it anyway.

Poppy was told, yesterday, that she isn't too far from needing another Aire-cut. She figures she has a little time to think about it since Mom and Dad are still spending so much time trying to figure out the new 'puter. For a few years, we used the Windows XP operating system and now, we have found out that you can't buy a new 'puter with that system anymore. Our pawrents went to look at MacIntosh computers, but after suffering sticker shock, they went back to a regular old PC. Now we have the Vista operating system and it is way different from XP. Mom says the people at Microsoft are just stoopid! Either that, or they are way smarter than she is. They have made everything much more complicated than it used to be and she is not amused! She keeps saying something like "you can't teach an old dog new tricks". We know that isn't true for doggies, but I guess it must be true for some hoomans!

We each got a new stuffie, yesterday, but mine was taken away from me already. Mine is a reindeer with a big nose and it seems that I am obsessed with trying to rip his nose off. When I almost had it off, Mom took him away. Now, he's on top of the "coolerator", in the kitchen and there's no way I can reach him. I guess I will have to attack Poppy's c-a-t or Penny's dinosaur when they aren't looking. I gave Mom the play bow, but she still won't give me back my reindeer. What a buzz-kill!

I finally decided to just lay down and watch my mom freaking out at the 'puter. It's pretty entertaining, but she keeps saying HBO words all the time. After she says a few of those words, she goes and gets Dad, aka Techno Boy, to fix the problem. Some of them, he can fix, but sometimes he says "that's how Vista is". That causes Mom to say even more HBO words.
Well, everybuddy, I'm going to stare at the 'frigerator and see if I can send a mind-meld message for my reindeer to fall off into my jaws of death.
Patches (and Poppy & Penny too)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

We missed Wheelie Wednesday!

Hi everybuddy! It's me, Poppy. For the first time, since it started, we missed Wheelie Wednesday! None of the wheelies are to blame for this. It's all our mom's fault! We got a new 'puter, on Monday, and Mom and Dad have been busy setting it up. Ok, Dad has done all the actual work, and Mom has been trying to learn how to work it. It has a completely different operating system from what we are used to and our mom's old brain has been on information overload!

It seems that our picture file, in the old computer, is too big to transfer over, so we are posting from the old one, today. It still works...it's just really, really slow.

Our mom used to have a job where she did about an hour's worth of work everyday, and then the rest of the day, she read Dogs with Blogs. Well, now that she's unemployed, she has lots less time to read blogs. We threatened to bite her legs, but she says she will try to do better, so we let her off easy, this time!

We have decided that the weather people, in Atlanta, have no clue what the weather is going to do. Yesterday, they said it would rain all day and it never rained a drop. Today was supposed to be sunny and it is raining! We hate going out in the rain! Our mom hates it even worse because that means our deck and floors are covered in red mud. She's talking about just attaching mops to her feet so when she walks around, she's cleaning the floor. We can't wait to see that, Mom!

Sorry about all the pictures you've seen before. Once again, our mom is too busy to take new ones and figure out how to put them in the new 'puter. Oh, yeah...and it's so dark in the house today, that she figures they wouldn't come out so good anyway.
We would like to wish Aunt Wendy a Happy, Happy Birthday, today! We hope Ezzy Rider is being very nice to you, today, and we hope Jagger isn't wreaking havoc on anything or anyone! We wish you a very happy day!
Poppy, Penny & Patches

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Wheely Wednesday!....and we are meatitarians!

Hello everydoggie, kitty, hammie, bear and hooman! It's me, Peaches! I got sprung from the china cabinet, today, to tell you all about what is going on around here. Our mom bought this set of wheels, at a yard sale, so I could be a wheelie, but as you can see, they are a little too small for me. I can still use it as a scooter and it's very handy for taking other critters for a sight-seeing tour of the house.
Patches is in lounging mode, today. At least, when this picture was taken, she had stopped her campaign of non-stop bitey face for a little rest.

Poppy has been taking lessons from some of the Husky's on how to pose for pictures. Every time Mom went to take her picture, she looked away so Mom finally MADE her look at the camera. She's a little easier to catch than Patches is. Mom tries to grab Patches to put the hot spot medicine on her and Patches escapes almost every time. ALMOST, but not quite EVERY time! We thought her hot spots were getting better, but yesterday, we found out the one right in front of her tail is still there. Too bad for Patches...the medicine will be coming her way 3 times a day until it's all gone. I'm sure glad I don't get those nasty hot spots!

Patches got up from her lounging time when Mom started up Robbie the Roomba. He kept running into her leggies, so she finally decided to move. None of us try to kill the Roomba, we just want to make sure we know where it is at all times. Ya know...just in case it tries to suck up one of our tails or something.

Here's Robbie stealing lots of our Aire-hair from the kitchen floor. Our mom wishes they made a floor WASHING version of a Roomba. Maybe someday, Mom! They probably make one, but she would have to use all of our treat money to buy one. If anydog knows who makes one, let's not tell our mom!

Poppy's having serious talk with Robbie. She says he keeps running into her leggies and she doesn't like it one bit. I heard her tell him that if he had something sticking out of him, she would bite it. He's too round and flat for her to get a good grip on. In this picture, Poppy's hair is all standing on end. Just before this, she was outside and our mom blew her off with the 150 mph leaf blower. Mom was blowing pine straw off the back yard and Poppy kept asking to be blown off, so Mom did it. She just stands there and gets blown off and then she turns around to do the other side. What a weirdo!

Wendy's has a new commercial on the TV where some guy says he's a meatitarian. We've decided that's what WE are! We aren't much into vegetables or stuff like that, but we'll take all the meat we can get. Less spaghetti and more meatballs! That's what we always say! Our mom thinks that she might like to be a vegetarian, but sometimes she gets a Big Mac attack and just HAS to go to McDonalds. So much for that vegetarian thingy, Mom!
Well, I'm headed back to the china cabinet now. Next Wheely Wednesday, Petey, PorkChop and I are going to flip a coin to see who does the post. I sure hope I can find my 2 headed coin!
Peaches (and Poppy, Penny & Patches too)