Friday, August 20, 2010

We got a new ramp for the Aire-mobile! Woohoo!

Hey, everydoggie! It's me, Patches! Wait till you see what our mom bought for us, today! It's a doggie ramp for our Aire-mobile! Last week, when our mom took Penny to the groomer's, she had an awful time getting Penny to step up and down on the upside down mail tub. It isn't the most stable thing for an Aire-pup to step on! And our mom knows that it will only get worse as Penny gets older. She's already 11 1/2 and I just turned 7, so I'm not that far away from being a senior citizen too!

For some unknown reason, last night, Mom started thinking of how she could get us (especially Penny) into and out of the Tahoe without having to help us. There was the possibility of trading in the Tahoe on something lower to the ground, but our mom nixed that option so fast it wasn't even funny! She LOVES our Tahoe! She started researching doggie ramps and found like 8,984,900 different models! She measured how long and how wide it needed to be and today, she set out for the pet stores in our area. She wanted to actually SEE them in person before she bought one! Sometimes she's just funny that way!

Okay, so her first stop was a place where she used to buy our foodables, but they only had doggie steps...no ramps. On her second stop, she found exactly what she was looking for, but the price was waaaaaaay too high! After she looked at what they had, she was walking around the store looking for some other kind and maybe looking a little confused. A nice man asked if he could help her and she asked if those were the only ramps they had. He told her they were the only ones, but they are really good ramps. Yeah, well our mom was feeling cheap and didn't really want to invest $140 in a dog ramp!

She told the nice man that she was very concerned about the weight of a ramp because she has to be able to use it with just one hand, while holding a wild child by the leash in the other hand! He took that ramp out to her Tahoe and showed her how easy it is to use and how easy it is to put away. He almost HAD her until she heard the price. Now, this ramp has obviously been demonstrated once or twice since it had doggie toenail prints on it, so Mom asked if he could come down any on the price. Guess what! He gave her a $50 discount! They didn't even take the ramp back into the store for Mom to pay! They just took the box and left the ramp right in the middle of the back of our Aire-mobile!

And guess what else! Mom CAN actually pull it out and put it back with just one hand! Woohoo for you, Mom! This is going to relieve a lot of stress, on our mom, whenever one of us has to go to the v-e-t or the groomer! She always starts worrying about it the night before! Well, NO MORE, Mom! You will have to find something ELSE to worry about from now on! (And she WILL)! I'm sure she is the world's biggest worrier (is that a word?)! After all this typing, we had to make our mom come back and tell you that the ramp is telescoping! The top slides back to make the whole thing only take up 39 inches from front to back! That still leaves lots of room for the stuffs that our mom buys to re-sell! Woohoo again!

Have a great weekend, everydoggie!

Patches & Penny (who won't be stepping on mail containers anymore!)

Monday, August 16, 2010

We are both beautimous at the same time!

Hi every buddy! It's me, Patches! Well, our spa days are over with for now. Penny had hers last Tuesday and I had mine on Thursday. It rarely happens that we are both clean and smelling good at the same time, but somehow, our mom managed to pull it off this time!

There isn't much going on at Airedale Heaven these days. It's just too hot to do much of anything! Our mom is still trying to figure out what is "normal" for her after losing our dad and Poppy. Last week, it was 6 months since we lost Dad and this Saturday, it will be 6 months for Poppy. Mom is doing okay, but sometimes she wishes she could turn the clock back a few years! She just can't believe how fast time goes by! Last week, our mom's youngest aunt died after a 3 year battle with cancer. Mom has been on the phone with her uncle telling him what he can expect in the next 6 months. I guess she thinks these last 6 months have made her an expert or something!

One of these pictures is Penny from the back. You have to click on the picture to biggify it and you can see her tail with the arrow in the center of it. We don't know how the arrow got there. We think maybe she was in a fight with her littermates when she was a puppy.

If it EVER cools off, here, our mom is thinking about having a fundraiser for the Airedale Rescue Group. Yep, right here at OUR house! Of course, Aunt Wendy will help her. We're thinking about maybe some time in November. We have lots of room for the pups to run around in our fenced backyard and all the peeps can be in the kitchen or on the deck.

I still haven't named my new best friend and believe it or not, he has only lost about a 1 inch piece of stuffing! I'm pretty sure he is a life-sized Border Collie 'cause he keeps trying to herd me around the living room!

Well, every buddy, I have to go bark at the mailman now!

Patches and Penny too!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My new best friend...by Patches

Hey, everydoggie, everykitty, bear, hamsterrier and hooman! It's me, Patches! Since I have not yet destroyed my weiner doggie, Mom brought me home ANOTHER doggie.

He's pretty big, so I can perform my secret ritual on him without any fear of falling on my fuzzy face!

My mom brought him home last Friday, but she just gave him to me this morning. That's because Penny is at the spa today so I won't have to try to keep her away from my new best friend. Woohoo!

Some of you have asked if our mom has given up on the idea of grooming us herself. Well, sort of! She can't do it alone and it's hard to find someone to help her whenever she feels like working on one of us. She hasn't sold the clippers yet, so there's still a chance that she will try it again.

I get my spa day on Thursday, so we will both be beautimous at the same time! That doesn't happen too often. Our mom can't handle taking both of us at the same time. What a wimp! She freaks out when I get all cracker dog, on her, while she's trying to hold me still and help Penny to get out of the Aire-mobile. It's better for her blood pressure if we go on separate days.

Well, everybuddy, I'm off to find an aire-conditioning vent again. It's still really hot, here right now. I feel sorry for all the hooman pups who went back to school yesterday. The buses are not aire-conditioned and they sit outside, in the sun, all day! What is wrong with these people that think it's okay to put kids back in school in AUGUST? Okay, don't get our mom started on this! When she went to school (like 24,343 years ago), they didn't go back to school until after Labor Day in SEPTEMBER! Of course, she didn't live in the SOUTH!

Patches (and Penny the spa girl)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Too sad to blog...almost!

Hi, every buddy! It's me, Patches We are very sad today because of what happened to Doctor Dre! We still don't know all the details, but we think it never should have happened! We're also sad that Kodiak went to the bridge, yesterday, but we are glad he had such a wonderful life. Once again, we're sorry, stoopid Vista won't let us put in links! We are crossing our paws for all their peeps!

I heard our mom, on the phone, yesterday, making an appointment for somedoggie to get groomed! I was relieved when I heard her say Penny's name, but then she informed me that Penny goes on Tuesday and I go on Thursday! That just sucks! I was pretty sure I was going to escape it this time, but NO! She actually made MY appointment a long time ago!

Well, I guess I AM getting kind of woolie and I would like to cool off a little. It is soooooo hot that our mom keeps our garage door up about a foot or two during the day. She says there are cans of gas in there, gas in two mowers and gas in the Aire-mobile and a pressure washer. We haven't heard any reports of peoples garages blowing up, but she's not taking any chances!

She's also only doing laundry once a week and very early in the morning. Our washer and dryer are in the garage and it's just too hot to be out there for very long! She doesn't know what she was thinking when she had the washer and dryer moved to the garage! It seemed like a good idea, at the time, but in the summer and winter...not such a great idea!

Well, everydoggie, I need to go outside now...just for a second! You wouldn't believe how fast two Aire-girls can run down the steps, do our bidness and get back into the Aire-conditioning!

Patches (and Penny too)