Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Wheelie Wednesday! And Poppy's new boots!

Hi everydog, kittie, hammie, bear and hooman! Today is Wheely Wednesday and I, Peaches get to do the posting because I staged a protest. It's just not fair that I never get to post just because I don't have any wheels! I guess I need to get Dad to build me some.

Today, I'm going to show you what happens when you put boots on a dog! Our crazy mom bought these dog boots at a yard sale. Her only purpose, in buying them, was to torment Poppy and humiliate her on our bloggy.

She even put them on ME so Poppy could see what they are supposed to look like. I don't think she was paying attention! Mom was only able to get two of them on Poppy's front feets. She almost had them on Penny, but Penny's feets are a little too big for them. I could hear Penny snickering when Mom decided they didn't fit!

Once Mom got the new boots on Poppy, she was doing the "high step". It was toooooo funny! Before Mom got the boots on, Poppy took off with one of them and got it all slobbery. She and Penny played "keep away" with it until Mom finally nabbed Poppy and extricated it from her jaws of death.

Mom decided that she hadn't humiliated Poppy quite enough, so she decided to video the incident. Boy, I tell ya, some peeple will go to any lengths for entertainment! We always knew that Poppy and Penny provided a lot of entertainment for our peeple, but we think Mom might have gone a little too far, this time! She is really going to have a hard time getting the boots on Poppy's BACK legs!

Since this is Mom's first attempt at putting a video on our bloggy, we sure hope it works! I think my next protest might be against torturing the real doggies!
Peaches (and Poppy & Penny)

Friday, April 25, 2008

Scary Eye Photos for Deetz

Penny's scary eyes!

Poppy's scary eyes!
These are our scary eye photos for our buddy, Deetz. He's having a contest to see whose eyes are the scariest. Since MOST of our photos have scary eyes, we just picked one of each of us. I guess it would be scarier if our moufs were open and we were showing our really big and scary Aire-teefies, but these will have to do.


Poppy & Penny

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

We were abandoned TWICE!

Hello to all our furry and not-so-furry friends! It's Wheely Wednesday so I, PorkChop get to do the post today! I've been pretty busy, lately, watching the Blue Birds and Chickadees from my spot in the china cabinet. We think both mama birdies are sitting on eggs now.

I've also been spending a lot of time snickering at those REAL dogs! They got all bent out of shape on Sunday when Mom went with Aunt Wendy and they went away for the whole afternoon. They went to another city to visit some hoomans who want to adopt an Airedale so they could see if those hoomans would make good Aire-parents. Ezzy Rider and Jagger got to go with them and they took a long walk around a bootiful lake, but Poppy and Penny stayed home with Dad. Mom came home smelling exactly like Ezzy and Jag. None of us thought that was very amusing! They did report to Airedale Rescue, though, that those hoomans would make very good Aire-pawrents!

Then, yesterday, Mom and Dad BOTH left us alone for 7 hours. Dad had to go see a doctor in Atlanta and Aunt Wendy drove them there. Of course, they went to Ezzy and Jag's house first and played with them! So not fair! That's twice that we've been abandoned and twice that they came home smelling like Ezzy and Jag! Poppy and Penny napped all day while our pawrents were gone, but my buddies and I got a rare day of terrorizing the china cabinet during the daylight time! We usually only do it at night when everydog else is sleeping! This time it was much easier to avoid all the china and crystal since we could actually see where we were going. We had a really pawsome time!

Poppy has gotten Clifford the big red dog all slobbery and Penny has been attacking the new green frog. On Monday, when Mom came home from that work place, she found out that Poppy's cow had 'sploded. At least that's what Poppy told her! Look at that poor cow! One of it's horns and one of it's ears are on the floor and it's brains are 'sploding out of the top of it's head! Poppy says she can't figure out how it happened since she was no where near it. You believe that, don't you? Probably about as much as Mom believes it! Something really weird happened to that cow when Poppy and Penny were outside...it just disappeared! Poof! It was gone. Poppy looked all over, for it, when she came inside, but she couldn't find that cow anywhere! Since I was inside watching from my china cabinet, I know exactly where it went. Mom put it in the trash barrel, but I'm not telling Poppy.
Poor Miss Cow went to the place that so many other toys have gone! I'm sure glad I don't get in trouble for destroying toys. I'm one of the few GOOD dogs in this house! I just sit in the china cabinet and watch the world go by. At least that's what Mom and Dad think...we won't tell them about our nightly escapades terrorizing the crystal dog and that Earnhardt bear!
This is PorkChop signing off until next Wednesday!
Aire-hugs to everybody,

Sunday, April 20, 2008

New stuffies and other important stuffs!

Hello to all our furry and not-so-furry friends! Here's a picture of a nice juicy Aire-snooter for you! I, Poppy wasn't cooperating too well so Mom had to hold my head to get a good picture. I just get sooooo excited when someone gets the camera out!
Yesterday, Mom went to some yard sales and she brought us home two new stuffies. Mine is Clifford the big red dog. I had one of these, once before, but I killed him! He was the one that Dad took the voice box from and made it into a doorbell for our basement door. The rest of him just disappeared, one day, while we were outside! Penny got a new green froggie! He doesn't have a name, yet and believe it or not...both of our new toys still have their eyes! We are pretty sure that will change soon!

Here's a close-up of my right eye so you can see how good of a job my eye drops are doing. All the gunky white stuff is gone now. Mom ran out of the medicine last night, and boy am I glad! I hated it when she came at me with that tiny bottle! I don't think she was too excited about it either, since she had to force it on me three times a day. The tiny white spot you see, in the corner of my eye, is just a reflection from the camera flash. Woohoo...I'm all better now!

This is our toy pile. Many years ago, it started out with just that plastic bucket that you see on the floor. Over the years, the pile has grown quite tall and this isn't ALL of our toys. Some of them like Mr. Tiger, Wubba, my trusty white Mr. Bear and various others are scattered around the house. Unfortunately for our mom and dad, we haven't quite mastered the art of returning them to the pile when we are done playing with them. I guess it's one of those things like when we come in from outside...we can open the door to come in, but we haven't learned to close it behind us.
Here's a rare picture of Penny. She heard Mom turn the camera on and she started looking for a place to hide. She ran around the island, in the kitchen and headed for her bed. For some reason, she turned around and was headed back into the kitchen when Mom snapped her picture. See how tight she has her tail tucked? What a chicken!
Our Blue Birds are still here! Dad has named them Mason and Mena. Mason likes to sit on the dog crate, out on the deck, and watch TV through the window. That wouldn't be so bad, except that he flies at the window and pecks at the glass. Yesterday, Dad taped a piece of printer paper over the glass, right where he pecks it. Too bad, Mason, not you can't see the TV! He also pecks the glass in the living room window and Mom thinks he is pecking at his own reflection. Maybe he thinks it's another male Blue Bird! Mena has been very busy gathering materials for their nest so she should be laying eggs soon, if she hasn't already. Mom went and got them 1000 meal worms and the man at the bird store says they should last about a week. Mom says she and Dad will be in the poor house by the end of nesting season! We think she should just spend the meal worm money on treats for us. It would go farther, anyway! After all, one human dollar equals seven dollars in dog money, doesn't it?
Poppy & Penny

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Hi everyone! It's me, Petey! Since I am a wheelie and it's wheely Wednesday, I get to do my first post! The Blue Birds are still here and I went outside to check out the feeding station that our pawrents made for them.
They have a nice water dish for drinking or bathing in. They also have a tray of food. It has raisins, peanut butter, pieces of cashews and some corn meal. Yesterday, Mom and Dad tried to find some meal worms for them, but the store they went to was sold out. They won't have any more until tomorrow, so they came home and made this tray with stuff that Blue Birds really like.

The tray of food is on the back corner of this table because Penny and Poppy would really like to have a taste of that peanut butter and our pawrents don't want to take a chance on them getting into the raisins! After the vet bill that they paid yesterday, they sure don't want any sick doggies! It seems that the tray of food is attracting more than just the Blue Birds. A female Cardinal came for a little taste and then an evil squirrel showed up. That crazy squirrel was right on our deck! We didn't get any pictures of him, because Mom was too busy running him off the deck to save him from the jaws of death. Poppy and Penny told her they would take care of him, but I guess she didn't want to see blood, guts and fur all over the deck. Those large 'dale jaws could do a real number on that evil squirrel!

Well, this is Petey signing off and I'm turning the bloggy over to Poppy so she can tell you about the real dogses trip to the vet. Hi everyone! It's me, Poppy! As you know, Penny and I had to go to see Dr. Hardee, yesterday, for our yearly check-up and shots. Mom was a little embarrassed to go there since she fell down in their parking lot that last time she was there. She got over it, though, and took us anyway. Once we got in there, the first thing they did was weigh us. It was not a pretty sight! We have both gained weight and Dr. Hardee says I need to lose 4 1/2 pounds and Penny has to lose 6 to 8 pounds. That is going to put a serious dent in our treat schedule!
Once we got into the exam room, they took our pictures for the little plastic cards they send to our pawrents. They didn't have a problem getting a picture of me, but Penny was another story. She hid behind Dad and wouldn't turn her face to the camera at all! Finally, Mom and the Vet Tech managed to get her from a side view! It isn't a great picture, but it will have to do.
Next, they cut my toe nails and gave me a couple of treats. Then they did all the nasty stuff like taking my temperature and stealing some of my poopies right out of my fuzzy butt! I hate that part! Then, Dr. Hardee came in and gave me all my shots. Since he needed to look at my leggie that I have been limping on, he had to put me up on the table. I hate it when that happens! You would think they would put something soft up there for me to lay on, but nooooo! It's just a cold, hard table and it wasn't very comfortable. He moved my leggie all around and says nothing is torn and nothing is out of place. He thinks, that since I am almost 8 years old, I probably have some Arthur-itis. The next thing he did was look in my eyes. Remember when Captain High Pockets slammed my head into the coffee table? Ever since that happened, my eyes have been oozing some gunky white stuff. Mom has been using sterile eye-wipes and they were doing a good job, but she wanted Dr. Hardee to look at them. Now, I have to have 2 drops of medicine in each eye 3 times a day for 5 to 7 days. Yuck! The first time they did it, they sneaked up on me and I let them do it with no problem. Mom has done it to me 3 more times, now, and I don't make it easy for her! I know what's coming, now!
Penny got a very good report card from Dr. Hardee! For about 2 years, now, she has had a problem with drinking huge amounts of water and she has to go outside, a lot, in the middle of the night. Well, about a month ago, Dr. Hardee told Mom and Dad to put her on a senior dog food. They did it and it's working! Woohoo! She still drinks quite a bit of water, but hardly any at night and she hasn't asked to go out, in the night, for a long time! He also says the senior food should help my Arthur-itis and it should help both of us lose some weight. We sure hope so because we are totally against giving up any of our treats!
Poppy, Penny & Petey!

Monday, April 14, 2008

We figured out what the Blue Birds want!

Hi everydog, kitty, hammie, bear and hooman! Remember those Blue Birds we told you about yesterday? Well, we finally figured out what they want! It seems that someone told them that our dad builds Blue Bird houses so they came to our house to get one!
They kept fluttering at the windows on our deck and driving us crazy. We thought our barking would run them off, but it didn't. We even went outside, a few times to patrol the deck, but that didn't scare them away either. Finally, Dad figured out what they wanted. They wanted him to get up off his lazy butt and build them a house! He already had some houses cut out, so all he had to do was put one together. While Mom was in the computer room typing out what we were barking, Dad switched out the bird house with a smaller hole for an actual Blue Bird house.

Those birdies stayed around our house all day! They paraded up and down the deck rail and the male kept waving his right wing at the female. She kept bobbing her head up and down and strutting back and forth. We think they are about to do some canoodling! Mom says that will lead to baby birdies. Dad warned us to stay away from the birds, but Mom says we lived here FIRST! We will try to respect their privacy, but we aren't making any promises!
Just as soon as Dad put the house up, they went to check it out. First the male went in and then he came out and the female went in. Dad says they are measuring for furniture. He put a plate of food and plate of water on the table near the bird house and they visited it many times throughout the day. He also hung up a mesh bag full of our hair so the birdies can use it for nesting material. They don't know it yet, but they will have a nice Airedale bed when they get done building their nest. We are sooooo excited! Now, Mom has to figure out where to buy some meal worms. The place she used to buy them went out of business. She's going to try PetCo and PetSmart.
Mom and Dad thought the Chickadees had moved out of one of the other houses, but they were wrong! The little birdies have been coming and going all day! They don't seem to mind that they will have Blue Birds for neighbors. Their houses are only about 12 feet apart!
All these years, our people have never put out a Blue Bird house because they have read that the birdies like wide open spaces without too many trees. As you can see, we have lots and lots of trees. They sure didn't know that Blue Birds would want to nest so close to a house! I guess Dad must be right...someone told them to come here! I'm sure glad we finally figured out what it was that they wanted!
Poppy & Penny

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Blue birds!

Hi everyone! We have a pair of Blue Birds that want to come in our house! The first picture is kind of fuzzy, but it's the male Blue Bird sitting on top of the Chickadee's house. We think the Chickadees have moved out since we haven't seen any activity around the house in a couple of days. The Blue Birds seem interested in the house, but the entrance hole is too small for them. The male keeps sitting on the dog crate that is out on our deck while the female sits on the deck rail. Every once in a while, he flies at the windows like he's trying to get inside. He's driving Penny crazy...she barks every time he flies at the window. I, Poppy just watch. We can't figure out what he wants! We don't have any meal worms in here! Mom is afraid he's going to hurt himself, but so far, he hasn't flown at the windows from any distance. He sits on top of the dog crate that is waiting for our new sister and he flutters up to the window from there. The female just sits on the deck rail and watches him.

The upside down tomato plants that Mom and Dad planted are already growing! We are supposed to have frost on Monday and Tuesday nights, so they will have to cover them up with something to keep them from freezing! We seem to get a late frost almost every year. You would think our people would learn that and not put plants out so early! Nope...they do it every year! They keep hoping that it won't happen THIS year! Yeah, right!

Some of you have asked how long our pollen lasts. Well, it's usually about a month, but that varies from year to year. Sometimes, it's as long as a month and a half! We had rain on Friday night that washed all the pollen off the Aire-mobile, but it was all back by about 10:00 on Saturday morning. Whenever new people move into our area, it freaks them out!

We heard a rumor that we are going to see our V-E-T on Tuesday morning. It's time for our yearly check ups and vaccinations. We aren't too excited about the shots, but we sure do like seeing Dr. Hardee. He just loves us and he gives us really good treats before and after our shots. I, Poppy eat mine right up, but Mom has to put Penny's in her pocket and give them to her after we get back in the Aire-mobile. She won't eat her's inside the vet's office. What a wussy! I have been limping for a couple of days and Mom thought it was because Penny and I are always t-boning each other out in the yard. This morning, she looked at my back left paw and couldn't find anything. She ran her hand along the lower part of my leg and she can feel a bone that doesn't match the other leg. Now, she's really worried! I only limp after I have been laying down for a long time and it hasn't stopped me from running around the yard like a mad fool. Dogsonally, I don't think it's a big problem, but since Mom is freaking out, I will let Dr. Hardee take a look at it.

I'm still trying to take Mr. Bear outside, but I haven't succeeded, yet! He keeps inching closer to the back door, but I keep getting caught!


Poppy & Penny

Friday, April 11, 2008

We're home from Asta's pawty!

Hi everydog, kittie, hammie, bear and hooman! We finally got home safely from New York City. We had a blast at Asta's Welcome Home from Wome pawty and Ruby's barkday pawty. There is a rumor going around that we brought home about 20 mice that the kitties used for a game. Well, let me tell you...we couldn't keep all 20 of them in our mouths for the plane ride home so we accidentally left them on Aire-Ruby. Sorry, Ruby! Our mom was really glad because the last thing she needs is 20 meeses running around the house.

This picture is to show you what we came home to. Mom's Aire-mobile is covered with the famous Georgia pollen. Every year, at this time, all the trees, flowers and grass release pollen and it makes large clouds of yellow stuff that coats everything. It looks like yellow flour has been sifted over everything! The only pollen you can actually see is the pine pollen. It's too big to effect anyone's allergies, but boy, does it make a mess. Our Aire-mobile is actually Cobalt Blue, but right now it looks kind of green. Oh, yeah, and Mom hasn't been able to breathe for two or three days because of all the pollen you CAN'T see! Ok, she can breathe a little bit, but it's not easy.
This is what M0m did yesterday morning. She planted about 6 Cacti along the side of the garage. There is a very narrow flower bed there and for a lot of years, it has just been filled with rocks. Mom is tired of moving the Cacti in and out of the house with the seasons and someone told her they would survive next to the garage. She isn't really buying that, but she's going to give it a try. Most of these Cactus plants moved here with Mom and Dad almost 15 years ago from Arizona. The whole time Mom was out there, Penny and I drove Dad crazy! We could hear her through the front door, but we wanted to see what she was doing. Finally, Dad opened the front door and put a gate in it so we could see what Mom was doing. Once he put the gate up, we went and laid down for a snooze. We were just happy to know that we could see Mom if we WANTED to!

After Mom was done with her Cactus planting, she and Dad did this. These are five 5 gallon buckets that are hanging from our deck. Three of them have tomato plants sticking out of the bottoms. The other two are waiting on yellow tomato plants that they haven't been able to find yet. The nurserys all say that it is too early for the yellow ones. Our pawrents saw people growing tomato plants, this way, on TV. They sure hope it works, since it will be really convenient to be able to go out on the deck and pick tomatoes. They usually plant them in the ground, down by the basement door, but they lose a lot of them because, once the plants get big, they can't get to the ones in the back. This will also make it easier for me and Penny to snack on the tomatoes whenever we want. Last year, Penny came into the house with something red all over her face and Mom freaked out! She thought it was blood! Mom took a walk around the yard looking for the critter that she thought Penny had killed, but all she found was some squished tomatoes! Heeheehee!

Here's one of our bird houses that actually has residents! We think the female Chickadee is sitting on eggs because we keep seeing the male bring stuff into the house. We think he is bringing her food, but we can't tell for sure. There is Wysteria growing on the wall by the bird house and once it blooms and gets leaves, it will make nice cover for the birdies.

I, Poppy was caught, once again, trying to take my trusty bear outside! I told Mom that he just wanted to go for a walk in the nice spring weather, but she wasn't buying that. She said he would just get covered with pollen. Mr. Bear just had a bath, but he has been loved on so much by me, that he doesn't get nice and white anymore. I just love it when he comes out of the dryer and he's nice and warm. I stand in front of the dryer and wait for him. I can't open the dryer door since I don't have any thumbs, but once Mom opens it, I take Mr. Bear out myself and run so Penny can't get him! Right now, he's my favorite toy, but that could change at any time!
That's all for today. We are off to take a large nap so we can recuperate from all the pawtying!
Poppy, Penny and Mr. Bear

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Wheelie Wednesday!

Hi everyone! It's me, PorkChop! I get to post again since it's Wheely Wednesday!
It sure has been quiet around here since those REAL dogs, Poppy and Penny are at Asta's in New York City! I've been standing around, in my china cabinet, watching the Hummingbirds at the feeders. I sure would like to catch one of those tiny critters, but even with my wheels, I'm just not quite fast enough! They arrived on Sunday and Mom almost broke her neck when she raced down the basement steps to tell Dad. The first one to show up was a female and a few minutes later, a male came to eat. Since Dad was in the basement, he didn't get to see the first ones and they didn't come back again for a long time. By that evening, Dad thought Mom was hallucinating! He didn't believe she had actually seen any! Finally, just as it was getting dark, Dad saw one...so now, he knows Mom isn't crazy.
We also have a family of Black Capped Chickadees that are nesting in one of our bird houses. It's so exciting to watch them taking bits of stuff inside for their nest. We can't wait to hear the tiny chirps once the baby birds are born! We're really excited because this is the first time we have had a family of birds in one of our houses. We used to get birds that would move in, but the 2 cats that we had, at the time, would always scare them away. Now that Wayne and Midnight are waiting for us at the Rainbow Bridge, the birdies just might stay!
I'm hoping Poppy & Penny will be back home by tonight. They stayed an extra day, in New York for Ruby's barkday pawty! I hear that they are getting into lots of trouble with water balloons...especially the ones that Mango has put his special suds into! I hope they don't get caught by the police and I sure hope they don't fall off the balcony that Mango built! They took our mom's cell phone with them and they call, every once in a while, to let us know they are having a really good time! I wish I could have gone with them, but somedog has to stay here and guard the birdies!
See you all next Wednesday!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Penny talks to Dad, Poppy talks to Mom.

Hello to all our furry and not-so-furry friends! Lately, we have been thinking about our lives and what makes them so great. We wish all dogs had it as good as we do. We each have a ginormous bed to sleep in. Even though I, Poppy, am the smaller dog, I have staked my claim on the largest bed. Penny doesn't seem to mind, though. She says it's more cozy for her to curl up in the smaller bed. We both get 2 full meals everyday and lots of treats in between. Everytime one of our pawrents eats, we eat too. We even have our own forks...I guess Mom and Dad got tired of almost losing their fingers!
Penny talks to Dad all the time! She tells him when she wants water, when she wants petted and when she wants to go outside. Mom can't always read her signals, but Dad never gets it wrong! They communicate very well...I guess that's why Penny is Dad's dog and I am Mom's dog. I always tell Mom when I want lovin's or when I want a piece of ice to chew up. Now, there is one time when we switch hoomans! Every evening, Dad eats a snack in the kitchen and Mom eats her snack in the living room. I, Poppy eat my snack with Dad and Penny always eats her snack with Mom. They can't figure out why we do that and we aren't telling!
We had thunder storms, last night and Penny was a nervous wreck! She tried to climb under an end table and then she tried to go behind Mom's Lazy Boy chair. There isn't enough room for her in either place, but that doesn't stop her from trying! Dad finally opened the basement door and she went flying down the stairs. Our pawrents think she is probably the smartest one in the house. The TV always says to go to the basement during a storm so, we guess, Penny must be listening to them. It is still raining, this morning, and it's supposed to rain all day. There will be no zoomies in the back yard for us, today! In fact, we don't want to go outside at all!
Poppy & Penny (2 soggy dogs from Georgia)

Friday, April 4, 2008

Asta's Home from Wome Pawty!

Hi everydog, kitty, hamsterrier, bear and hooman! As most of you know, Asta is on vacation in Rome with her pawrents! We are planning a hugemongous surprise pawty for her when she gets home. The details are on the invitation above! All DWBers are invited, wheelies or not. Even the C-A-T-S are invited!
We are all going to bring Italian food, beer and water balloons. Penny and I are bringing ginormous pepperoni's and lots of beer. Since it is kind of hard for us to hold cases of beer in our mouths, Mom says we can use the cart that she uses to move her plants in and out of the house. We are going to make our reservations on Aire Ruby so we will be sure to arrive at the same time as everydog else! We are all planning to be there at dawn, before the doorman comes on duty! We will try not to eat the pepperoni on the way! Oh, yeah, Gilbert is going to get Myrna to open the door and let us all in.
This is going to be a soooper fun pawty! Some of us are bringing water balloons since Asta lives in a apartment that's high up from the street. We can't wait to see the faces of the people passing by her building as they get pelted with water balloons being dropped by a whole bunch of doggies, kitties and hamsterriers! We sure hope someone brings a camera. We won't be able to carry one since we will be loaded down with pepperoni and cases of beer!
Don't forget to visit Ruby's blog to make your reservation on Aire Ruby! Get lots of sleep, this weekend, so we will all be ready to pawwwwwwty on Monday! We're pretty sure there will be lots of poker games going on since Scruffy and BabyStan will be there. Shhhhh...they aren't telling Lacie about it until later in the week so she won't be inclined to be a buzz-kill about us having beer and pawtinis! Maybe if they ply her, ahead of time, with beer and pawtinis, she will be too buzzed to be a buzz-kill!
Poppy & Penny

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Wheelie Wednesday #2 !!!!

Hi everydog, kittie, hammie and hooman! It's me, PorkChop! I get to post again since it's Wheelie Wednesday! I'm sooooooo excited! This is where I live...in Poppy & Penny's china cabinet.

This non-wheeled Airedale lives on the shelf right above me! Her name is Peaches and she's a Steiff stuffie. She is supposed to be a newer copy of me, but as you can see, we don't look anything alike. When everyone is sleeping, we like to harrass the crystal dog that is sitting in front of Peaches.
The next picture is a felted Airedale that Mom bought when she first learned to do needle felting. She wanted to make sure she was doing it right so she adoped Adorable Airedale from the Ebay kennel.

The little felted Airedale wheelie is the first wheelie that Mom made. His name is Petey and he watches over Knute the Polar Bear to make sure he is okay!

The last picture is a Dale Earnhardt mohair teddy bear that we play games with at night. We re-enact an old joke about him that our people thought was funny. In 1997, Dale never won a single race and there was a joke about a man who had a dog that ran circles around the coffee table everytime Earnhardt was racing. Someone asked the man what the dog does when Dale wins. The man said he didn't know because he hadn't won since the man got the dog. I know, it's not that funny...I guess you had to be there (or have a strange sense of humor like Mom). Anyways, at night, when all the lights are off, we all run as fast as we can around Dale and he tries to catch us. So far, he hasn't had any luck...I guess we're just too fast for him!

We always have lots of fun running around the china cabinet, but we always manage to return to our places before everyone gets up, in the morning. I sure hope they never find out what we do while they are sleeping!
I hope to see you all next Wednesday!