Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Guess who's baaaaaack!

Hey, hey, hey! I have some really exciting news! Some of you may remember back to a few years ago when my mom and dad watched two bluebirds raise babies twice, in our bludbird box. Well, yesterday, a male and female showed up and acted just like they did a few years ago. My dad named them Mason and Mena and although we can't know for sure, we think these are the same birdies. At least, that's our story and we're sticking to it!

All day, the two birdies kept going in and out of the bird house and the male was constantly "yelling" at the female. The female keep standing on top of the box and yelling back at the male! Also the female kept flying at the back window and pecking at the glass. Sometimes, she would just sit and watch the TV through the window.

Sorry the pictures aren't so good, but my mom was taking them through a window.

My mom was very fortunate to have shared the bluebirds' antics with my dad and she learned sooooo much from him! This time, she only has ME to share it with. I have already been warned to LEAVE THE BIRDIES ALONE!

Mom and I can't wait to watch Mena build a nest. No, the male doesn't help...he stands on the deck rail and yells while flapping his wings as the female builds the nest. (That sounds about right!) We are going to take some of my furs and put them in an onion bag so the birdies can have it if they want. This is furs from 2 Aire-cuts ago...I found it in a trash can in the basement and when I brought some upstairs (which is a BIG no-no), my mom realized it was still here! I wonder if that will make the birdies smell like ME!

We hope to get some better pictures once the birdies get settled!


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

My Easter Aire-cut and Hoppy Easter or Happy Passover to all our friends!

Hey, everybuddy! It's me, Patches! How do I look in my new Aire-do? I just got it yesterday and my mom can't stop telling me how pretty I look...or how good I smell! We tried a new groomer because Mom won the bidding on a grooming for me, at the Ride for Life and Family Fun Day! I really like my new groomer (Amanda) and most impawtantly, my mom loves the way she groomed me! We will definitely be going back again!

The Ride for Life and Family Fun Day was a great success! We got lots of green papers for New Hope Haven! And on top of THAT, we had a lot of great foodables. Well, THEY had lots of foodables! I had to stay home alone. Boooo! My mom helped park cars for a lot of the day, so I'm pretty sure I would have been in the way. Anywho, Sally Ann and her Mommy (Lisa) were there and my mom came home smelling just like the little Welshie girl! Thanks for coming, Lisa and Sally Ann! I think Aunt Wendy was plotting a way to dognap you, Sally Ann!

There were lots and lots of peeps, horsies and doggies that came to join in the fun. Of course, my mom forgot to take the camera!

This week, Mom is watching the neighbor doggies while their peeps are out of town. These are not the same doggies that she usually takes care of...NO this is 2 pups that live on the other side of us! Mom goes over very early every morning and lets them out and then she goes back when it is almost dark outside and puts them in the garage and feeds them. And THEN...she comes home smelling like Maggie and Sasha. She is such a traitor! Yesterday, while she was waiting on me to finish up my spa day, she was petting 2 kitties that have beds on the counter in the v-e-t's office!

We hope everydoggie and their peeps have a very Happy Easter or Happy Passover...which ever you celebrate! And if you don't celebrate either one...then Happy Spring!

Patches (and Lana)