Sunday, January 13, 2013

Warning! This post is NOT about ME!

We have an intruder in our house! More specifically...in MY bed! Her name is Molleigh and she moves so fast that MY mom can't get a picture of her being still!
She came to visit us last Wednesday and we 3 Aire-kids have not been snooter to snooter with her YET! Oh, Mom says there is no YET! We will NEVER come that close to her without the crate between us! Humpffffffffffftttt! We just want a little taste...I mean SNIFF!
When it's time for her to go outside, my mom takes her out the FRONT door after herding all of US into the BACK yard! So not fair...we are NEVER allowed to go out front! Anyway, my mom has become the crazy neighborhood dog lady again! Only THIS time, the doggie is staying with US! We think my mom has broken her foot again. This morning, she dropped an almost 3 pound bronze Easter bunny on her foot! It bounced and put a big knot and purple spot on her other leg and as the day has gone on, now she can't put any weight on her foot. It looks like the "boot" will be making an appearance again! She says it feels exactly like it did about four years ago when she dropped one of my dad's full oxygen tanks on her foot...and it's the SAME foot too! Well, everydoggie, that's about all my news for today! Even though we are dog sitting for Molleigh, we 3 Aire-kids are not being neglected. When she's in her crate thingy, we lie on the floor next to her crate so we can make sure she's okay! We think she will be going back home in a couple of days. Aire-hugs, Patches (and Ezzy Rider and Jagger too)