Saturday, February 28, 2009

Happy Barkday to Penny and Patches' New Aire-cut!

Hi everybuddy! It's me, Patches! Today is Penny's 10th barkday! We would like to thank everyone who has wished her a Happy Barkday and a special thanks to Asta for the bootiful card! As you can see, Penny is about to dive into that gorgeous cake! Our pawrents have some special treats for all of us, but we won't get them until later today.
Now, for my beautimous Aire-cut pictures! Yesterday, Mom and Aunt Wendy dropped me off at our new/old groomer. Her name is Cindy and she is a sweetheart! She loved on me so much, that I let her do whatever she wanted to me!

Our mom was trying to get a full-body shot of me so you can see that my skwerrel tail is gone! Heehee...Penny accidentally got into my picture when she was trying to get away from the camera. This is the first really good shot of my new collar, since it isn't buried in all my fluffy furs. See the white edging on it? Well, that stitching is actually really small, but the flash, on the camera, magnifies it so you can actually see it!

Cindy gave me lots of peanut butter so I would let her Dremel my nails. When I was all done and smelled really good, she even gave me a pink flowerdy bandananananana! She said I get a pink one because I'm so ladylike. She obviously hasn't seen me at home!

Now, I am the best looking and best smelling doggie in da house! I did get some disturbing news, though! Some of you may remember that when I first came to live here, at Airedale Heaven, I only weighed 32 pounds and all my bones were nekkid. Well, now, I weigh 56.6 pounds and Mom says I'm looking a little porky. I don't really know what that means, but she said something about a d-i-e-t! Oh horrors! Does this mean that I won't be getting as many treats? I'm hoping it means that I will still get just as many, but maybe they will be smaller...like how they hand out Poppy's treats! I think I could handle that...as long as they don't stop the treats completely. I spent way too long without enough to eat and I just LIVE for FOOD! Mom keeps telling me not to worry...that I will ALWAYS have enough foodables and treats!
We have received messages saying that several doggies have given us awards and we want you all to know that we will be by your bloggys soon to collect them. Thank you, very much! We love all of you and we are VERY glad to be a teeny tiny part of the DWB community!
Well, everybuddy, I'm off to have my first nap of the day. We figure that if we nap a lot, the time will go by faster until our pawrents give us all of Penny's barkday presents!
Patches (and Penny & Poppy too)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wheelie Wednesday!...and we are still praying for Bogart's dad!

Hello to all our furry and not-so-furry friends! It's me, PorkChop! Sorry we haven't posted much lately. Our personal secretary has been very busy with the antique booth and selling stuff on Ebay. Most of the stuff came from the storage unit that Mom and Aunt Wendy cleaned out. It will be a looooong time before she's completely finished, but it is going pretty well, so far!

This is a very rare picture of all three of the real doggies! Poppy has the crazy eyes as she watches the blond one (Patches) trying to help Penny escape from the camera. Patches won't be quite so blond once Friday gets here! That's the day she's going to see our new, old groomer. Boy is she going to be surprised! She still won't be quite as red as Poppy and Penny, but she'll be a little less faded out.
Saturday is Penny's 10th barkday so we all get to celebrate. We're hoping for foodables! We're also hoping for some new stuffies, but Mom says not to count on that! She says we have more than enough already. But Mom, some of them are blind! The 3 P's almost always go for the eyes first...unless, of course, there is a squeaker or talking box inside! Patches' big, green frog is looking a little worse for the wear. Both eyes are gone and his big red heart has been torn loose from one of his paws. Poor guy! Mom says she can't throw him out because Patches isn't done performing her secret ritual on him, just yet.

This is the very cool certificate that MangoMomma made for us for being the judges of the terrier group during Mango Minster 2009. It was loads of fun and we sure hope Mango and his momma have enough energy left to do it again next year. Congrats to all the winners!
Don't forget to keep on praying and crossing your paws for Bogart's dad! We are all still hoping for a miracle! Also, don't forget the miracle for Anna, Sunny and Scooters Gramma!
Well, everybuddy, I'm headed back into my china cabinet now, where I can keep an eye on the shenanigans of those real doggies!
PorkChop (and the 3 P's too)

Friday, February 20, 2009

Please pray and cross your paws for Bogart's dad!

Hi everybuddy! It all 3 of us P's, today! We interrupt our regularly scheduled, nonsensical posts, to ask a favor from all who read our blog. Our Airedale buddy, Bogart needs our help! His dad, Klaus, is on life support, in the hospital and he is very very sick! Please pray or cross your paws, or send Aire-zen or wiry zen or whatever else you can do! At this point, they really need a miracle to bring Bogart's dad back to him, his mama and his kitty siblings!

Asta, the sweet Wire Foxy girl, has made this great picture for us to put on our bloggys to ask for everyone's help! Thank you, Asta and your mommi! If you haven't been to see Bogart yet, please click on the link above and send some love and support to him and his family! We know this is a VERY, VERY hard time for them all!

Poppy, Penny & Patches (and their mom)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wheelie Wednesday...and Goodbye Pokey!

Hello, all our furry and not so furry friends! It's me, PorkChop! We're very happy that you could join us for Wheelie Wednesday!
See this very furry beast? That's Patches in her current state of fluffiness. Well, next Friday, March 27th, she is going get an Aire-cut! Heeheehee! She's going to Penny and Poppy's old groomer. When the groomer raised her prices, Mom started looking for a new one. She has had the girls to a few of them, but no one seems to do it quite as well as their "old" groomer. Also, Patches is going there for a couple of reasons...one is that the other groomers don't express the anal glands and that's what got Poppy in trouble with an infection. The other reason is that this groomer won't take any s**t from Patches. The other groomers would tell Mom that Patches didn't want her face done, so they didn't do it. Or she didn't want her toenails cut, so they didn't do it. Mom knows that Cindy won't let her get away with anything! Our mom says that if she has to pay for a complete groom, by doG, she's going to GET a complete groom! No more messing around!

Now, on to other impawtent stuffs! Poppy is hanging her head in disbelief at what she's watching and Patches is just awstruck! They are standing in the doorway, to our garage, watching Mom butcher Pokey!

You do remember Pokey, don't you? He is (was) our ginormous Lion buddy. Well, Pokey wasn't just your normal, everyday stuffy...he was filled with teeny tiny styrofoam balls. Right before Christmas, he started leaking those little balls all over the living room floor. Fortunately, Mom caught him before he made a snow storm in the house. She put him in the garage where the 3 P's couldn't get their teefies on him. He stayed out there until a couple of days ago when our mom decided she could use his stuffing to pack stuff that she sells on Ebay.

She went to the garage, armed with a razor knife, to butcher Pokey! The picture, above, is all that's left of him! Three big bags of teeny tiny styrofoam balls! We feel kind of sorry for whoever gets their stuff packed in this stuff...it goes EVERYWHERE! Our garage floor and our mom's clothes were covered with it!
Goodbye, Pokey! You sure were lots of fun! Poppy spent many months performing her secret ritual on you and you took it like a man! She even tried to drag you all over the house and you never complained. You didn't get very far because of your enormous size, but still you never complained! Rest well, old friend!
We're having a nasty, rainy day, today and the 3 P's are doing a fine job of muddying up the deck and the kitchen floor. Our mom has given up on trying to clean their feets as they come in. While she's cleaning up one doggie, the other two charge right past her into the house. She put old towels down, at the top of the steps and there is a very looooooong rug right inside the kitchen door, but neither of them seem to do much good. I keep telling Mom that that's what you get when you choose to share your house with 3 big Aire-heads! Just think how clean the house would stay if you only had wheelies!
Well, everybuddy, it's time for me to go back into my china cabinet, now so I can watch the antics of the 3 P's in peace and where it's dry and NOT muddy!
PorkChop (and Poppy, Penny & Patches too)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!...and Relay for Life dog walk

Hi everybuddy! It's me, Patches! First, we want to tell you about the Relay for Life for the American Cancer Society. Aunt Wendy is the Chairperson and our mom is her helper for the event. It will be on March 22 at Hembree Park in Roswell Georgia. It is the K-9 for the cure dog walk and I, Patches will be there! You can click on the poster to biggyfy it if you want to see the details.

We have heard a rumor that Eduardo the SnugglePuggle may be attending and we are super excited to meet him and his mom. If you live close enough or might be passing through Roswell, you can register in about a week at roswellrelayforlife.org. Or...if you just want to donate to the American Cancer Society, you can do that too. The two doggies in the center of the picture, above, are both cancer survivors!

Now, back to our regularly scheduled program. Okay, we know that none of this is ACTUALLY scheduled! We want to say Happy Valentine's Day to all of our DWB buddies! We have received some very nice cards from some of you and we thank you! Our mom has been too busy with the storage unit thingy to post any of them. Mom and Aunt Wendy have FINALLY finished emptying the storage unit and now, they have to weed through the stuff and decide what will be sold on Ebay and what will go into the antique booth. We figure it will take them about 1456937289 days to get it all done!

Today, we are going to help our mom run the vacuum. It seems that at least a couple of us are blowing our coats and there is lots and lots of our Aire-hair EVERYWHERE! My favorite game is to chase the wand when Mom attaches the tools to the vacuum cleaner. Usually, I bark at it as I am attacking it. This makes Mom laugh and it makes Penny upset with me! She barks and growls at me until I stop it. Poppy has to get in on the action too, but it's because she wants to be vacuumized! She stands right in front of Mom until she uses the wand to vacuum Poppy all over. What a weirdo doggo! You would never catch ME doing that!

Well, everybuddy, I'm off to chase the vacuum wand!

Oh, yeah, everydoggie needs to check out MangoMinster! Today is the terrier group and we were the judges! Congrats to the winners!

Poppy, Penny & Patches

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

We are outraged! Westminster dogshow sucks!

Hi everybuddy! It's me, Poppy! Last night, we watched part of the Westminster Kennel Club dog show and I have to tell you...we are outraged! Did you see what they did to the Airedale? Apparently, the 'dale's handler used to work for the judge, so they disqualified the DOG!
They said they knew about it before the start of the terrier group, so I ask you...why didn't they just get a different handler? I can't believe there was no one else there who knows how to handle an Airedale! As soon as they made the 'dale leave the ring, our mom shut the TV off! We don't even know who won the terrier group! We just think it was soooooo unfair!
We can tell you one thing, for sure! There will be no such shenanigans when we judge the terriers for MangoMinster! We have all given our opinions to our mom and she has to make the final decisions. She's having a really hard time, since we think they ALL should win!
Look at poor Mango! He's worn to a frazzle! We know it must be really hard work to organize a whole dogshow! Mango, you deserve lots and lots of meditation time once it is all overwith! And, we think your Momma deserves a vacation to somewhere nice and warm and sunny!
On another subject entirely, Penny and I have been taking Liquid Health Level 5000 for almost a week now, and Penny is going up and down stairs with no problems at all. This morning, she even jumped up, to sleep, on the big bed and she hasn't done that in a looooong time! Our mom is VERY happy that Maggie and Mitch recommended it! Thank you sooooo much, M & M! And thanks to Putter for recommending it to YOU so you could recommend it to US!
Our mom and Aunt Wendy are almost done emptying the storage unit they've been working on. They only need to make a few more trips and it will be all done! Some of the stuff will be going into the antique booth and some is already on Ebay. We will be glad when it's done so our mom and Aunt Wendy will quit being all dirty and smelling like mildew when they come home!
Well, everybuddy, we are off to watch the Bluebirds. They are acting very strangely, today! They are acting like it's mating season and it's only Feb. 10! We'll let you know if they start building a nest!
Poppy, Penny & Patches

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wheelie Wednesday...and we are freezing...AGAIN!

Hello, furry and not-so-furry friends! It's me, PorkChop! I'm sorry I haven't been around much, lately, but our stupid mom keeps missing Wheelie Wednesday! She keeps saying something about being too busy, but I don't think that's a good excuse! What could be more impawtent than blogging for us doggies?
On Monday, our mom and Aunt Wendy got everything set up in the new antique booth. On the first trip, they took all the shelves and tables. Then, they came back and got all the stuff they hope to sell. They had it all set up by noon. Of course, it rained the whole time they were carrying stuff in, but at least they were able to back up almost to the door! Mom says it looks good...now we just hope they sell everything!
We are very proud winners of one of the knitted Christmas stockings that Maggie and Mitch's mom made. We guessed, correctly, that Mitch's favorite fruit is apples and Maggie's most hated fruit is lemons. We just loooooove this stocking! M & M's mom is soooooo talented! Thank you, very much, Maggie, Mitch and of course, your MOM!

This morning, Mom cleaned our dog feeding room. It isn't easy since there is a freezer and an extra refrigerator in there. It doesn't leave much room for her to turn around. Penny was very nervous the whole time Mom was in there. She moved Penny's bowls out into the kitchen and that made Penny freak out. She went into the feeding room and wouldn't get out so Mom could finish cleaning. Mom finally lured her out with a treat and then had to get back in there before Penny did! Penny's one weird doggie...she doesn't like it when Mom starts moving anything around...especially her food and water bowls.

Poppy has been hanging out in the office, this morning, where the computer is. Dad was in there, taking pictures of stuff to put on Ebay, and then Mom went in to take a picture of the stocking. Poppy always shows up for picture taking so she can be in the way, mostly! I think she's always hoping there might be a new stuffie that she can snag. Sorry, Poppy, no new stuffies today!

This is a broken spring on our garage door! Yesterday, our mom went to go over to the neighbor's and when she came back in and closed the door, there was a very loud noise. Dad asked what it was and Mom said she didn't know. She looked back out in the garage, but didn't see anything out of place. Later, when she went to go get the mail, the door wouldn't open. Of course, she called Dad because that's what she ALWAYS does when something doesn't work. He checked it out and found the broken spring. Someone is coming to fix it, today and we hope they don't freeze to death! It's about 10 degrees, here, this morning, with a wind chill of minus 1 degree! Everytime those real doggies go outside, Mom tells them to hurry up before they have nose-cicles! We don't have any snow, but it's waaaaaaaaaaaay too cold outside!
We hope everydoggie is staying warm! Oh...except our buddies in Australia where it's summertime! We hope they are staying cool. I'm going back in my china cabinet now, where it's toasty warm and safe from the jaws of the real doggies!
PorkChop (and the 3 P's too)