Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The leaves are falling! The pine straw is falling!

Hey, everydoggie! It's me, Patches! Once again, our mom can't remember which picture is first! Geez Mom, there are only TWO of them! Anyway, one is a picture of my weiner dog right after I did surgery on him! The other one is just ME!

Our mom has been spending a lot of time selling on that Ebay kennel so she can feed us and buy us treats! Good job, Mom, now keep it up! She has also been spending a lot of time out in the yard with the leaf blower. It looks like all our trees have reached their peak of color and the leaves are falling. That isn't ALL that's falling! In Georgia, at this time of year, the pine needles turn brown and fall too...just like the leaves! Peeps around here even pay green papers for the pine straw to use as mulch. Not us, though! We NEVER have to give any green papers 'cause we get plenty of our own pine straw! The trees don't lose ALL their needles, but they lose ENOUGH!

Our mom is also dawg sitting for the little Puggie guys again! Their hooman mom had two hooman pups last week and they are in the NICU in Atlanta since they were bornded a couple weeks early. The mom and dad got a motel room right by the hospital so someone has to check on the Puggies! Mom says it's pretty easy. All she has to do is stop by the mailbox and steal their mails, then she goes to make sure the doggies have plenty of water and foodables. Of course, the puggies jump on her, so when she gets home, we have a great time sniffing her knees. Yep, they are really short doggies!

Well, everydoggie, we have to let our personal secretary get back to the Ebay kennel, now! We hope everyone has a great week!

Patches (and Penny too)

Monday, October 18, 2010

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Today would have been our dad's birthday! Instead of celebrating with him, we are just very sad because he can't be here with us!

Our mom is doing pretty well except for days like today! It is 248 days since he went to heaven and we still miss him every single day!

Dad, we hope you and Poppy, Pockets, Wayne, Midnight and Daisy have a really great day together! Oh, and sorry about the picture! We know it was taken outside with the sun shining in your eyes and it makes your hair look red. We know your hair was really brown!

To all the peeps and pups who read our bloggy: sorry about the sad post, but it's just how we feel today!

Penny & Patches

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Happy Birthday, Angel Poppy!

Hey, everybuddy! It's me, Penny! I wanted to be blogging doggie, today, because it is Angel Poppy's birthday. We were the bestest of friends for a long, long time! We protected each other from the evil squirrels, in the back yard and we played bitey face almost constantly when we were younger.

Patches really misses you, too. She tries to play with me, but usually, I'm too dignified for such silliness. Once in a while, we have a good game of bitey face or bitey leggie, but not like you and Patches did! You two were unmerciful with each other!

And we think our mom misses you most of all! After all, you were HER doggie like I was always DAD'S doggie! We hope you are celebrating your barkday at the Rainbow Bridge with all of our pals who are there with you! And we hope you take Dad for a really long walk today! Okay, now Mom is getting tears in her eyes, so we are going to have to let her quit typing!

Penny & Patches (who really, really, really misses you!)