Saturday, September 26, 2009

Two of us are beautiful and one not so much!

Hi, every buddy! It's me, Poppy! Yesterday, our mom and Aunt Wendy groomed me and Penny. By the time they got done with us, they didn't have enough energy left to groom the wild child, aka Patches! However, Aunt Wendy gave all three of us baths! Last time, our mom and Aunt Wendy both gave all 3 of us baths at the same time and poor Aunt Wendy had to drive home with a wet tushie. This time, Mom stayed in the house and handed towels out the door to Aunt Wendy. And this time, we got our baths one at a time instead of all 3 together.
Even though Patches didn't get an Aire-cut, she was really sleepy from getting her bath. We all took many naps for the rest of the day and evening. Don't tell her, but Patches will be getting her Aire-cut next week.
Thank you soooooo much, Aunt Wendy! Mom couldn't have done it without YOU! Now, we have to get our toe nails cut again. Once Patches gets her Aire-cut, we will ALL be beautiful! Heeheehee! Patches is still a fuzzbutt (and fuzz face, and fuzz leggies and fuzz tail!) She looks ginormous compared to Penny and me! Sorry we don't have any new pictures of Penny, but she is still camera shy. I guess she's never going to get over that!
We are having another rainy day, today, after 3 days of dry weather. It rained for almost two weeks straight! I'm sure you all have seen the mess that a lot of people in Georgia are dealing with. Well, we consider ourselves lucky. We didn't have any flooding in our house except for a leak in our roof that sort of rained into our little bathroom. We had a new roof put on just over a year ago and they must not have put enough gunk around the flashing by one of the vents. The REALLY heavy rains came last Sunday night and on Monday morning, our mom called the roof peoples. On Monday evening, a crew came out and fixed the problem. It will probably be sometime next week when the painter comes to repaint the ceiling. Mom says it was a pain in the "you know what", but it was NOTHING compared to what a lot of peoples have had to deal with.
Well, every buddy, that's about it for today. We're going back outside, now, to see how much red Georgia clay we can track into the house.
Poppy, Penny & Patches

Thursday, September 17, 2009

We're just tired!

Hi every buddy! It's me, Patches! We just wanted to catch you up on what's been going on around here. My hot spot is all but gone. Poppy had a couple of days where she wouldn't put all her weight on her back left leggie, but it seems okay now. I think she was just trying to get attention. Oh, yeah, and Penny is...well she's just Penny. She is a little ticked off though because Mom keeps putting the bark collar on her. Ever since our dad was signed up for hospice care, there have been loads of peoples coming in and out of our house and it makes us bark a lot.

A couple of the peoples that will come on a regular basis are afraid of doggies. Can you imagine? So, when those peoples are coming, Mom puts us in the living room and shuts the gate so we can't get to the peoples in the kitchen. Boo! We just want to be petted! One day, Mom turned us loose and we were very good girls, but the person we saw kept wiping his hands and arms with a napkin every time we touched him. Of course, we thought that was funny, so we touched him even MORE! Heeheehee! He's obviously not a "dog person"!
When the peoples come, Poppy and I will, eventually, stop barking, but not Penny! Nooooo! She keeps it up so the peoples can't hear each other. We're pretty sure she will get the collar on again this morning because a nurse is coming at 7 a.m. to steal some of Dad's bloods.
We aren't really sure about what's going on around here, but we do know that Mom feels like she's aged about 20 years in the last week and a half. Maybe it has something to do with us not wanting to go outside. It has been raining almost constantly since Monday and Mom has to practically SHOVE us down the steps to do our "good girl stuffs"! Poppy is the worst! Just when Mom thinks she's going down the steps, she makes a left turn past the grill and darts back into the house. She's a tricky one, but not as tricky as Mom and Dad! Now, our mom takes the "dog stick" with her when she wants us to go out. No, she's never used it on us, but we know that the threat is there!
We just want to let everyone know that we are reading your bloggies when we have a chance, but we don't usually have time to comment.
Thank you, soooooo much to all of you who have left messages and wished us well. It means a WHOLE LOT to all of us. We'll update our bloggy and visit you when we can!
Poppy, Penny & Patches

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A message from our mom.

Hi everybody! I'm hijacking the girls' bloggy today to let you all know why we haven't been around as much as usual. We have mentioned, before, that the girls' dad is not well, but the time has come to tell you all what is really going on. He is entering the final stages of emphysema and is requiring more and more care.
This afternoon, we are going to be meeting with hospice. For now, he will be receiving palliative care until he gets worse. For those of you who may not know what palliative care is: it is doing whatever is necessary to make the patient comfortable without trying to cure a disease. It's very similar to hospice care, but the visits aren't quite as frequent.

I don't want to sound like I'm whining, but this has been very hard for both of us. I just wanted to let you all know why we aren't reading or commenting on your blogs as much as usual.

We will not be going to Grace's birthday party at UGA on the 20th because I don't want to leave my husband alone for that long. We hope everyone and everydog who goes has a really good time. Maybe we can go next year.
The dogs don't understand what's going on around here and I wish I didn't either. Penny is afraid to step on the oxygen tubes that are running all over the house and Poppy is constantly getting tangled in them. Patches is the only one who seems to ignore them. By the way, her hot spot is getting better, but it isn't totally gone yet.
Well, the girls and I will try to read your blogs when we can, but in the mean time, just know that we haven't fallen off the face of the earth.
Aire-hugs to all of you!
Lana (mom to the 3 P's)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Awards, Patches' bare butt and Grace's birthday pawty

Hello everydoggie, everykitty, hammie, bear and hooman! It's me, Patches! My mom is making me wear this silly collar because I have a hot spot from hell! It's on my left hip or as mom says, the top of my butt!

I am definitely an unhappy camper. For about an hour after I got the collar on, I refused to lay down. Finally, I decided it wasn't so bad...except for the fact that I can't bite my hot spot any more! Mom is spraying stuffs on me every few hours and now that I have to leave it alone, maybe it will actually start healing! It isn't actually MY collar. It's my dad's from when he had surgery on his upper spine about 8 years ago. This is one of those rare times when Mom is glad Dad keeps EVERYTHING!

THIS is why I have to wear the collar. It started to heal, but I started biting it again so I will be wearing the collar for the foreseeable future. Mom says I need to heal up fast so I can get an Aire-cut before we go to Grace's birthday pawty on the campus of the University of Georgia...at least I THINK it's on the campus. It's on Sept. 20th this year. Grace was an Airedale that has gone to the Rainbow Bridge, but every year, they still have a birthday pawty for her and I think it benefits Airedale Rescue. At some time in the past year, Grace's dad went to meet her at the bridge so I'm sure they are playing together again. I can't wait to go to the pawty! Last year, there were about 300 doggies and 400 hoomans. Woohoo! Maybe we can beat that THIS year! Aunt Wendy is going with us and taking one of her Aire-kids and some other peoples and doggies will be there from the Airedale Rescue Group.

A few days ago, we got this really cool award from Nelly and Finni, two of our Aire-buddies. Thank you soooooo much!

We also got this really sweet award from our new friends Mack and Sally Ann. They live in Georgia just like we do! We hope to meet them in dogson someday, since they don't live a really long ways away from us...maybe around 30 miles.
Remember the emergency project our mom was working on? (If you don't know about it, scroll down to our last post). Well, it's ALL done now! She says it's a good thing she doesn't drink because she would probably have gotten drunk when she finished! Instead of having a drink, she had a Dove ice cream bar to celebrate. No, she didn't give us any. It was dark chocolate with vanilla ice cream. We tried to get her to eat the chocolate and save the ice cream for us, but NO. She ate every last drop and even licked the chocolate off the stick. What a meany!
Well, everybuddy, I'm off to my 423,297,539th trip outside for the day. Since we have had rain for about the last 5 days, our red clay is really squishy and it feels soooooo good under our feets! We get it all soaked up into our large furry feets and bring as much of it as possible into the house! Of course, Mom is not amused because the steps, deck and kitchen floor are ALL Georgia Clay Red! Heeheehee!
Patches (and Poppy & Penny too!)