Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Good news! Happy Passover and Happy Easter!

Hey everydoggie! It's me, Penny! Again! Can you believe it? The doggie in the picture is ME! I'm a little hard of hearing now, so my mom was able to sneak up on me with the camera. Actually, she didn't sneak...she had the camera on the table next to her chair so she was ready whenever she could see my beautimous face!

I have some good news to share! It looks like I had an infection instead of kidney disease! Woohoo! Mom is still thinking about putting me on some kind of kidney diet, but it's kind of tricky since I have skin cancer. It seems that some kidney diets can actually aggrevate skin cancer. Mom will be doing lots of research before she changes my diet.

The second picture, above, is our guest bedroom. Do you think any guests would want to stay in there? I don't think so! It seems that our mom's eBay activities have spread out from the garage and the computer room to the guest bedroom! In fact, it's worse now, than it was when she took this picture! Unfortunately, right now, she's buying more than she's selling. I don't think it's supposed to work that way! We're hoping that changes soon!

We would like to say Happy Passover to all of our friends who celebrate it and Happy Easter to everyone who celebrates Easter! All you doggies...stay away from the chocolate bunnies and eggs! Uh oh! Now my mom has an overwhelming urge to go to the grocery store! I guess I'll let her go, but she better come home with something good for US!

Patches says, "Hi". She's totally jealous that I have done the last two posts! Neener, neener, neener! Besides, our mom says that anydoggie who barks at the birdies chirping, doesn't deserve to do any posts! Ha!

Penny (& Patches too)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

We need some advice!

Hi, everydoggie! It's me, Penny! Yeah, I know...I hardley ever get to post, thanks to that "other" dog! Today, we are looking for some advice. A couple weeks ago, I had all my yearly shots and the v-e-t removed a mass from the tip of one of my ears. It kind of looked like a raisin but it kept bleeding. Yep, it was skin cancer. I had one sort of like it, a few years ago, on the same ear and didn't come back until now. The problem is that he didn't get all of it, so we are SURE it will come back (or go somewhare else!) This isn't our biggest concern, though!

Mom let the v-e-t do all the blood tests on me since I am 12 years old now. One of the results has our mom really concerned. My BUN is elevated, but my Creatinine(sp?)is okay. He says I also have very dilute urine with blood and lots of protein in it. Right now, I am on a course of high powered antibiotics and 7 days from now, when I finish them, Mom has to chase me around the backyard and catch my pee in a paper dish! (I can't WAIT to see THIS!)

For now, my mom is trying not to freak out from the possibility that I may be going into kidney failure! She's probably going to put me on a gluten free diet whether I have it or not. We just don't know what kind to get. Some peeps don't like the KD, for some reason and we got a $5 off coupon for Nutro's new grain free. Anybody got any ideas?

If you could see how I act, you wouldn't know that I had anything wrong. I can still make it to the gate in 3.2 seconds and since I have been on the antibiotics, I'm woofing down my food like I used to! I am getting a little hard of hearing, though. Mom says that may be a GOOD thing since I don't bark so much at the thunder. Hey, I don't need to bark...Patches does enough barking for BOTH of us! (That's why our mom is kind of cranky today...it thundered most of the night last night!"

So...if anydoggie has any ideas about foodables or treats, we would really appreciate the advice! I need to go back outside, now, so I can bring in some more red clay. Lots of rain overnight = nice gooshey mud between our toes! Good times!