Wednesday, February 23, 2011

It's here! It's here! Our new Lilly and Abbie dogbed has arrived!

Hey, every buddy! It's me, Patches! We told you, way back in January, that we had won a Lilly and Abbie custom dog bed! Well, it arrived late yesterday afternoon! We are soooooo excited!

We got to pick our own 3 fabrics for the WASHABLE cover! Okay, our mom picked them, but we think she did a great job!

As soon as our mom put the cover on, she put the new bed on the living room floor. We are going to leave it there until Mom figures out which one of us is going to "claim" it. So far, I'm in the lead!

Penny has sniffed it, but she hasn't gotten on it yet. That COULD be because I chase her away if she gets too close! Yeah, I'm the alpha! So Penny can't get on the bed until I say so!

This bed is soooooo cool! It is plenty big enough for either one of us (mainly ME) and it sure is comfy!

We would like to thank Neil, Nigel, Sola, Truffles and everyone over at Life With Dogs for the opportunity to enter this cool contest! We are very LUCKY to have won this! (We don't often win ANYthing, especially anything as great as THIS!

If you would like to buy a dog bed of your very own, head on over to: http://www.lillyandabbiedogbeds.com They have a really great selection of fabrics and the quality of the beds can't be beat! The workmanship is amazing! (Sorry, stupid Vista won't let us put in a link).

Now, on to other stuffs. This has been a pretty hard month on all of us. On Feb. 12, we made it through a whole year since our dad passed away and then on the 21st, it was one year since Poppy went to the Rainbow Bridge! Yes, we know they are together, but that doesn't make it any easier for US! We still miss them both a LOT! Our mom says she has made it through her year of "firsts" (first birthday, first anniversary, first EVERYTHING!) She's pretty proud of the way she has handled everything and would like to thank every doggie and every hooman who prayed for us. We KNOW that's why we have come as far as we have!

Uh oh! I hear Penny moving around in the living room while I'm in here barking instructions on what to type to Mom! Gotta go chase her off MY new bed!

Patches & Penny

Friday, February 4, 2011

Like everydoggie else, we're sick of winter!

Hi, every buddy! It's me, Patches! This is the worst winter the Atlanta area has had since 1925 (or so the weather fools say). We are totally sick of rain and snow and rain and ice and wind and rain! Our back yard looks like a lake and our kitchen floor looks like how our backyard is supposed to look! (Just red clay mud everywhere)! Our mom is not amused, one little bit! Every time she washes the floor, it rains AGAIN!...or snows or sleets!

It isn't bad enough that we are tracking mud into the kitchen, but some of it ends up on the carpet in the living room or we rub ourselves on the sides of the big bed. Now, Mom is yelling at us (OK, mostly ME) to not rub up against her bed. She got a new comforter set and we aren't allowed to touch the bed! Hmmmmmmf! Where does she expect us to dry ourselves off when we come in from outside? Besides, I sleep up there when Mom isn't home. Shhhhh...don't tell her. I'm sure she doesn't know!

We have a new morning routine in our house. Of course, SOME of us are more thrilled with it than SOMEbody else! We have started body slamming the sides of our mom's bed at 4:00 in the morning. Once we have made her just about jump to the ceiling, we start barking, so there is no way she can ignore us! She drags herself out of the bed to potty us and feed us and then SHE GOES BACK TO BED! This is soooooo not fair! It makes us have to do the whole routine AGAIN around 6 or 6:30...only on the second performance, we don't get fed! That really sucks! According to us furkids, our mom getting out of bed = food for us! She says it doesn't always work that way! And while we're on the subject of food...what's up with her telling us we're going to eat when we're outside, with no intentions of coming in! We have a tendency to stay out too long and then our mom calls us in (ya know, we might be digging a trench under the fence or something). When we still don't show up, she yells, "Let's eat, girls"! That gets us EVERY time, but she never comes through with the food! You would think we would LEARN that the food isn't always forthcoming as promised, but NOPE, she tricks us EVERY time!

We hope everydoggie is safe from the cold, snow, ice or rain that we all seem to be getting! We think we should just take a nap until about April! That's it for now, everydoggie. I'm off to find a nice aire-vent to sleep on as the hot aire pours out!

Patches (and Penny too)