Thursday, October 29, 2009

We are still around!

Hi, everydoggie, everykitty, bear, hammie and hooman! It's me, Patches. Yes, I know...this picture was taken before I was shorn like a sheepie.

I just wanted to let everyone know that we are still around. For those of you who have asked...our dad is not doing well at all. We are trying our best to stay out of our mom's way, but sometimes it isn't easy. On hospice days, we have to stay behind the gate either in the living room or the kitchen depending on who is coming and when! We aren't too happy about that, but mom and dad say they have a hard time talking to the peoples with us putting our noses all over them and barking our disapproval of intruders coming into our home.

Our dad gets a little weaker every couple of days and now, he's in a wheelchair. You should see our mom try to push him across the carpet! It's a hoot! She's always running over our stuffies with that stoopid wheelchair thingy. On top of all the stuff our mom has to do now, she broke her foot. Yep, that's right! Broken foot! She dropped a brand new oxygen canister on it and it even flattened her toe ring! Now, she's wearing an "aire-cast". No, it doesn't have anything to do with Airedales...we just made Mom put the "e" in Aire because that is the way air SHOULD be spelled. Mom makes a really funny noise when she walks around in the cast and Dad says there's no way she could sneak up on anyone. Fortunately, it's our mom's LEFT foot that is broken, so she can still drive. You outta see her try to get out of the Aire-mobile with that ginormous foot! If she ever forgets to put the seat back before she gets out, we may have to go and pick her up off the concrete!

While Mom is waiting on the different hospice peoples to come, she is cutting out Airedales, bones and fire hydrants that will decorate the tables at the Aire-Care-Fair on November 15. We have a dog sitter coming that day. Oh, wait! Mom says it's a DAD sitter...not DOG sitter! Oh, well, I bet we are going to have fun with her anyway. They says she LOVES doggies!

We haven't had much time to read your bloggies lately, but sometimes when Mom gets a few minutes, she reads one or two to us. We really need to know what is going on with all our pals, but I guess we understand. We hope nodoggie forgets us!

Poppy, Penny & Patches

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I'm a nekkid pup!

Hello to all our furry and not so furry friends! It's me, Patches! Before I show you my new Aire-cut, I wanted to show you the Black Bottom pies that our mom made for our dad's birthday. It took her a little over 3 hours to make 2 pies. She says that now she knows why she hasn't made any in about 25 years! When she was making the pies, she had the rum bottle out and we were watching her to make sure she didn't sample any of it. She didn't. YET! Our dad's birthday is Sunday, October 18, but she made the pies early because she won't have time the rest of the week. She tried to keep it a secret from him, but he found the bag of Ginger snaps that became the crust. It's also hard to keep that kind of secret since Dad spends all his time in the kitchen and that's where the pie making had to happen!
Now that you've seen the pies that we aren't allow to have, this is the new ME! Yep, I've been shorn like a sheepie. My hairs were so long and curly that Mom and Aunt Wendy shaved me. Before they did my Aire-cut, my mom held me and Aunt Wendy cut my toenails. First, Mom put a muzzle on me because they wanted to keep all their fingers. Then I went into my best drama queen act! We were in the basement and our dad could hear me all the way upstairs. He thought they were absolutely KILLING me! Well, they weren't, but I sure made it sound like they were. Mom started to get worried that the neighbors might call the ASPCA! It sounded like I was being tortured! Oh yeah, and remember that wonderful place where we went to get our toenails cut for just $5 per dog? Well, it turns out that all they cut were the TIPS! Our mom was NOT amused! At that rate, we would need toenail trims about once a WEEK!

Look how skinny I am! Okay, maybe I'm not REALLY skinny! Mom says I kind of look like a Kirby vacuum cleaner with toothpicks for leggies. I've actually lost a couple of pounds, but it's hard to tell.

Poppy is trying to get me to play bitey face, but it's hard to concentrate with those two pies on the counter right above us. Right after Mom took this picture, I showed Poppy how aerodynamic I am, now, by chasing her all over the house!

I bet you thought my 'splodin' froggie was gone. Nope! Mom let's me keep him 'cause he's my favorite stuffie. I'm concentrating really hard on growing some furs so I will be beautiful when we go to the Aire Care Fair in November. We are going to have soooooo much fun! We are hoping to get to meet Janie and Hollie and Mack and Sally Ann and their peeps. Our mom is donating some Airedale felties and they are going to have a silent auction for them. There will be lots of cool doggies things that peoples can buy or bid on. We don't know all the details yet, but we do know that ALL the money goes to the Airedale Rescue Group. We sure hope they get lots of moneys for ARG! That's where Janie and I both came from!
Poppy had a really great 9th barkday (again)! We have some pictures, but they will have to wait till another post. Aunt Wendy brought Poppy some really yummy cookies and she had to share!
Well, everydoggie, we're off to bark at the hospice person that is coming to our house any minute now!
Patches (and Poppy & Penny too)

Friday, October 9, 2009

Aire-Care Fair

Wendy Shepherd , Mary Z. McEneaney and Lana Augustus
Jo-Thor's Dog Obedience Academy12580 Crabapple RoadAlpharetta, GA 30004 US View Map
Sunday, November 15, 12:30PM Add to my Outlook Calendar
Please join us for a day of fun, frolic and fundraising to benefit Airedale Rescue Group (ARG). Hosted by Jo-Thor's Dog Obedience Academy, owner/trainer Joan Lask provides a safe, fully-fenced place perfect for romping, socializing and shenanigans! In addition to recognizing all Dales, we will have fun contests.* Registration begins at 12:30; at 1:00 PM the fun begins. $10 per tail~ Additional donations welcome!
Please RSVP by Thursday, November 12. Children welcome as are all friendly dogs. For more information, call 404.895.1132 or 404.242.7731. For information on Jo-Thor's Dog Obedience Academy, go to www.thejothorway.com.
*You are responsible for your dog. If he/she is not fully socialized to interact with adults, children and other dogs, please consider leaving him/her home.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Friday is going to be my 9th barkday!

Hi everydoggie, kittie, hammie, bear and hooman! It's me, Poppy! I just realized that this Friday will be my birthday. My 9th barkday! I think we may have celebrated my 9th barkday LAST year because my aire-headed mom thought I was one year older than I really am. She was so confused that she finally got my AKC papers out to look. I was born on 10-10-2000. That makes me NINE, Mom...NOT 10! I know she's got a lot on her mind, but c'mon. She says it's kind of like getting a whole year for FREE. Whatever THAT means!
Blondie (I mean Patches) is getting an Aire-cut, this week if Aunt Wendy is well enough to help our mom. Patches looks a little scruffy in the photo above, but that's nothing compared to how she looks NOW! If not for her coloring, you might think she's an Old English Sheepdog. We can't even see her eyes unless Mom pulls the hair back from her face.
Mom bought my barkday presents this morning, but she says I can't have them until Friday. What a buzz-kill! I had my snooter in the bag she brought home, but she snatched it away from me! On top of THAT, she told me that I have to share! Well, I guess I shouldn't complain too much...Penny and Patches have to share their barkday presents with ME! So, we actually get 3 barkdays a year!
Our dad will have a birthday in a couple of weeks too! Since he doesn't really need "stuff", our mom is going to make him a black bottom pie. It has crushed ginger snaps for the crust and then a layer of really dark chocolate pudding. On top of that, goes a combination of custard and meringue mixed with some rum. Our mom actually went to the liquor store the other day! She hadn't been in one in about 12 years or so. She said she felt kind of funny telling the guy that she needed 4 tablespoons of rum. She was hoping to get a couple of those tiny bottles like they serve on airplanes, but of course, the only thing they DIDN'T have in those tiny bottles was RUM! She ended up getting a little more than she needs so we are going to keep our eyes on her when she makes that pie! We don't want her getting tipsy! We sure hope she remembers how to make the pie...she hasn't made one in about 25 years!
Well, every buddy, we are off to bark at the painters that are going to fix our ceiling where we had the leak during those awful rain storms! They say they aren't afraid of dogs, but we'll SEE about that! They might change their minds when they hear the noise that the 3 of us can make!
Poppy (and Penny & Patches too)