Thursday, January 31, 2008

We are very strange doggies!

Our mom says we are very strange doggies because we never get on the furniture...except for the big bed. And we only get on the bed when no one else is in it. We read stories about lots of other doggies who sleep with their parents and take naps or have roaching sessions on sofas or chairs. For some strange reason, we never do that! We do our share of counter surfing, but chairs, sofas and other furniture just don't interest us. Once in a while, I (Poppy) used to get up in Mom's Lazy Boy, but I left so much Aire-hair in it that she started putting stuff in it so I couldn't get up there. After about 2 or 3 times, I didn't even try anymore. Penny likes to sleep on the big bed and occasionally, I get up there too. However, as soon as someone tries to get in the bed, we go get into our own beds. I TOLD you we were strange! We each have our own ginormous bed which we sleep in every night and sometimes during the day. We also use them when we play bitey-face and I (Poppy) like to roach on mine. Penny never roaches! She also never sleeps upside down like I do. She just might be even stranger than I am! Our mom also thinks we are strange because we can learn something by being taught only one time. That is...IF WE WANT TO! Being Airedales, we appear to be pretty hard-headed most of the time, but if we hear a noise that is associated with something good, we will react with excitement every time we hear that noise. For example...one time, Mom opened a plastic zipper bag containing gum drops. There happened to be one tiny piece broken off one of them and she gave it to Penny. From then on, whenever Mom or Dad open a zipper bag, for any reason, Penny comes flying from wherever she was in hopes of getting another piece of gum drop. We BOTH show up whenever someone uses the ice-maker and Penny will always run to the kitchen when she hears someone taking silverware out of the drawer. If Mom wants to brush Penny's teeth, she rattles the silverware and she comes flying out into the kitchen. I will shake a paw to have my teeth brushed, but sometimes, Penny needs a little prodding to get her lazy self off the big bed.
Poppy & Penny

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Why we blog and why we shouldn't stop!

Hi everybody. It's Poppy & Penny's mom. I am taking over the blog today because of something I read on Opy's and Marvin's blogs. Opy is threatening to open a can of Whoop-ass because some bloggers are being stressed and Marvin's Jeannie is feeling guilty about not being able to read and comment on every blog everyday. I started reading the DWB quite by accident, a long time ago. I did a search on the internet for Airedales and accidentally came across Bogart's (the Airedale's) blog. I followed the link from his page and eventually found out that there was a whole community called Dogs with Blogs. A few months after I started reading the DWB, Oscar the Aire-boy died suddenly and I knew from the comments left on his blog that all of the bloggers on the DWB are very caring people. Yes, we all know that none of our pets are actually doing the typing here and that it is a community of pet lovers from all over the world. From reading the funny stories and sharing in the pain that some DWBers have endured, I decided I wanted to start a blog so I could be part of such a caring community. We all have at least one thing in common...we love our dogs, cats, hammies or whatever kind of pet you may have. The DWB allows us to share information, support each other when someone is in pain over the loss of a pet, make some new friends and laugh at the antics of our pets. I, personally, like the idea that when one of my dogs is sick, there are people all over the world praying for her and I do the same for any other pet who is sick or in pain.

From time to time, we all have trouble thinking up something to blog about, but I don't think it should cause us stress. Sometimes, we can get an idea from someone elses blog or we just won't add a new post that day. I, too, would like to be able to read and comment on everyone's blog everyday, but I know that is impossible. Yes, it's fun to read the comments that people (and pets) leave on my blog, but I realize that it is very time consuming to leave those comments. We all have lives outside of the DWB and we all know that our everyday lives come first. If we don't have the time to read the blogs or comment it shouldn't stress us out! So...in conclusion: let's not get so stressed with blogging that we make Opy open up that can of whoop-ass! None of us wants to know what is inside that can!

Now that I have vented, the girls are going to post a couple of pictures just for the fun of it!
Poppy & Penny's Mom

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Penny the lean, mean fighting machine!

Hi everyone! We are having a boring day, today and neither one of us has gotten into any trouble (so far), so I, Penny am showing you a picture of me in my younger days. I was bred to hunt bear and wild hogs in the North Georgia mountains. I actually had my teeth on a hog once. My father had his jaw broken by a bear! Obviously, he survived or I wouldn't be here. Once upon a time, I was a lean, mean fighting machine! Fortunately, for my mom and dad, I wasn't a very good "gun" dog so the breeder decided to sell me. Sometimes, I feel really sorry for my brothers and sisters up there freezing in the mountains while I live a life of luxury down here where it's warmer and my biggest worry is when I will be fed next! I also don't have to worry about tackling any wild hogs or bears. The meanest looking things I ever see are some squirrels that are pissed off because Mom hasn't fed them or the mean little Manchester terrier next door. I learned, a long time ago, not to stick my snooter through the fence. Sasha would bite it off! She is one mean little dog! I did have a tangle with a squirrel, one day and Mom thought I brought a dead squirrel up on the deck. When she told Dad, he told her that I didn't just "find" a dead squirrel...I MADE him dead! Now that I am almost 9 years old, I can still give those evil squirrels a run for their money (or their sunflower seed). Our evil mom has a squirrel feeder in our back yard and sometimes, she claps her hands before she lets us out the door. It's sort of a warning to the evil squirrels that we are COMING! If Mom doesn't clap her hands, those squirrels just continue to eat and ignore us, completely. They have figured out a way to escape into the trees even if we are right under their feeder! They are evil, I tell ya! I sure am glad I wasn't a good gun dog so I could live here instead of in a kennel up there in the cold mountains!

Aire- hugs,

Penny (the lean, mean fighting machine!)

Saturday, January 26, 2008

More stuffies we can't have!

These are Mom's prized stuffies that we are never allow to go near. The two on the left live about 6 feet off the floor on an entertainment center shelf and the two on the right live in Mom's china cabinet where we can SEE them, but we can't touch or even smell them. She had a hard time taking these pictures because we were watching her every move and trying to get our furry mouths close enough to snag one. No luck! I guess we will just have to wait for yard sale season to start again. Almost every Saturday, our parents bring us new stuffies that they buy at yard sales. They used to buy them in stores for around $9 or $10 apiece until they learned that they can get them at yard sales for anywhere from 10 cents to a dollar. That makes a lot more sense since we usually destroy them within a few seconds.
We are just having a lazy day, today since it's kind of cold and ugly outside. We did go out and harass the neighbor dogs for a while, but that is only fun for so long and then we get bored. We used to be able to run from one side of the back yard to the other and harass two dogs on each end, but the two pugs moved away and now all we have is a Manchester terrier who is mean as a snake and a Rottwieler mix who doesn't pay too much attention to us. Their people would like to let them come over in our yard, but for some reason, we only seem to be nice to other Airedales upon first meeting. It's weird...it's kind of like we KNOW our own kind! On New Years day, Mom took me (Poppy) to an Airedale meet-up and I was very nice to all the other Aire-kids, but when a German Shephard walked by us, I tried to eat him! Mom was embarrassed! SHE thinks we need obedience classes. WE think we need to be around other dogs more! We also don't seem to have any problems with any other kinds of terriers. Maybe the whole thing is a terrier thing!
Poppy & Penny

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Problem with teddy bears!

Hello to all of our furry and not so furry friends! Today, we are launching a protest about teddy bears. See those cabinets on the right hand side of the photo? Well, they are FULL of teddy bears and we aren't allow to touch them! SO not fair! Our mom collects teddy bears and they are EVERYWHERE! There are 2 curio cabinets full in the living room and there are wooden poles in all of the bedrooms with teddy bears wired to them. I tell you, they ARE everywhere! The worst part is we are not allow to touch any of them. Since we can't tell the difference between Mom's bears and ours, no bear is safe unless it is too high for us to get at it or if it's in a cabinet. That cabinet you see in the photo is always covered with Aire-art from us lusting after the bears behind the glass. Mom has to sneak HER bears into the house in a plastic bag held way over her head and then wait for us to go outside so she can put them into the cabinet. One time, she brought a new bear in and instead of putting it in the cabinet or wiring it to a pole, she hung it on a pole with the loop from it's tag. She figured we wouldn't mess with it since we never bother the bear poles. Wrong! I, Poppy waited till she wasn't looking and I snagged that bear. By the time Mom caught me, he had no eyes and a big hole in his belly. To this day, she has still not found an exact replacement for him. That should teach her to wire them up as soon as she brings them home! We think it would be a BETTER idea if she just gave us ALL the bears and quit collecting them.


Poppy & Penny

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Huggin' a stuffie bear!

Hi, everydog and their hoomans! I, Poppy like to hug my stuffies and make really weird noises. As you can see, I'm sucking on this bear, but you can't hear the noises I'm making! Mom says it sounds like I am being severely injured, but as you can see, I am fine! The bear, on the other hand...not so fine! He has big croco-dale teeth markes in his back and one of his paws has a large, gaping wound. That's where we surgically removed the voice box that kept saying, "I love you!" Mom bought this bear for us, for Christmas and she didn't know it had a voice box. One day, she was on her way out the door to get the mail and she heard a tiny voice say "I love you". She looked around and couldn't figure out where the voice was coming from. She decided she must be hearing things and proceeded out to the mail box. When she came back in, Penny had the bear and she was trying to de-pants it. Nothing unusual there! Mom went into the kitchen and then she heard the same tiny voice saying, "I love you". Now, she KNEW she wasn't imagining it. She came into the living room to see Penny biting the bear's paw and it kept saying, "I love you." Mom was relieved to know that she wasn't going looney tunes! The bear didn't talk for long...about the 15th time it said, "I love you", Penny's big 'dale teeth bit through the plastic box that held the speaker. At that point, Mom confiscated the bear so she and Dad could extract the voice box before one of us swallowed something we shouldn't. What a bunch of "buzz kills"!
Our Mom and Dad have done some pretty weird stuff with some of the noise-makers they have extracted from our stuffies. Dad removed a voice box from a Clifford the Big Red dog that sounds like a whole bunch of barking dogs. He made it into a door bell so when some of our neighbors come over and want to see Dad in his workshop, they ring the door bell by the basement door and it sounds like a bunch of dogs barking. They took another voice box out of a duck that quacks to the tune of "Old McDonald had a Farm" and it sits on a shelf by the back door. Whenever Penny and I won't come in from outside, Mom squeezes the "quacker" and we can't get in the house fast enough! We actuall had two of those ducks, but after seeing what we did to the first one, they decided to save the life of the second one. It makes a great 'Dale caller...it works EVERY time!
Poppy & Penny (the stuffie killer)!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Penny's fear of the camera

Today, that "other" dog (Poppy) said I, Penny could take over the blog. You see, I am very camera shy. Maybe I belong to one of those religions whose followers believe the camera is stealing my soul. Maybe not...but it sounds like a good excuse. Mom finally held me while Dad snapped my picture. I still have my soul, but it wasn't fun! After all that work to get me to be still, that "other" dog managed to get in the picture too. Who says we need TWO dogs, anyway? I was here first so I should be "top dog". When we are in the house, Poppy is the alpha and she bosses me around all the time...but, when we go outside, I am the supreme ruler of the back yard. I aire-snap at Poppy and chase her until I can roll her over on her back and attack her belly. I never actually hurt her, but it sure SOUNDS like I am going to do some serious damage. When we get back inside, it is just the opposite...she picks on me unmercifully! She makes me do zoomies when I want to take a nap and when Mom takes our stuffies out of the dryer, after their bath, Poppy always grabs them away from me. When we get new toys, Poppy always grabs them first and won't let me have any until she is done inspecting them. Hey, maybe she's just watching out for me so I don't get any dangerous toys! Yeah, right! There is ONE area that I absolutely rule! It's our dog feeding room. I won't let Poppy in until I make sure I can be the first one to my bowl. Then, when I finish eating, I try to push her out of the way so I can have her food too. Somehow, I always get caught at that! Oh, well it doesn't stop me from trying.


Penny (& Poppy, the "other" dog)

Saturday, January 19, 2008

SNOW in Georgia

Yep, that's right folks, it is snowing in Georgia! It's about 7 hours later than the weather fools said it would be, but it's here. They (the weather fools) say we could get up to 7 inches where we live. We'll believe it when we SEE it! Our parents are originally from Ohio and they laugh like crazy when the schools are closed and the grocery store shelves are empty when a little snow or ice is predicted. See those white dots on Penny's back? Well, that is snow...not large dandruff!

I, Poppy am feeling better, now. Until this morning, I was doing a whole lot of nothing, but I ate a little bit of breakfast and some people food and I think I am good to go! Dad made me some hamburger and rice with green beans. Yummy! I think I am just tired of the same old food that I have been eating for about 6 of my 7 years. I demand a change!

Our evil mom has been chasing Penny around with the camera, this morning, and she finally got a shot of the two of us together as we tried to get inside and hide from the snow. Once again, the picture is blue. It must have something to do with a setting, on the camera, that Mom can't figure out. Dad says it's because it's a cheap camera. Anyway, at least you can see Penny's face for a change!
Poppy and Penny

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Poppy's feeling puny

Hello to all our furry and not-so-furry friends. You can't see my face in this picture because I refused to look at the camera. Today, I (Poppy) am not feeling up to snuff. Until a few minutes ago, I hadn't eaten anything in about 36 hours and all I wanted to do was lay around. Yesterday morning, Mom knew something was wrong when she got up to find me someplace other than my bed. I am ALWAYS in my bed until Mom gets up! I was on the floor in a place that I don't usually sleep. Then, when she fed us breakfast, I just turned up my nose and walked away. She had to work, yesterday, so she checked in with Dad every couple of hours to see how I was doing. I didn't throw up or anything...I was just not my usual bouncy Aire-self. When Mom came home from work, I greeted her the way I usually do, by bouncing off the walls so she decided I must be better. Wrong. I didn't eat my supper and I let Penny have all the treats when we had our evening snack. That made Penny very happy! Since the vet's office was closed, by then, Mom decided to see how I was this morning. Well, I was pretty much the same, but I did eat the treat when Mom and Dad left for a couple of hours. When they came home, Mom was going to take me to the v-e-t, but when they came in the door, I was running around with a stuffie in my mouf and following Mom around like I usually do. She gave us each a Schmacko and I woofed it down. Then she gave us each a dog cookie and I woofed that too. It looks like I am on the mend! At least, for now, I guess I won't be going to the v-e-t. Mom has no idea what my problem was. I hadn't eaten anything weird that she knows of unless I found something outside that she didn't see me eat. I am glad I'm getting better because Penny is just a little too happy to be getting all the treats by herself!


Poppy & Penny (with a belly full of MY treats)

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Artsy Poppy

While we are all feeling so badly for Maggie and the Brat Pack, we wanted to take time out for some fun stuff. Here's an artsy photo of me (Poppy). Ok, so it's not really an artsy photo. My secretary was trying to get a close-up of my beautimous face and she doesn't know why it turned out all blue. As you can see, I could never have won Stanley's beard contest. Mine is pretty short in comparison to a lot of yours, but it can still sop up lots of water and deposit it on the floor. Mom says Penny and I are driving her into the poor house because she uses sooooo many paper towels to clean up our dribbles. Recently, she put a big towel under each of our feeding stations, in the dog-feeding room, but it only helps a little. We are experts at getting a whole beard full and bringing most of it out into the kitchen. Our mom thinks that for every ounce that goes into our bellies, at least a gallon goes on the floor. Penny dribbles the most because her beard is about 3 times as long as mine! Oh, yeah, and our poor Personal Servant (Dad) fills up Penny's water bowl about 10 times a day. She does drink a lot, but way more of it ends up on the floor!


Poppy & Penny

Monday, January 14, 2008

Maggies Blog Is:

Maggie's blog is maggiequeenofsocal.blogspot.com for those of you who don't know.

Maggie Queen of SoCal needs your prayers!

I just read Maggie's blog and she has been hit by a car. She is at the vet's and they think she has a broken femur and possibly some other injuries. Please visit her blog, if you can, and send her all your Aire-zen and good wishes!

Poppy & Penny

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Woo Hoo...we got another award!

Woo hoo! We have received this lovely award from Bruno the Airedale. Thank you very much. This is awarded to bloggers who bring you happiness and inspiration and make you feel happy about blogland. The rules say we can pass the award on to up to 10 bloggers who make our day.
We would like to pass it on to:

Square Face - WFT in S. Africa
Roots - JRT in Japan
Ezzy Rider & Jagger - Airedales in Georgia, US
Kimi Wagner - Airedale in Washington, US
Alf & Mindy -Airedales in the UK
Noah & his sisters - Airedales in Australia
Keeley - Irish Terrier in Wisconsin, US
Kirby -Airedale in Ilinois, US
Stanley & Stella -Airedale & Welshie in Kansas, US
Jackson - WFT in the UK

We love reading about all your adventures!

Poppy & Penny

Shopping and in big trouble...again!

See this look on my face? It means I (Poppy) am in big trouble again. You see, I am a "shopper" and proud of it! In case you don't know what a "shopper" is, it's a dog (usually an Airedale) who takes thing that don't belong to it and moves them somewhere else. It doesn't usually involve destructomania, but there ARE exceptions.
Last night, our secretary was needle felting and she had to answer the phone. She set her felting tray on the floor and when she wasn't looking, I made off with part of a felted Airedale! It felt SO nice in my mouth and I was about to munch on it when I was nabbed. Darn! This isn't the first time I've shopped a feltie and I'm sure it won't be the last. That wool just smells so darn good...it's like it's begging me to shop it. Oh, and I am probably the world's FASTEST shopper! Mom can go into another room for a few seconds and when she comes back, her stuff has already been shopped. I am one QUICK Airedale!
Penny doesn't seem to be as much into shopping as I am, but Mom's first Airedale, Pockets, was a master at it. The only difference between Pockets and my shopping abilities is that I will give the item up when I get caught. Pockets would be ashamed of me...she would run when she got caught and the faster Mom ran after her, the faster she chewed up the item she had shopped. She could eat a whole Kleenex in a matter of seconds. Some day, I hope to be as good of a shopper as she was!
Poppy and Penny

Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Airedale who came before us.

Today, our mom is taking over our blog to tell you about her very first Airedale. Her name was Pockets and she was a sweetheart. Unfortunately, she was born with a cleft palate and as she grew older, she developed other health problems. She is the reason our blog is called Airedale Heaven. Every time I took her to the vet or the groomer, we had to stop to visit 6 or 7 people along the way. They all wanted to see Pockets every time we left the house. Several of them told me that if there is such a thing as reincarnation, they want to come back as one of my dogs. Hence, the name Airedale Heaven. We think she could have been a therapy dog if she had gotten the training. She seemed to make everyone smile. Pockets went to the rainbow bridge almost 6 years ago just about 2 weeks shy of her 5th birthday. Before she went, she taught Penny a lot about being an Airedale and some naughty tricks too. Poppy never got to meet Pockets, but sometimes she acts just like her. It must be an Airedale thing! I guess I will continue to miss her until I meet up with her at the bridge. In the mean time, Poppy and Penny are continuing her Airedale ways.


Poppy & Penny's Mom

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Feeding the birds & having fun in the back yard

Today, we helped Mom feed the birds. Okay, so we didn't help a whole lot! In fact, she had a hard time keeping us out of the bird food. We like sunflower seeds almost as much as people food. Mom won't let us eat them because, evidently we are not able to digest them and we end up having accidents in the house. For some strange reason, she doesn't like that. Even though we weren't allow to eat any bird food, we had fun out there anyway. We like to chase each other and growl or Aire-snap at each other. We really like to "T-bone" each other, but Mom doesn't like that either. She is afraid one of us will get hurt. Hurt? We're Airedales! We just like to play rough! She won't play WITH us out in the yard anymore because she always ends up getting hurt. I, Penny like to charge at Mom and bite her in the butt. I can't help it if my teefies are so big that she ends up with bruises! She's no fun at all! We're going to go counter surfing while Mom finishes feeding the birds. She didn't get a picture of us out in the yard because she isn't capable of holding the camera and feeding the birds at the same time. This is a picture of Poppy with devil eyes! Mom needs a better camera!


Penny and Poppy

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Stuffies in the forbidden zone!

Hello to all of our furry and not-so-furry friends! Penny and I were in big trouble, yesterday, because Mom went into our back yard to poopy scoop and she found two stuffies out there. Yes, I (Poppy) am the guilty party! The little football had been out there about a week, but Mom refused to go out and get it because it was either too cold or too rainy. Yesterday morning, I managed to sneak past her with a cow stuffie. I did such a good job that she didn't know it was out there until her poopy scooping adventure. Mom started out with a 150 mph leaf blower with the intention of blowing pine straw and leaves, but discovered that she could blow our poopies too! She started blowing the poopies into piles and somewhere, along the way, she started telling us that we are very prolific poopers. The nerve of that woman! Didn't she think that maybe the reason for so many "land mines" was that she hadn't poopy scooped in a LONG, LONG time? Nooooo...it's all OUR fault! Now, I ask you, do these look like prolific poopers? Mom says, "Yes". She thinks someone should invent a giant vacuum so she doesn't have to bend over to poopy scoop.
That's all for today, pups! We need to go and eat so we can make some more piles for the woman to pick up.
Poppy & Penny

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Big Thank You!

This is a great big THANK YOU to Wendy. She is Ezzy Rider's and Jagger's mom and she helped our secretary set up our blog. Our mom has been reading all the dog bloggers blogs for a long time and now, thanks to Wendy, we have one of our own. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Penny & Poppy

Wednesday, January 2, 2008


This is me (Poppy). Our secretary (aka Mom) has been reading all the other blogs on the DWB for a long time and finally got around to starting one for us. We hope you will check back with us, every now and then and we hope to make lots of friends in the DWB community.


This is one of the few pictures of me (Penny) that you will ever see. I am very camera-shy and run the other way when I hear it turn on. My secretary (aka Mom) tries to sneak up on me, but isn't successful very often. She will keep trying and will post pictures as she is able to get them.