Sunday, March 21, 2010

I am a big fuzz head...and fuzz butt...and fuzz body!

Hello to all our furry and not-so-furry pals! It's me, Patches! I have been informed, recently, that I am a fuzz head, fuzz butt, fuzz body and everything else fuzzy that you can think of! Yep, I'm sportin' my winter coat. I'm also BLOWING said coat! So is Penny, so our whole house looks like one gigantic hairball!

As I told you last time, I will be going to see Cindy (our groomer) on April 7th unless she has a cancellation sooner. Oh God, PLEASE not sooner! Our mom has decided that she just doesn't have the energy to groom us herself right now. That's okay, Mom...Cindy gives me peanut butter when she cuts my toenails! Yum!

This is what is keeping our mom so busy these days. Yep, it's the wood floor again. Fortunately, since Mom was the one who installed the floor, in the first place, she definitely knows how to fix it! This picture is from when she cut out the old caulking that forms the "grout" lines and put new caulking in. She has had a major battle through the years to find exactly the right color of caulking! Since caulking is made in batches, you can't assume that the next tube you buy will be the same as the last one. It makes our mom growl!

This is what the floor looks like when she's all done trimming the caulking. She got really mad at me, last night when some nice peoples came to visit us. I got soooooo excited because the lady was petting me and I peed about 2 gallons right on a spot in the floor that Mom hasn't fixed yet. You should have seen how fast she ran to get an old towel! If the pee got into the wood, it would warp it and then Mom would probably never forgive me! The towel hit the floor so fast that there was no way any of the pee got into the wood. Yay for ME!

Last week, our mom and Aunt Wendy went to lunch with a very nice lady from the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine (Hi, Molly!). Mom was only gone a few hours and Penny and I were totally fine. Okay, we didn't like it that she was gone, but we know she needs to get out of the house once in a while. What is it with humans? I guess they get just as excited as we do when they go bye-byes! Anyhoo, we are not so excited about where Mom is going on April 2nd! She and Aunt Wendy are going to an open house at UGA and they will be gone most of the day. Hey, that's not funny! Who will let us out to potty and who will feed us? We're on a pretty tight schedule, ya know! Mom told us not to worry about it. Okay...I guess!

Well, everybuddy, I'm off to go find some wet caulking so I can leave my pawprints! Wish me luck!

Patches (and Penny too)

Monday, March 8, 2010

Our weather isn't so sucky anymore!

Hi, everybuddy! It's me, Patches. FINALLY! Our weather has turned warm and we have no more snow. The snow lasted just long enough to turn our backyard into a major mud hole. Good for US, bad for MOM! She's been on mud patrol for a couple of weeks now. We could have had the door open, yesterday, so Penny and I could come and go at will, but our stoopid neighbor was burning stuffs in his back yard all day! The smoke was filling up our house and making it too stinky to have the door open. Well, today's another day and he had to go to work (haha on HIM), so we're thinking...maybe Mom will open the door so we can come and go as we please!

We're sorry we haven't been around to very many of your bloggys lately. Our personal secretary (aka Mom) has been really busy fixing our kitchen floor. She's about half way done. When she's all finished, she's going to have a teeny tiny memorial service for our dad. She finally brought his cremains home, on Friday and as soon as his urn arrives, he will watch over us from the china cabinet right next to Poppy. We are still very, very sad, but we are just taking it one day at a time.

Well, everybuddy, I'm going to go sit by the back door, now, and try to get our mom to leave it open! Oh, and thanks to everyone who wished Penny a happy birthday! She had a great day with lots of extra treats! Yeah, I got some too, but Penny's were bigger. SO not fair!

Patches (and Penny too)