Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year to YOU and Happy Bloggaversary to US!

Hello to all our furry and not-so-furry friends! It's us, Patches and Penny! We sneaked the picture above when our mom was down in the basement in our dad's workshop! He always said he could tell when she was down there! She never has figured out HOW he knew, but he DID!

On Christmas Day, we had the first White Christmas in 125 years! Even our mom had to agree that it was beautimous! That's only because she didn't have to drive in it! In the afternoon, she went to our neighbor's with the Puggy guys and the 2 new hooman pups. (They have doubled their weight since birth). She ate dinner with them and then went across the street for dessert with our other neighbors. We thought it was really nice of all of them to invite our mom! Unfortunately, no one invited US! I guess that's okay 'cause we had loads of presents to unwrap and play with on Christmas morning! We had so much fun that we slept all afternoon!

Our other neighbors came home last night, so our mom is done taking care of their animals. They even moved the froggies back to their own home! We sniffed them, but we couldn't get near them at all!

Sunday will be our 3rd Bloggaversary! Woohoo! Three whole years since we started our blog! And we're still a loooong way from 300 posts! You can blame that on our lame personal secretary! For some strange reason, she seems to think that blogging isn't the MOST impawtant thing to do! How are we supposed to keep up with all our buddies?

Happy New Year to everyone! We know a lot of our pals have already celebrated the new year, and a lot of us will be celebrating later tonight. Let's all stay safe and don't shoot off any fireworks! I'm just sayin'....

Penny & Patches (and Lana too)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Hey, every buddy! It's me, Patches! I managed to get my personal secretary to sit at the computer long enough to translate what I am barking. We want to wish a very Merry Christmas to all our pals who celebrate it! Oh, and a Merry or Happy Whatever else you might celebrate!

Our mom taking care of a kitteh and a bunny rabbit that live across the street from us! She goes over there twice a day! She puts the kitteh in a crate about 6 p.m. so she can be nice and warm in the garage. Then she goes back at about 7 a.m. to let the kitteh out and feed her and the bunny. There are 2 froggies that she is feeding too, but they have moved over to OUR house! We told our mom that she could just move the kitteh and bunny to our house too, but for some strange reason, she's not going for that! Gee, I wonder WHY!

Well, I guess that's it for today! Whatever you are celebrating, we hope it's very happy and FUN!!! Thank you to everydoggie that send us Christmas cards even though we didn't sign up for the exchange. Our mom got the cards out of the closet, but that's as far as she went this year. Maybe NEXT year!

Patches (and Penny and Lana too)

Monday, December 13, 2010

Look what WE got!

Hey, every buddy! It's me, Patches! I just couldn't wait to show you what our mom bought for us! Okay, he's not REALLY for US! His name is Digger Dog and he's very talented! When you press a button, he barks, wags his tail, kicks one back foot and then he farts up a storm! It is just tooooo funny! Sorry there's no video, but our mom's 32 bit camera won't upload to our 6 bit computer! What a rip off! It's probably a good thing she can't do a video because all you pooches out there would probably try to tear the speakers out of your pawrent's 'puters! We go absolutely nutso when she presses that white button!

Mom bought Digger from a lady at a yardsale. The lady was from Ukrain and she told Mom that she and her husband bought Digger in some other country. They actually bought 2 of them and when they brought them through customs, the customs peeps didn't want to let them go. Not because the Diggers were suspicious or anything. They were just having too much fun playin' with them! Our mom promised not to list him until Aunt Wendy gets to see him.

I sure hope the rest of you are having better weather than we are! Right now, it's up to a whopping 21 degrees with a wind chill factor of 3! Mom wants to go out for a little while, but I don't think she's gonna make it! We have snow flurries in the aire and we feel like hibernating!
And THAT'S not even the worst of it! Tonight, it is supposed to go down to 13 degrees F! I thought this was supposed to be the SOUTH!!!!!! Even those of us wearing fur coats don't want to go outside for very long! Mom is talking about buying me a coat or sweater or something. I just had my latest Aire-cut last week, so although I am very beautimous and aire-o-dynamic, I come in shivering every time we go out! I might get that coat and keep it on all the time! Due to the shock that our mom got from our last gas bill, she has dropped the thermostat down one more degree! I know it doesn't seem like much, but we have a pretty big house so she's doin' whatever she can to keep the bills lower than the national debt! Holy moly, it's only 66 degrees in here! We can't even have a fire in the fireplace 'cause our mom had the fireplace replaced by a big box window. Hey, maybe we can start a fire in the window!...or NOT!

Well, every buddy, that's it for today. I'm going to go snooze with my nose covered up!
Patches (and Penny who has a lot more hair to keep warm!)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

There's a lady looking for an Aire-girl to adopt!

Hi, every buddy! It's me, Patches. There is a lady, in Florida, who is desperately looking for a female Airedale to adopt. She is willing to travel to pick up the doggie! If anyone knows of a female 'dale around 2 to 4 years old that needs a home, please e-mail me (or leave a comment on our bloggy).

Now, back to my regularly (or NOT so regularly) scheduled posting! Yesterday, I spent the day at the spa and I think I got every treatment they offer! It poured down rain all day, especially when Mom was dropping me off and picking me up! What an ugly day! The rain is all gone now, but we are still running through mud in the back yard. Good times! Our mom doesn't think it's very funny! Today, it's really windy and the high for today is only supposed to be 43 degrees F. Tonight, it is going down into the 20's so I might have to borrow mom's winter coat!

Well, everybuddy, that's it for today! Don't forget...contact us if you know of any 2 to 4 year old Aire-girls that are looking for a home!

Patches (and Penny too)

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving, Everydoggie and Everyhuman!

Hi, every buddy! It's me, Patches! We just wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. I know, I know, it's been almost a month since our personal secretary has posted anything for us! I would have done it myself, but my extra large paws make it really difficult to find the right keys. My typing usually looks like this: hfihsfdcuijer8erj!

We just wanted to let you know that we are still here. We haven't been around to your bloggies much and we haven't even been of Facebook very much. We are having some 'puter problems, but thank doG, this morning, they seem to be okay! Yippee!

Our mom's sales on that Ebay kennel have really taken off, over the last couple of weeks, so she stays busy all day long! It's the first Christmas season that she's had to handle everything by herself, so it takes up even more time than usual. Fortunately, for us, it is making enough green papers to pay our bills and buy lots of yummy treats and foodables!

Our puggie friends next door told us, through the fence, that their pawrents are really overwhelmed with the 2 new hooman pups! So, our mom is making foodables for them whenever she can. On Monday, Mom took them some stuffed peppers and it reminded her of why she doesn't make them very often. There's a whole LOT of work involved!

We hope all of you have a really great Turkey Day! Our mom is going out to dinner with Aunt Wendy, Unkle Bill and Aunt Wendy's mom! Then she might go over to visit the puggie's pawrents and hooman pups. It will be a strange holiday, for her, but she's trying to stay positive and not feel sorry for herself!

Patches (and Penny too)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The leaves are falling! The pine straw is falling!

Hey, everydoggie! It's me, Patches! Once again, our mom can't remember which picture is first! Geez Mom, there are only TWO of them! Anyway, one is a picture of my weiner dog right after I did surgery on him! The other one is just ME!

Our mom has been spending a lot of time selling on that Ebay kennel so she can feed us and buy us treats! Good job, Mom, now keep it up! She has also been spending a lot of time out in the yard with the leaf blower. It looks like all our trees have reached their peak of color and the leaves are falling. That isn't ALL that's falling! In Georgia, at this time of year, the pine needles turn brown and fall too...just like the leaves! Peeps around here even pay green papers for the pine straw to use as mulch. Not us, though! We NEVER have to give any green papers 'cause we get plenty of our own pine straw! The trees don't lose ALL their needles, but they lose ENOUGH!

Our mom is also dawg sitting for the little Puggie guys again! Their hooman mom had two hooman pups last week and they are in the NICU in Atlanta since they were bornded a couple weeks early. The mom and dad got a motel room right by the hospital so someone has to check on the Puggies! Mom says it's pretty easy. All she has to do is stop by the mailbox and steal their mails, then she goes to make sure the doggies have plenty of water and foodables. Of course, the puggies jump on her, so when she gets home, we have a great time sniffing her knees. Yep, they are really short doggies!

Well, everydoggie, we have to let our personal secretary get back to the Ebay kennel, now! We hope everyone has a great week!

Patches (and Penny too)

Monday, October 18, 2010

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Today would have been our dad's birthday! Instead of celebrating with him, we are just very sad because he can't be here with us!

Our mom is doing pretty well except for days like today! It is 248 days since he went to heaven and we still miss him every single day!

Dad, we hope you and Poppy, Pockets, Wayne, Midnight and Daisy have a really great day together! Oh, and sorry about the picture! We know it was taken outside with the sun shining in your eyes and it makes your hair look red. We know your hair was really brown!

To all the peeps and pups who read our bloggy: sorry about the sad post, but it's just how we feel today!

Penny & Patches

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Happy Birthday, Angel Poppy!

Hey, everybuddy! It's me, Penny! I wanted to be blogging doggie, today, because it is Angel Poppy's birthday. We were the bestest of friends for a long, long time! We protected each other from the evil squirrels, in the back yard and we played bitey face almost constantly when we were younger.

Patches really misses you, too. She tries to play with me, but usually, I'm too dignified for such silliness. Once in a while, we have a good game of bitey face or bitey leggie, but not like you and Patches did! You two were unmerciful with each other!

And we think our mom misses you most of all! After all, you were HER doggie like I was always DAD'S doggie! We hope you are celebrating your barkday at the Rainbow Bridge with all of our pals who are there with you! And we hope you take Dad for a really long walk today! Okay, now Mom is getting tears in her eyes, so we are going to have to let her quit typing!

Penny & Patches (who really, really, really misses you!)

Friday, September 24, 2010

I was a VERY bad Aire-girl!

Hey, everydoggie, kitty, hammie, bear and hooman! It's me, Patches! See these glasses? They almost made me a homeless doggie, this morning!

These are the glasses that our mom wears ALL the time! The last thing she does, at night before putting her head on her pillow, is take off these glasses and she puts them on the night stand right beside her bed! The very first thing she does BEFORE she gets up, is put the glasses on!

Well, we woke our mom up before she was ready, this morning, so she was a little bumfuzzled when she got up! She forgot the glasses and went into the bathroom. Now, you all know that I NEVER miss the opportunity to go in the bathroom with my mom, but for some strange reason, I let her go by herself! By the time she came out, she was more awake and reached for her glasses on the night stand, but they weren't there. The first thing she did was check her face, but they weren't there either and she couldn't see very well at all! You should hear the thoughts that were running through her head and the HBO words that were coming out of her mouth!

Boy, I got some new names, this morning, and none of them were GOOD! I just wanted to know how she knew it was ME! There are TWO Aire-girls in this house! Mom turned on the light in the living room and found her glasses on the floor, right beside my weiner doggie. I think he sneaked into the bedroom and took her glasses so he could "frame" me! Hahahahaha! Get it?..."frame" me? Sometimes I crack myself up! But I digress! Mom found the glasses and put them on, but she couldn't see much better than before she found them. They were covered in Aire-art and slobber! Also, she can't see a thing with the glasses off, so she had to feel around to see if there were any teeth marks. Fortunately, for me, she hasn't found any!

I guess I just narrowly escaped being a homeless doggie! On her way to the living room, Mom was seeing dollar signs and hoping she didn't have to shell out another $800! Yep, she paid a little over $800 for those tacky red glasses. (Patches' mom: I know they were expensive, but I had been in pretty much every store in the Atlanta area and couldn't find any frames that I liked. I accidentally ran into a Versace salesperson in my own eye doctor's office when I went in to tell him I hadn't found the right frames yet. I told her what I was looking for and she went out to her car and brought these in. Sold! So the fact that they are Versace (who cares?), they have Swarovski crystals at the corners (who cares again?) and they are Varilux lenses, make them cost over $800.)

My mom says that if she had to buy them today, she would have to get a much, much cheaper pair...like maybe some from WalMart's pharmacy department that cost around $20 a pair. Well, it all turned out okay since I didn't leave any chomper marks and my mom has finally quit calling me names! I knew she couldn't stay mad at me for very long!

Have a great weekend, everybuddy!

Patches (and Penny who NEVER steals Mom's glasses...or anything else either!)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What a weekend!

Hi, every buddy! It's me, Patches! Look at this ginormous tree that fell on our house! Once again, our mom can't remember in what order she loaded the pictures so we don't know which one you are seeing first.

Anyhoo, this tree used to be a beautimous Bradford Pear, but more than half of it came down, in a storm, we had on Saturday night. Our mom thinks she heard it creaking as it came down, but it was so dark outside that she couldn't see. She thinks it came down about 8 p.m. Either that, or there were unexplained noises coming from our kitchen! (Which is always a pawsibility!)

Ya know, the law states that if your neighbor's tree falls on YOUR house, YOUR insurance has to cover it. That is, unless the tree is dead and you have notified the owner to remove it and he/she has not done so. Well, this is the second time this has happened in a few months, but the first one missed the house by about 2 feet. This one hit the house with branches to spare! It scraped the siding, but didn't tear any of it off. Sorry, I got off track! The tree belongs to our neighbors (the Puggy dog people) and as soon as the man saw it, he came right over and told our mom not to mess with it. He said he would take care of it on Monday. Well, I'll be darned! He actually showed up, when he said, along with a chain saw!

Mom called the neighbor on the other side of us and asked if he wanted some free firewood. He said yes, but he won't be able to get it out of our yard until the weekend. He has some kind of a policy of not doing any physical labor on weekdays! I think he might be joking, but I'm not sure. Anyway, this morning, our mom threw some of the smaller pieces into our wheelbarrow. If the neighbor doesn't show up to haul it away this weekend, our mom will take the wheel barrow over there and dump it down his driveway! Do you think I'm kidding? Well, I'm not! She's done it before when he asked if he could have a couple of downed trees. After what seemed like months and he still hadn't taken the wood away, our mom and dad loaded it up in our wheel barrow and Mom took it over and dumped it down his driveway. (His driveway is all down hill!) Hahahahahaha!!!!!!! We sure hope that taught him not to mess with our mom!

One of these pictures is Penny again. Our mom had her beautimous face all lined up, but thanks to the stoopid delay, on the camera, all she got was Penny's tail as she was running away. I think the last one is me with my smiley face on! Mom and I are playing a new game, these days. Ya know, I HAVE to go into the bathroom everytime Mom goes in there, but now I have learned to sit as soon as I get through the door (as opposed to giving Mom the big pawslaps on her arms and legs). Now, as soon as I sit, Mom whispers to me and I talk back with a very low, quiet growly noise. Mom is trying to get me to say, "I love you, Mom", but so far my words don't actually make sense.

When our mom still lived with her mom and dad, they had a Miniature Schnauzer named Chipper and our mom taught him how to talk. He could say, "I love you", "it's a frog" and "I don't know". So far, she hasn't had much luck teaching ME how to talk. It usually ends with me getting so excited that I start barking and then the game is over!

Well, every buddy, my personal secretary is starting to make too many mistakes, so I'm letting her off for right now. She has been pitch forking and blowing pine straw most of the day, so she's very tired! See you all next time!

Our mom just did the post and then looked at it! Stoopid blogger put the pictures in backwards from how our mom loaded them! Anyway, obviously the last picture is NOT my smiling face! We think you can figure out which one is which!

Patches (and the back end of Penny)

Saturday, September 4, 2010

We're still here! Our secretary has just been too busy to post for us!

Hey, everydoggie, kitty, hammie, bear and hooman! It's me, Patches. I know...it's been 2 whole weeks and a day since we got our personal secretary to sit down at the 'puter and type what we're barkin'! We think she's lazy, but she says she's busy. Whatever!

About a week ago, Aunt Wendy's house was stinky because some painters were using an oil based paint, so she loaded up both doggies and came to see US! We had a blast! First Ezzy Rider and Jagger chased us, then we chased them! Then they chased us! You get the idea! We were pooped pups when they went home! We think Penny was trying to turn into a cougar 'cause she kept following Jagger around! He's about 8 years younger than you, ya big dummy! Sorry there are no pictures of our great adventure. Our mom talked about getting the camera, but talking about it doesn't get it done! She gave us some kind of lame excuse like the camera was in the 'puter room and that meant she had to climb over a doggie gate and she would have to figure out a way to keep us all outside while she got the camera. Yeah, yeah, yeah...we've heard all those excuses before!

Our weather has finally cooled off a little, so Mom has been raking and leaf blowing in our woods! Yep, it only took her a week to make lots of big piles of pine straw and leaves! Today, she washed our Aire-mobile AND pitched 3 piles of pine straw over the fence! Woohoo! She keeps saying she's too old for this s**t! Whatever THAT means! Our dad always wanted her to leave the woods alone, but she says she wants to see it, if there are any snakes back there! She says you can't see snakes if the ground is all covered in pine straw and leaves! Besides THAT, it took her almost 2 years to clear it all out and she's not going to let it get like that again!

I guess that's all our big news, for now! We wish all our A Merry Can pals and their peeps a happy Labor Day! Oh, and a safe one too! We're hoping for no fireworks!

Penny & Patches

Friday, August 20, 2010

We got a new ramp for the Aire-mobile! Woohoo!

Hey, everydoggie! It's me, Patches! Wait till you see what our mom bought for us, today! It's a doggie ramp for our Aire-mobile! Last week, when our mom took Penny to the groomer's, she had an awful time getting Penny to step up and down on the upside down mail tub. It isn't the most stable thing for an Aire-pup to step on! And our mom knows that it will only get worse as Penny gets older. She's already 11 1/2 and I just turned 7, so I'm not that far away from being a senior citizen too!

For some unknown reason, last night, Mom started thinking of how she could get us (especially Penny) into and out of the Tahoe without having to help us. There was the possibility of trading in the Tahoe on something lower to the ground, but our mom nixed that option so fast it wasn't even funny! She LOVES our Tahoe! She started researching doggie ramps and found like 8,984,900 different models! She measured how long and how wide it needed to be and today, she set out for the pet stores in our area. She wanted to actually SEE them in person before she bought one! Sometimes she's just funny that way!

Okay, so her first stop was a place where she used to buy our foodables, but they only had doggie steps...no ramps. On her second stop, she found exactly what she was looking for, but the price was waaaaaaay too high! After she looked at what they had, she was walking around the store looking for some other kind and maybe looking a little confused. A nice man asked if he could help her and she asked if those were the only ramps they had. He told her they were the only ones, but they are really good ramps. Yeah, well our mom was feeling cheap and didn't really want to invest $140 in a dog ramp!

She told the nice man that she was very concerned about the weight of a ramp because she has to be able to use it with just one hand, while holding a wild child by the leash in the other hand! He took that ramp out to her Tahoe and showed her how easy it is to use and how easy it is to put away. He almost HAD her until she heard the price. Now, this ramp has obviously been demonstrated once or twice since it had doggie toenail prints on it, so Mom asked if he could come down any on the price. Guess what! He gave her a $50 discount! They didn't even take the ramp back into the store for Mom to pay! They just took the box and left the ramp right in the middle of the back of our Aire-mobile!

And guess what else! Mom CAN actually pull it out and put it back with just one hand! Woohoo for you, Mom! This is going to relieve a lot of stress, on our mom, whenever one of us has to go to the v-e-t or the groomer! She always starts worrying about it the night before! Well, NO MORE, Mom! You will have to find something ELSE to worry about from now on! (And she WILL)! I'm sure she is the world's biggest worrier (is that a word?)! After all this typing, we had to make our mom come back and tell you that the ramp is telescoping! The top slides back to make the whole thing only take up 39 inches from front to back! That still leaves lots of room for the stuffs that our mom buys to re-sell! Woohoo again!

Have a great weekend, everydoggie!

Patches & Penny (who won't be stepping on mail containers anymore!)

Monday, August 16, 2010

We are both beautimous at the same time!

Hi every buddy! It's me, Patches! Well, our spa days are over with for now. Penny had hers last Tuesday and I had mine on Thursday. It rarely happens that we are both clean and smelling good at the same time, but somehow, our mom managed to pull it off this time!

There isn't much going on at Airedale Heaven these days. It's just too hot to do much of anything! Our mom is still trying to figure out what is "normal" for her after losing our dad and Poppy. Last week, it was 6 months since we lost Dad and this Saturday, it will be 6 months for Poppy. Mom is doing okay, but sometimes she wishes she could turn the clock back a few years! She just can't believe how fast time goes by! Last week, our mom's youngest aunt died after a 3 year battle with cancer. Mom has been on the phone with her uncle telling him what he can expect in the next 6 months. I guess she thinks these last 6 months have made her an expert or something!

One of these pictures is Penny from the back. You have to click on the picture to biggify it and you can see her tail with the arrow in the center of it. We don't know how the arrow got there. We think maybe she was in a fight with her littermates when she was a puppy.

If it EVER cools off, here, our mom is thinking about having a fundraiser for the Airedale Rescue Group. Yep, right here at OUR house! Of course, Aunt Wendy will help her. We're thinking about maybe some time in November. We have lots of room for the pups to run around in our fenced backyard and all the peeps can be in the kitchen or on the deck.

I still haven't named my new best friend and believe it or not, he has only lost about a 1 inch piece of stuffing! I'm pretty sure he is a life-sized Border Collie 'cause he keeps trying to herd me around the living room!

Well, every buddy, I have to go bark at the mailman now!

Patches and Penny too!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My new best friend...by Patches

Hey, everydoggie, everykitty, bear, hamsterrier and hooman! It's me, Patches! Since I have not yet destroyed my weiner doggie, Mom brought me home ANOTHER doggie.

He's pretty big, so I can perform my secret ritual on him without any fear of falling on my fuzzy face!

My mom brought him home last Friday, but she just gave him to me this morning. That's because Penny is at the spa today so I won't have to try to keep her away from my new best friend. Woohoo!

Some of you have asked if our mom has given up on the idea of grooming us herself. Well, sort of! She can't do it alone and it's hard to find someone to help her whenever she feels like working on one of us. She hasn't sold the clippers yet, so there's still a chance that she will try it again.

I get my spa day on Thursday, so we will both be beautimous at the same time! That doesn't happen too often. Our mom can't handle taking both of us at the same time. What a wimp! She freaks out when I get all cracker dog, on her, while she's trying to hold me still and help Penny to get out of the Aire-mobile. It's better for her blood pressure if we go on separate days.

Well, everybuddy, I'm off to find an aire-conditioning vent again. It's still really hot, here right now. I feel sorry for all the hooman pups who went back to school yesterday. The buses are not aire-conditioned and they sit outside, in the sun, all day! What is wrong with these people that think it's okay to put kids back in school in AUGUST? Okay, don't get our mom started on this! When she went to school (like 24,343 years ago), they didn't go back to school until after Labor Day in SEPTEMBER! Of course, she didn't live in the SOUTH!

Patches (and Penny the spa girl)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Too sad to blog...almost!

Hi, every buddy! It's me, Patches We are very sad today because of what happened to Doctor Dre! We still don't know all the details, but we think it never should have happened! We're also sad that Kodiak went to the bridge, yesterday, but we are glad he had such a wonderful life. Once again, we're sorry, stoopid Vista won't let us put in links! We are crossing our paws for all their peeps!

I heard our mom, on the phone, yesterday, making an appointment for somedoggie to get groomed! I was relieved when I heard her say Penny's name, but then she informed me that Penny goes on Tuesday and I go on Thursday! That just sucks! I was pretty sure I was going to escape it this time, but NO! She actually made MY appointment a long time ago!

Well, I guess I AM getting kind of woolie and I would like to cool off a little. It is soooooo hot that our mom keeps our garage door up about a foot or two during the day. She says there are cans of gas in there, gas in two mowers and gas in the Aire-mobile and a pressure washer. We haven't heard any reports of peoples garages blowing up, but she's not taking any chances!

She's also only doing laundry once a week and very early in the morning. Our washer and dryer are in the garage and it's just too hot to be out there for very long! She doesn't know what she was thinking when she had the washer and dryer moved to the garage! It seemed like a good idea, at the time, but in the summer and winter...not such a great idea!

Well, everydoggie, I need to go outside now...just for a second! You wouldn't believe how fast two Aire-girls can run down the steps, do our bidness and get back into the Aire-conditioning!

Patches (and Penny too)

Monday, July 26, 2010

We had very impawtant visitors!

Hey, every buddy! It's me, Patches! As some of you may know, we had some very impawtant visitors on Saturday! The two special wires (aka Jake and Fergi) were traveling through Georgia with their moma and their girl, Nina. They stopped to spend some time with us! We were so excited that we also invited Sally Ann and her mommy (Lisa) and Ezzy Rider with his mom and dad (aka Aunt Wendy and Unkle Bill). This first picture (above) was supposed to be last, but as usual, Vista screwed it up. Anyway, it is some of the cool stuffs they brought for us! Our mom also got a gorgeous tote bag that is handmade by the moma of the two special wires. She is guarding it with her life to make sure nodoggie gets their teefies on it!

This is Sally Ann sitting on her mommy's lap while Jake takes in the view from our big box window in the kitchen.

This is them again with Nina girl on the left. We were all eating foodables that our mom cheated on. It was so hot that she didn't want to start up the oven, so she bought frozen raviolis and garlic bread and a Pepperidge Farm frozen cake for desert. Sally Ann brought a Key Lime Mango pie, so some of the peeps ate that too. Sally Ann and Lisa also brought a flatsie toy for everydoggie! Thanks, Sally Ann! Penny has been squeeking hers a LOT!

Here's Miss Fergie running around the kitchen. We thought she was going to play with that toy, but it was just being dragged around by her leash. She is such a sweetie pie! Maybe, someday, she'll figure out how much fun the toys are!

Here's me getting some lovin' from Jake and Fergie's moma. I think she wanted to dognap me, but my mom wouldn't let her have me. (At least not THAT day...SOME days, she might consider it!

This is Ezzy Rider! As usual, he was right in the middle of everything that went on. He and I had quite a few play sessions! And he was very nice to the LITTLE doggies, just like we were.

As each new doggie arrived, Penny and I were penned in the living room so we could meet everydoggie snooter to snooter with a gate between us. Once we all got settled down, our mom let us loose and boy did we have fun! Jake was kind of sticking close to Penny when he wasn't in the window. Maybe he thought it was good to stick close to a more mature doggie. Fergie explored the whole house even though she is still kind of shy. Unfortunately, just as everyone arrived, we were having major thunder boomers! They didn't last toooo long and once they were over, we all went outside for a potty break. We didn't stay out too long because of all the fresh mud.

What a great time we had! We just love meeting and spending time with Dogs with Blogs peeps and pups!

Patches & Penny (who managed to not show up in any of our pictures)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A public service announcement for Skinneeez stuffing-free dog toys!

Hey, everydoggie! Remember our PSA about the Kong Wobbler? Well, those same peeps asked us to do a review of the Skinneeez stuffing-free dog toy. The one they sent to us is a Forest Series Fox and I have to say: he's mighty tasty!

As usual, I (Patches) wouldn't let Penny come near Mr. Foxy! He might not have any stuffing, but he does have a squeeker in his tail and that spells FUN! Okay, maybe not so fun for Mom since I have been squeeking him non-stop since she gave him to me.

We have heard some stories, lately, about a doggie who ate stuffing out of a child's plush toy and got really, really sick and eventually went to the Rainbox Bridge! Now, our mom has always bought our stuffies at yard sales, so they aren't really meant for doggies...just for kids (who, hopefully) are smart enough to NOT eat the stuffing! My favorite way to enjoy my stuffies is (1) remove the eyes, no matter how long it takes. (2) pull lots of stuffing out through the eye-hole and (3) remove as many limbs as possible (assuming the stuffie is an animal of some sort). Oh, and I almost forgot: (4) if the stuffie is large enough, I HAVE to perform my secret ritual on said stuffie! Now, Mr. Skinneeez Foxy isn't large enough to perform my secret ritual because I would fall flat on my snooter, but he sure is fun to shake like crazy...just like we would do with real prey and he's totally harmless since there is no stuffing! Not to mention that he will last much longer than our usual stuffies. In this house, one of our usual stuffies starts to lose stuffing within 1.3 seconds after entering our jaws of death!

So, let's see...no stuffing to make a mess that our peeps have to clean up or that we eat and get really, really sick (or worse), no plastic eyes for us to rip out and that squeeker in the tail makes it the pawfect dog toy! We give it 8 paws up!

Sorry, everybuddy, I gotta run! While I have been in here barking stuffs for Mom to type, Penny is in the living room squeeking Mr. Foxy and I HAVE to stop her! NOW!

Penny & Patches