Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Before and after the Aire-cut!

Hi, everybuddy! It's me, Princess Patches. I wanted to show you my before and after pictures, but for some reason, the AFTER pictures loaded first. I think it's my mom's fault! Anyway, yesterday, Aunt Wendy and Mom lured me down to the basement and gave me a serious Aire-cut!
And if that wasn't bad enough...this morning I got a bath! Mom tricked me into the bathroom and then shut the door. She knows that I always show up whenever she sits on that porcelain thingy. It's almost like there is a string tied to my body. EVERY time she sits down, here I come! Anyway, she sat down like she always does, but this time, she grabbed my collar as soon as I made my appearance! Soooooo NOT fair! Penny didn't have to get an Aire-cut OR a b-a-t-h. Mom says her turn is coming!
In my BEFORE pictures, I kind looked like a wooly bear! And that was AFTER Aunt Wendy trimmed my face so I could see again!
Sorry it took so long for us to post. It's been way over a month and our mom has used every excuse in the book on us...it's too hot. It's too dry. I have too much to do!...the list goes on and on. Well, Penny and I aren't buying ANY of it! We know she spent a lot of time making devilled eggies and macaroni salad when she could have been posting for US. And did we get any? Nope, not a single bite!

Mom is almost always in front of the 'puter or weed eating or mowing grass. And when she's in front of the 'puter, it's always for the wrong reasons. We need to get her in front of it more to post for US! She KNOWS we need to keep up on what's going on with everydoggie! We were very sad to learn that the famous (or infamous) Joe Stains made his journey to the rainbow bridge yesterday. Run free, Joey and torment all the other doggies!

Patches (and Penny too)