Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, or whatever you celebrate!

Hey, everybuddy! It's me, Patches! We want to say Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah or Happy Whatever you Celebrate! Here at Airedale Heaven, I will be having a Merry Christmas! I know Santa Claws is bringing me some really good stuffs!

I also, want to show everydoggie our new Christmas ornament. It is a stocking with an Airedale on it! It's from Maggie, Mitch and their very talented mom! It is so special that my mom hung it from the very top of our tree! It looks beautimous up there, Mom, but I can't reach it. I think that might have been her plan since sometimes I grab a Christmas ball from the lower branches! But that was an accident. Really, Mom. My toys sometimes hit an ornament and then I get caught in the process of putting it back! Somehow, I don't think she's buying that!

We hope all of you have a very happy and SAFE holiday season!


Thursday, December 8, 2011

Hey, hey, hey every buddy!

Hi! It's me, Patches! Well, my mom really did it! She put up a 6 foot tall Christmas tree. I really like playing with the colored balls that are on the tree, but they don't break easily. Darn! Sometimes, I get a little carried away playing with my toys and they accidentally knock a ball or two off the tree. Oops!

When one of my toys sticks on the tree, I try to bark it off, but that doesn't usually work. I end up having to go and get my mom and then run in the living room while barking at the tree! She takes the hint and gives me back my toy. I guess she would rather I do that than just just climbing the tree to get it myself!

We had a nice Thanksgiving and I got to have my own special treat. Aunt Wendy put the turkey-holding tray on the floor and let me "go to it"! Yummy, yummy! This is the first time I got to clean it up all by myself!

Aunt Wendy even let my mom take a picture of us together right before I dove on the turkey-holder.

I cleaned up that plate so well that I thought my mom could just put it back in the cabinet, but for some strange reason, she said she had to sterilize it!

Well, every buddy...that's it for today! I'm off to find a register vent to sleep on. It's cold outside and that warm aire sure feels good on my fuzzy belly!


Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Hi, everybuddy. It's me, Patches! I know, I know! My mom hasn't let me blog in a whole MONTH! As usual, she says she's busy and I say she's lazy! Although, I do have to admit that she's been spending a lot of time outside and a lot of time in front of 'puter doing stuff besides blogging!

Mom says she's going to put up a Christmas tree, this year, for the first time since 1981! It won't be real, but it WILL be 6 feet tall. Whoa...Mom! From a 1 foot tall ceramic tree to a 6 foot fake tree? Well, baby steps...I guess! Unfortunately, for ME, she bought all shatter-proof ornaments! I was looking forward to breaking the glass balls!

We want to wish a Happy Thanksgiving to all of our American friends and anyone else who celebrates it!

Patches (who can hardly wait for some TURKEY!)

Monday, October 24, 2011

I have decided to forgive my mom and I had a playdate with Lucia!

Hi, everybuddy! I had a most excellent visit and playdate with Lucia the Aire-girl! After some butt sniffing and getting to know each other through the gate, our moms finally let us "have AT" each other! Lucia had a blast sniffing all the smells in my house and I was having a really good time sniffing LUCIA!

I even let her drink from MY water bowl! I was very nice to her once I told her that I am the alpha around here! She just said, "Whatever". I guess she wasn't impressed that I am the alpha!

I have no idea what happened to THIS picture! We really aren't all faded out like this picture shows. At least we are both IN the picture. Mom took lots of pictures where all you see is a tail...thanks to that stoopid delay thingy on the flashy box!

Lucia and her la mia ragazza(mom)brought me loads of foodables (treats) and two toys! The tennis ball has already been confiscated because I tried to skin it! The other toy is a pink doggie and my sick, sick mom calls it my "crack baby". It has a plastic bottle inside so it crackles when I put my big gnashers on it! I also have some kind of treat that looks like a summer sausage. My mom calls THAT "doggie crack"! I guess it's because I almost jump in her face every time she gets it out of the coolerator to give me a bite. That woman just isn't "right"! Or as my dad used to say, "She isn't wrapped too tight"!

Okay, everybuddy, here's why I have decided to forgive my mom for the torture she put me through last Tuesday. I have my very own Pink Panther! My mom think his eyes follow her when she walks through the living room. I think she's been watching too many Ghost Hunters shows! Mr. Pink came to me from a yard sale. The lady GAVE it to my mom FREE! Woohoo! No green papers changed hands! I loooooove my new pink doggie and my new
pink panther!

My hot spot from hell, on my tail, is doing much better now. I still have lots of ant-eye-buy-oticks to take, but I'm feeling much, much better!

We lost a very good friend, last Friday. Claudette Hudson passed away after a looooong and painful battle with cancer. Her Dogs with Blogs family (which includes US)will really miss her! We could always count on Claudette to let us know the most recent and impawtant news from our great DWB community. Rest in peace, Claudette! We will all make sure Rocky, Bear and Floyd are taken care of!


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My mom has betrayed me and I plan to get even!

Hey, everydoggie! I am registering a complaint! My mom has betrayed me in the worst kind of way! Yesterday morning, she refused to give me my breakfast and then when I asked for water, she said no to that too.
I had to watch as she ate HER breakfast, but did I even get one little taste? Noooooo! She kept telling me she was sorry, but I wasn't buying that! Finally, she put my prong collar and leash on and I realized I was going somewhere! Woohoo!...or so I THOUGHT! We went on a loooong car ride in my Aire-mobile and I met some new peoples that I had never seen before. Now, at first I was kind of excited about all of this, but then they started stealing my bloods and shaving various parts of my furry body! Ok, they made me go to sleep before the shaving and the stealing of the bloods, but don't worry, I knew what they were up to!

When I woke up, I had a poodle leggie and big bare spot on my tail...not to mention...my teefies are all sparkling white! I bet if I went into a room with a black light, they would glow in the dark!

It seems that I have a hot spot from hell on the side of my tail! It was so bad that my fuzzy body was producing white blood cells to fight with it! I hadn't told my mom about it until yesterday morning when she saw me gnawing on my tail like an ear of corn! I hadn't yet chewed the hair off so my mom didn't think it was a hot spot. Some dog detective SHE is!

Well, now I am on ant-eye-bye-oticks and some allergy medicine. Can you believe it...my mom wanted to steal my allergy medicine! It's the same stuff she takes...even the same dosage! The dogtor told her that it's very impawtant for me to take it! So take THAT, Mom!

Yep, she really betrayed me, but I am getting even! About every hour, last nignt while she was sleeping, I was whining! Every time I did it, she got up and held me for a few minutes. I've been doing it all day today, too! She went to the store, this morning, and when she came home, I REALLY got even with her! She knows that as soon as she opens the door from the garage to the kitchen, the first thing she sees is my big, black marshmellow nose! Well, this time, I wasn't there! I almost heard her heart fall to her feet! Actually, I was fine and I just wanted to see the look on her face when I didn't show up to greet her! I might have to "milk" this thing for a while!

Oh, yeah and I have to wear the cone of shame! Actually, I am wearing the COLLAR of shame. It's foam rubber covered with some fabric. My dad used to wear it sometimes and I inherited it! Thanks a lot, Dad! Today, I am wishing my dad a happy birthday! I hope he can hear me from heaven!

Well, everybuddy, I have to get back to planning my revenge. Stay tuned!


Sunday, October 16, 2011

Thank you, everydoggie!

Hi! It's me, Patches again! We just want to thank everydoggie who left us comments about finding a service doggie! Thank you to Mango Momma for reminding us about Clive in Ireland and thank you to Clive for giving us some information about trainers here, in the Atlanta area!

My mom contacted Tenkiller Airedales and they are going to help! We are turning over all the information, so they can deal directly with the family of the little boy. We think that's better than relying on 3rd or 4th hand information from my mom. We sure hope everything works out for all the parties involved and we send a huge THANK YOU to Sherry from Tenkiller Airedales!


Saturday, October 15, 2011

We need somedoggie's help!

Hey, everydoggie, kitty, hamsterrier and hooman! It's me, Patches! My mom and Aunt Wendy are wondering if anyone out there knows of an assistance dog for autism that is in the Atlanta area or could COME to the Atlanta area. There is a little boy, here, who is in desparate need of an "autism" doggie. He's on some sort of list to get a dog, but he's somewhere around number 1000. We're hoping to find him a doggie that isn't on the "list", but has had the training.

We don't know much about these things, but since we have friends from all over the world, we thought that maybe someone could help...or at least point us in the right direction!

Pupdate: This family is desperate since the boy ran away from home and was found hanging from a pool cover. He was one very lucky little boy THIS TIME! A couple of other children, in the Atlanta area, were not so lucky. There have been some deaths of autistic children in recent weeks! It was told to us, that these dogs will actually lie down on the back of the child to prevent them from running away. (We don't know if this is accurate, we just know what we were told). Thanks to those of you who have left us comments!


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wordless Wednesday!

Patches the Princess

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I have picked up some new (bad) habits since I am the only doggie around here, now!

Hi, everybuddy! It's me, Patches. My mom says I am starting some bad habits since I am the only doggie around here, now! As soon as my mom goes out the door, I howl like a coyote howling at the moon. I can see her out in the front yard, but I can't get to her, so I howl. I never did that when there were three of us or even two of us! Maybe I'm just lonely!

I know these pictures are screwed up again, but I will tell you what they are! The first one is Poppy, Penny and Dad's final resting place (ok it isn't really FINAL, because eventually, we will all to go a vault in Ohio. We are hoping that will be a loooooong time from now.

The second picture is a gorgeous candle holder with a candle that my mom got from the Airedale Rescue Group in honor of Penny. The Airedale Rescue Group is where I came from...well, sort of! My mom and Aunt Wendy were volunteering for them on that wonderful day that I was set free and then came here to Airedale Heaven! We send a big "Thank You"! to all our friends in the Airedale Rescue Group!

This last picture is ME! I'm getting very close to needing my furs cut, but Mom wants to wait as long as possible because I don't get fur cuts in the winter time. Yeah, I know this is Georgia, but we do get some really cold weather in the wintertime!

Until next time,

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Okay, here's what happened with Penny...

Hey, everybody, it's me, Lana. I know a lot of you are wondering exactly what happpened with Penny, so I am going to tell you.

You all know from previous posts that she was having trouble getting up and down the steps. Well, I had her convinced, finally, that we should go out through the garage. I had it down to a fine science...I asked Patches if she wanted to go outside through the back door and then as soon as she went through the door, I shut it and told Penny to come with me. It took a while, but she finally got used to the routine. After several times of going out front, she became afraid of my security light. It doesn't come on immediately when you go out in the driveway...it has to detect body heat first. When it came on after we were already out there, she bolted for the house with me in tow.

She was having a very hard time getting up from a sitting position, even on the carpet. Her sight and hearing got really bad and she was doing poopies in the house during the night. Up until last Wednesday morning, the biggest problem was her breathing. She was panting constantly and by last Tuesday, I could tell that she was wheezing with every breath and it was a struggle for her.

On Wednesday morning, she insisted on going down the back steps, so I held onto her harness and helped her all the way down. I went back up the stairs so I could see her better. She always took a tour of the perimeter of the fence and I watched her go most of the way around and then she disappeared. It wasn't quite light outside yet, so I couldn't see her once she went into the woods, but I should have been able to hear her walking in the leaves. I couldn't hear the leaves nor could I hear her breathing. I ran in the house and got a flashlight so I could find her in the woods. I located her and when she saw the flashlight, she headed for me, but I could tell something was wrong. Her back legs, one at a time, would fly out behind her and then she would drag each foot through the dirt. I watched her do that all the way to the house and I could tell it was involuntary. When I finally got her to the steps, I put my hands under her and lifted her up each step. Fortunately, she was still in control of her front legs and she helped me the best she could.

Once she was on the wood floor in the kitchen, her legs just didn't work at all. She would try to get up and then just do the splits with her back legs and she kept looking at me like she was saying, "HELP ME, Mom!" The first thing I did was call Wendy and she said it didn't sound good and I needed to get to the vet right away. Well, there was no way I could get her into my Tahoe alone, so I called my neighbor and he came over and put her in there for me.

When we got to the vet's office, one of the girls at the desk carried her into a room for me. Once the vet came in, he took one look at her and said, "I'm soooooo sorry". He said she was in heart failure and probably wouldn't last anymore than a day or two. At that time, I made that dreaded decision that none of us want to make. I just couldn't let her suffer anymore. I also decided that I was going to stay with her to the end. I had never done that before...I had always said my "goodbyes" and left before he did what he had to do. He gave her a sedative first and I was kind of wishing he'd give ME one! Without going into the sad details, my Penny just went to sleep while I petted her head and the vet talked to her constantly. It was a very sad and yet peaceful experience. Even as hard as it was, I'm very glad I stayed with her.

Now, it's very strange only having one dog in the house. Patches just isn't herself yet, either. She's sleeping a lot and not playing with her toys at all. She sleeps part of the night in Penny's bed and part of the night in the living room. She's free-feeding for the first time since she came to live with us. I put her food in her bowl and it might take her several hours before she eats all of it. I'm used to seeing it devoured in less than 30 seconds. I guess she is grieving too!

Thank you to all of you who have sent your condolences to us! I want to get around to each one of you and thank you personally, but I'm just not sure I can do that at this time. Between my profile and all the groups I belong to on Facebook and my blog, I think there have been about 200 peeps and pups that have commented and I really appreciate every single one of you! Somehow, it helps to know that others care! That's why I am so glad I belong to Dogs with Blogs and about 99% of my Facebook "friends" are "dog people". Thanks to all of you for your support! And a huge thank you to Wendy! I don't know what I would do without you and I hope I never have to find out!

Lana (and Patches too)

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

RIP, my sweet Penny girl!

Hi, everybody. It's Lana. I am very sad to tell you that Penny went to the Rainbow Bridge at about 10:00 this morning. I will have to tell you about it later. I just can't do it right now!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Pupdate on Penny. Sorry we are a couple days late!

Hi, every buddy! It's me, Penny! My mom promised you a pupdate a few days ago, but she has been spending most of her time taking care of me. It seems that I have an enlarged heart which causes me to pant constantly. I also have a thyroid problem so I will be on medicine for the rest of my life. My kidneys are doing something weird...my BUN is off the charts, but my Creatinine is at high normal. My liver enzymes are elevated and so is my Potassium. Oh, yeah, and with my right eye, I can still see a little bit of light, but not much else. My left eye is a little better, but not much. It is getting harder and harder for me to get up and down the steps even with my mom's help. I will GO out the front door, now, but I won't do my bidness on a leash. Sorry, that's just the way it is! Sometimes, when I sit down on the kitchen floor (which is wood), I can't get back up without my mom's help. I think I already told you that I have skin cancer. Right now, all I have is one lump on my back and it doesn't bother me at all. Mom leaves my hairs a little longer so no one gets grossed out.

A week ago today, my mom took me to see a new v-e-t. It seemed to take us a looooong time to get there. Lately, it seems like our regular v-e-t is trying to pay off his new building by charging us way too much. Aunt Wendy told us about a v-e-t who is just getting started in our area, so off we went. He was very nice and even though he stole my blood, he seemed to really care about me. We were planning to have my toothers cleaned, but he said it would be an extremely high risk to put me out. He gave me 3 different medicines and we went back home. I am still interested in my foodables and once I get down the steps, I can move pretty darn fast. I'm not having any accidents in the house. Mom talked to the dogtor about accupuncture for my leggies, but he said that with all my other problems, he is not sure he would recommend it right now. We will be going back to see him again in 40 days from last Saturday. He will re-evaluate my situation then. In the mean time, I am just doing what I normally do...eat, sleep, pee and poop. Oh yeah, I beg for foodables whenever Mom eats something!

And now, Princess Patches wants to tell you how she was humiliated yesterday. Hi, it's me, Patches. We already told you that our vet charges an arm and a leg, so Aunt Wendy told us about a place that gives affordable pet vaccinations. I was due for mine at the end of June, but my mom didn't have an extra three or four hundred dollars laying around! Yesterday, my mom loaded me in the Aire-mobile and we drove about 15 miles to a pet store. Nope, NOT a vet's office...it was a pet store where they sell stuffs for pets! The dogtor and vet techs only do the vaccines from 4 to 5 p.m. We got there at 3:30 so we were only about 4th or 5th in line. Thank doGness, my mom is ALWAYS early. There were about 50 peeps there and about 30 doggies and kitties. We met a cute little Italian Greyhound named Dash. Boy, could he jump! He jumped almost as high as his mom's head! I was pretty sure he had springs in his leggies!

The peeps started giving the vaccines right at 4 p.m., so we were out of there by 5:05 p.m. Woohoo! I gots all my shots and even a heartworm test! Mom bought a 6-pack of my anti-heartworm pills and our whole bill came to about a third or fourth of what it usually is. Woohoo!

Well, everydoggie, that's about it for today. Sorry it isn't happier news, but somehow, we will get through it! We hope everydoggie has a great August!

Penny & Patches

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

We interrupt this bloggy for a public service announcement (aka advertisement)!

Hi, everydoggie! It's me, Patches! I get to do the posting today because I am a toy HOG! We have been asked by the nice peeps at the Kong Company to test out one of their new doggie toys. It is called Kong Squiggles and boy, is it FUN!
They each have a stuffie head with a squeaker inside and and a teeny tiny bit of stuffing (so we make less of a mess once we do surgery on them. The butt (or bottom end) has a squeaker inside, too for twice as much fun! The middle has some kind of twisted squiggly thing and when you shake it, it's kind of like playing tug-of-war with YOURSELF! It's a good thing too, 'cause Penny thinks she is too dignified to play tug with me!

Aunt Wendy happened to be at my house when the Kong Squiggles arrived. She grabbed one and made me chase her to get it. She let me jump on the big peepol bed! (Normally, I am not supposed to be up there. Shhhhhhhh...don't tell my mom!)

I have been having loads of fun with our new Kong Squiggles! And our mom is looking forward to a much smaller mess when I go all "ninja" on it. I haven't done it YET, but believe me, the time WILL come!

Penny (who is usually the squeaker queen)has even played with hers a few times! That's when I LET her! She might be the squeaker queen, but I am the keeper of ALL the TOYS in this house. We give the Kong Squiggles 8 paws UP!

We know a lot of you are wondering about Penny. We will be back in a couple of days with a PUPdate! (She's doing okay, for now)!

Patches (and Penny too)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Please send us the power of the paw, Aire-zen, Wiry-zen or whatever you have!

Hi, every buddy! It's me, Penny! Mom let me do the post today to ask all of you for a BIG favor. Lately, I am having trouble getting up and down the steps and I HAVE to get down there to do my bidness. When I am coming back up, I do pretty well until the top step. Mom has been helping me! She goes down the steps with me every time I go and she's right behind me when I come back up...just in case I need some help. Most of the time, I need at least a LITTLE help! Mom has been trying to get me to go out the FRONT door because there are only 2 steps there. It's not likely that I will go out that way any time soon! For the more than 11 years that I have lived here, I have always known that I wasn't allowed out the front door. And NOW she WANTS me to go out there! What is WRONG with that woman?

I would really appreciate it if you could all send me some Aire-zen, Wirey-zen or whatever kind of zen you have! I know that the Power of the Paw works and I could sure use some right now!

Yes, I am almost 12 1/2 years old, so this is no big surprise, but it would sure be nice if I could have some more time to go up and down the stairs by myself. Two days ago, I made it to the top step, but then I couldn't stand all the way up to walk into the house. My mom REALLY freaked out then! Once she got me settled and I was stretched out on the carpet, she jumped into the Aire-mobile and went to the health food store. She got me some soft chewy peanut better thingys that are glucosomine and condroiten. They are suppose to help strengthen my back leggies...at least that's what the man at the store said.

Mom went to the v-e-t and got me some pills for pain. I only have one week's worth because they want to SEE me! (Of course they do, they can't charge my mom for an office visit if they don't actually see my beautimous face!) Other than the issue with steps, I'm doing pretty well! I am still snarfing my food down really fast and Aire-snapping at Mom and Patches. Yesterday, I even had a bath and toenail trim. My mom took me in the shower and we BOTH got clean! That wasn't exactly how it was supposed to go, but that's how it worked out! I laid down and let my mom cut my toenails! All 20 of them! Mom thought it was a miracle! Too bad she can't do that to Patches! Not even with a muzzle! I don't need no stinking muzzle, because I'm a gooooood girl!

Well, every buddy, my pain pill is making me kind of sleepy zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Aire-hugs and big thank yous to everyone who sends me healing thoughts!

Penny (and of course, Patches)

Saturday, July 16, 2011

We still need a new dog-secretary!

Hey, everybuddy! It's me, Patches! Yep, we're still here and still in need of a new secretary that speaks and understands Airedale-ese! We have our own language, ya know! It's not bad enough that our mom won't post for us, but 2 days ago, she disappeared for almost ALL day! First, she and Aunt Wendy came home smelling like a ginormous Japanese or Chinese Mastiff. (Can't remember which!) He was only 7 months old and and already weighs well over 200 lbs. He is going to be a biiiiiiig boy!

If that wasn't bad enough, later they came back smelling like a bunch of horses! Mom said she trimmed Aunt Wendy's horsie's mane and tail. Tipper was a good girl and stood pretty still while Mom trimmed her hairs! Normally, our mom is kind of scared of horsies because they are sooooo big and with her dental implants, she is always afraid that a big horsie could break her jaw. She wasn't afraid of Tipper at all...Tipper is so gentle and doesn't make any sudden movements. She's in a barn with lots of other therapy horsies and we sure wish we could meet them!

Well, once again, since our mom doesn't know which picture loaded first, we'll just tell you...the cake is one that our mom made with pineapple and raspberries. She force-fed it to Aunt Wendy and Unkle Bill! The other two pictures are me and Penny! I'm keeping an eye on my new stuffie leopard. He has a tendency to roll over on me when I perform my secret ritual on him! And he's sooooo big that he makes ME look small! Usually, I don't let Penny get anywhere near him, but last night, my mom told me that Penny was sleeping with her head resting on him! The NERVE of that doggie! It's a good thing I didn't see it!

Last Saturday, another huge piece of a Bradford Pear tree came down between our house and our neighbor's house. This time, we were lucky...it missed our fence and our house by about 6 inches. It did crush our Gardenia bush, but we think it will be okay. This time, our neighbor (who owns the trees) has decided to have all 3 Bradfords cut down. Normally, our mom is always against taking down healthy trees, but this time, she has to take the risk into consideration. It's just a matter of time until one of the trees damages our house or fence. We still haven't figured out why they ALWAYS fall towards OUR house instead of the owner's! We are very lucky that the tree owner is willing to cut up and haul off the broken limbs because the law says that if your neighbor's tree damages YOUR property, it's YOUR responsibility to cut up and haul-off the broken tree! (Unless the tree is dead and you have warned the owner to take it down.) We would like to bite THOSE law-makers in the butt!

Well, everybuddy, I think the rain has stopped so we need to go outside and make sure there are no skwerrels in our yard!

Patches (and Penny too)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Before and after the Aire-cut!

Hi, everybuddy! It's me, Princess Patches. I wanted to show you my before and after pictures, but for some reason, the AFTER pictures loaded first. I think it's my mom's fault! Anyway, yesterday, Aunt Wendy and Mom lured me down to the basement and gave me a serious Aire-cut!
And if that wasn't bad enough...this morning I got a bath! Mom tricked me into the bathroom and then shut the door. She knows that I always show up whenever she sits on that porcelain thingy. It's almost like there is a string tied to my body. EVERY time she sits down, here I come! Anyway, she sat down like she always does, but this time, she grabbed my collar as soon as I made my appearance! Soooooo NOT fair! Penny didn't have to get an Aire-cut OR a b-a-t-h. Mom says her turn is coming!
In my BEFORE pictures, I kind looked like a wooly bear! And that was AFTER Aunt Wendy trimmed my face so I could see again!
Sorry it took so long for us to post. It's been way over a month and our mom has used every excuse in the book on us...it's too hot. It's too dry. I have too much to do!...the list goes on and on. Well, Penny and I aren't buying ANY of it! We know she spent a lot of time making devilled eggies and macaroni salad when she could have been posting for US. And did we get any? Nope, not a single bite!

Mom is almost always in front of the 'puter or weed eating or mowing grass. And when she's in front of the 'puter, it's always for the wrong reasons. We need to get her in front of it more to post for US! She KNOWS we need to keep up on what's going on with everydoggie! We were very sad to learn that the famous (or infamous) Joe Stains made his journey to the rainbow bridge yesterday. Run free, Joey and torment all the other doggies!

Patches (and Penny too)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Good news! Happy Passover and Happy Easter!

Hey everydoggie! It's me, Penny! Again! Can you believe it? The doggie in the picture is ME! I'm a little hard of hearing now, so my mom was able to sneak up on me with the camera. Actually, she didn't sneak...she had the camera on the table next to her chair so she was ready whenever she could see my beautimous face!

I have some good news to share! It looks like I had an infection instead of kidney disease! Woohoo! Mom is still thinking about putting me on some kind of kidney diet, but it's kind of tricky since I have skin cancer. It seems that some kidney diets can actually aggrevate skin cancer. Mom will be doing lots of research before she changes my diet.

The second picture, above, is our guest bedroom. Do you think any guests would want to stay in there? I don't think so! It seems that our mom's eBay activities have spread out from the garage and the computer room to the guest bedroom! In fact, it's worse now, than it was when she took this picture! Unfortunately, right now, she's buying more than she's selling. I don't think it's supposed to work that way! We're hoping that changes soon!

We would like to say Happy Passover to all of our friends who celebrate it and Happy Easter to everyone who celebrates Easter! All you doggies...stay away from the chocolate bunnies and eggs! Uh oh! Now my mom has an overwhelming urge to go to the grocery store! I guess I'll let her go, but she better come home with something good for US!

Patches says, "Hi". She's totally jealous that I have done the last two posts! Neener, neener, neener! Besides, our mom says that anydoggie who barks at the birdies chirping, doesn't deserve to do any posts! Ha!

Penny (& Patches too)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

We need some advice!

Hi, everydoggie! It's me, Penny! Yeah, I know...I hardley ever get to post, thanks to that "other" dog! Today, we are looking for some advice. A couple weeks ago, I had all my yearly shots and the v-e-t removed a mass from the tip of one of my ears. It kind of looked like a raisin but it kept bleeding. Yep, it was skin cancer. I had one sort of like it, a few years ago, on the same ear and didn't come back until now. The problem is that he didn't get all of it, so we are SURE it will come back (or go somewhare else!) This isn't our biggest concern, though!

Mom let the v-e-t do all the blood tests on me since I am 12 years old now. One of the results has our mom really concerned. My BUN is elevated, but my Creatinine(sp?)is okay. He says I also have very dilute urine with blood and lots of protein in it. Right now, I am on a course of high powered antibiotics and 7 days from now, when I finish them, Mom has to chase me around the backyard and catch my pee in a paper dish! (I can't WAIT to see THIS!)

For now, my mom is trying not to freak out from the possibility that I may be going into kidney failure! She's probably going to put me on a gluten free diet whether I have it or not. We just don't know what kind to get. Some peeps don't like the KD, for some reason and we got a $5 off coupon for Nutro's new grain free. Anybody got any ideas?

If you could see how I act, you wouldn't know that I had anything wrong. I can still make it to the gate in 3.2 seconds and since I have been on the antibiotics, I'm woofing down my food like I used to! I am getting a little hard of hearing, though. Mom says that may be a GOOD thing since I don't bark so much at the thunder. Hey, I don't need to bark...Patches does enough barking for BOTH of us! (That's why our mom is kind of cranky today...it thundered most of the night last night!"

So...if anydoggie has any ideas about foodables or treats, we would really appreciate the advice! I need to go back outside, now, so I can bring in some more red clay. Lots of rain overnight = nice gooshey mud between our toes! Good times!


Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Hello to all our furry and not-so-furry friends! It's me, Patches! We are looking for a new secretary to type our blog for us. You know, it's hard for us to do it because our paws are so ginormous and we don't have thumbs. We would like to fire our current secretary because she just isn't doing a good job of keeping everydoggie informed on what we are up to!

First, we have a winner on which of us gets the new bed. It's ME (of course)! I'm the alpha around here since Poppy left us and I claimed the bed so now my old one is in the garage and the new one is in it's place. No, we aren't throwing the old one away...just waiting for warmer weather so it can be washed outside.

Actually, it has been pretty warm, here, for a while, but our mom (aka secretary) is just busy, busy, busy all the time! She keeps telling us that is a GOOD thing, but we aren't so sure! Our neighbor has a new Golden Retriever puppy and we haven't met him snooter to snooter yet! And then there's the Puggy guy's new hooman pups. They are almost 5 months old and we haven't even had a good sniff of them yet! Yes, our mom is still feeding them too. The adult hoomans...not the Puggies. Even though they have help with the pups, they work all day and then have to come home and cook dinner when they could be playing with the hooman pups!

We're sorry we haven't been around to your bloggies lately...you can blame it on our current secretary who's on thin ice! She says she's BUSY! WE say she needs to spend more time AT HOME!

We are keeping our paws crossed for the all the peeps, pups and kitties of Japan. We just can't imagine such devastation! We are also keeping our paws crossed for Joe Stains and his family! And we're hoping Butchy and Mango Major don't have anymore seizures!

Well, everydoggie, I need to go outside now so I can track in some more red Georgia clay! Our mom shampooed the carpet, this morning, so those red paw prints show up really well on the teal green carpet! I'm pretty sure our next carpet will be a rust color!

Penny & Patches

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

It's here! It's here! Our new Lilly and Abbie dogbed has arrived!

Hey, every buddy! It's me, Patches! We told you, way back in January, that we had won a Lilly and Abbie custom dog bed! Well, it arrived late yesterday afternoon! We are soooooo excited!

We got to pick our own 3 fabrics for the WASHABLE cover! Okay, our mom picked them, but we think she did a great job!

As soon as our mom put the cover on, she put the new bed on the living room floor. We are going to leave it there until Mom figures out which one of us is going to "claim" it. So far, I'm in the lead!

Penny has sniffed it, but she hasn't gotten on it yet. That COULD be because I chase her away if she gets too close! Yeah, I'm the alpha! So Penny can't get on the bed until I say so!

This bed is soooooo cool! It is plenty big enough for either one of us (mainly ME) and it sure is comfy!

We would like to thank Neil, Nigel, Sola, Truffles and everyone over at Life With Dogs for the opportunity to enter this cool contest! We are very LUCKY to have won this! (We don't often win ANYthing, especially anything as great as THIS!

If you would like to buy a dog bed of your very own, head on over to: http://www.lillyandabbiedogbeds.com They have a really great selection of fabrics and the quality of the beds can't be beat! The workmanship is amazing! (Sorry, stupid Vista won't let us put in a link).

Now, on to other stuffs. This has been a pretty hard month on all of us. On Feb. 12, we made it through a whole year since our dad passed away and then on the 21st, it was one year since Poppy went to the Rainbow Bridge! Yes, we know they are together, but that doesn't make it any easier for US! We still miss them both a LOT! Our mom says she has made it through her year of "firsts" (first birthday, first anniversary, first EVERYTHING!) She's pretty proud of the way she has handled everything and would like to thank every doggie and every hooman who prayed for us. We KNOW that's why we have come as far as we have!

Uh oh! I hear Penny moving around in the living room while I'm in here barking instructions on what to type to Mom! Gotta go chase her off MY new bed!

Patches & Penny