Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Wheelie Wednesday! ...and Patches great adventure.

Hello to all of our furry and not-so-furry friends! It's me, PorkChop! I get to do the posting today since it's Wheely Wednesday. All the other wheelies and I haven't had much time, lately, to cruise around the house when everydog else is sleeping. You see, the NEW dog, Patches, sleeps in several different places each night and we are afraid she'll wake up and catch us. We're hoping she will settle down and pick ONE spot to sleep in so we can resume our nightly adventures.

Over the weekend, our pawrents went yard sale-ing and found us this funky chicken. He dances, walks and plays music. They decided not to bring it out until Mom had a few minutes to get behind the camera. They figured Poppy and Penny would decapitate him within a few seconds. Actually, they were wrong...the chicken lives to perform another day!
This is the first time Patches has shown and interest in toys. She was toooo funny trying to nab that chicken! She pawed at it, bit at it and barked at it. All the while, the chicken just kept walking around and playing music. He had no idea that the jaws of death were just inches away!

Poppy decided to get into the act too, but she was having too much fun watching Patches to actually attack the chicken.

Here's a rare picture of all three of us together! This was before Penny realized that Mom had the camera out. Once she figured it out, she took off for the living room and just barked like a maniac until Mom finally put the chicken up where we couldn't reach it.
I'm turning the bloggy over to Patches, now, because she wants to tell you about her day, yesterday.
Hi everyone! It's me, Patches! Yesterday morning, our mom was trimming some trees and she was loading all the limbs into a wheel barrow. When it was full, she planned to take it to the back of the back yard and throw the limbs over the fence. Everything was going as planned until Mom opened the gate to get the wheelbarrow into the back yard. It seems that she miscalculated how far the gate was open and I escaped! Being a true Airedale, I refused to come to her when she called me. I took a tour of the neighbor's yard next door and then I mosied around our front yard while Mom was trying to catch up with me. I had my nose to the ground and I was finding all kinds of really great smells. I ran across the street and up the driveway of another neighbor. The whole time, I was snickering at Mom and refusing to come. After checking out all the interesting smells in the neighbor's driveway, I noticed Mom squatting down and slapping her gloves on the driveway. I decided to go see what she was doing and she nabbed me! She tried to lead me, by my collar, back to my own yard, but I was so wiggly that the collar came right off my head. Heehee, Mom was holding my collar with no dog in it! For some reason, she lost her sense of humor and picked me up. She carried me back across the street and set me down at the end of our driveway. All the way, she was saying something about the fact that she didn't go through all she did to get me only to have me run away. I could tell from the tone of her voice that she was NOT joking! There I was having a really great adventure and Mom was just freaking out! She finally picked me up again and carried me all the way to my own backyard. I was fine, but I'm not so sure about Mom! It was really hot outside and she was already tired from all the tree trimming. She knew that I had already put on some weight, but I don't think she realized just how heavy a squirming 34 pound Aire-head can be! I guess I better not try the Houdini trick again!
Later in the day, after Mom had recovered from my great adventure, Aunt Wendy came over to celebrate my barkday. She brought me a pawsome marrow bone stuffed with peanut butter! She tried to put a barkday hat and bandanananana on me, but I was just too wiggly! I remembered her from the day she and Mom rescued me and I kissed her all over for a looooong time! She loved on me for about 3 hours before she had to go home to Ezzy Rider and Jagger. I just love my Auntie Wendy! When I get stronger, she's going to bring Ezzy and Jag over for a great romp in our back yard.
Here's my video debut! You can watch me with the funky chicken and you can even hear Penny barking like a crazy doggie in the living room.

I'm signing off now so we can run around the yard like mad fools again. Zoomies are SOOOO much fun!

Patches & PorkChop


Charlie Daniels said...

Ohhh Patches ... I tried that pulling my head out of my collar trick once too ... yep we had a similar adventure ... yep the end of the story was the same too ...

They get over it eventually and it's like it never happened !



Welcome To The Life Of Ezzy Rider And Jagger said...

We can not wait until Patches gains her weight back so we can come over and play. We are a little upset that we missed the Barkday party. We heard Uncle Stan made some great ribs and baked potato with bacon. Mom came home smelling of Dale.We knew where she was imnmediatley. We were so happy to hear that Patches looks great and is full of herself. She is one cute Dale. We also heard that there are some ribs in the freezer waiting for Dad so we hope to taste some of Uncle Stan's good cooking.


Ezzy Rider and Jagger

Dexter said...

Good thing you are still a little skinny or your mom might have had a heart attack or something carrying you around.

I know jail breaks are totally fun, but you really shouldn't do it because it freaks out the peoples.

That chicken thing... I cannot find the words.


Pedro said...

Awwwww! It is soooooo nice to see Patches starting to play. It's sad for me to think that a dawg doesn't know what play is. You've given her a wonderful life!!!


Dewey Dewster said...

Gee guys...that funky chicken is pawsome....but we woulda had it in 30 pieces in no-time flat..ya guys are really good ta let it live some....but ya shouldn't be runnin' away now...Toby did that at the cottage when Gram Judy came ta visit and was gone fer 1 1/2 hours....Pap was frantic and he drove around lookin' fer him 'n finally found him sittin' in the middle of the road...now the cottage is on a dirt road that has little traffic but someone coulda run 'em over or picked 'em up....now Gram ordered a Petsafe wireless fence fer us 'n I don't think I'm gonna like it at all.....no siree, I don't...this development is downright shocking....
Dewey Dewster here.....

Mr. T-Bone Beasley said...

Patches...you won't be in trouble long. You are an airedale. So the truth is that you were never even in trouble! We don't get in trouble, but our humans do...and oh man do they pay. Just work on the facial expressions and your new humans will be wrapped around your paw!

Mr. T-Bone Beasley

Lady Kaos said...

My Mom has a turkey that does that, too. It's a Thanksgiving decoration that is supposed to convince you to eat chicken instead of turkey for Thanksgiving. It drives me crazy so she took it to work and leaves it there so it won't die.
Be careful Patches, I learned it is a very bad thing to run around the neighborhood. I missed out on hotdogs and I didn't get to do anything fun all day long! It was not worth it.

Deetz said...

Patches...your mummy and Auntie Wendy love you so much, that they would never want anything to happen to you or to run away and get lost...It would break there hearts really bad....If you escape to romp around, just do it in your own front yard and just run really really fast and dodge back and forth for awhile to entertain your human...just don't go in the street...okay? That chicken was really cool, I like the way he dances....I think it is cute you didn't destroy it....
Hi Penny and Poppy

Molly the Airedale said...

That funky chicken in a riot! I'm sure we'd be barking at it too!
Thank goodness your mom saw you escape and stayed right on your case, Patches! It's a big bad world out there and you've got an awesome home! We don't think you should run away any more!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Faya said...

Patches you are so cute....First we were laughing with my VĂ©ronique and after she cryed... I think she is sooooo happy for you. But be carefull and stay with your family please Patches. Don't run away...ok ?
It is cool to see you 3 on the same picture !
Kisses, Faya

Stanislaw said...

Woah! That duck scared me too! Pupi has a duck stuffy, but it only quacks. No walking and no cracked-out holiday tunes. Yikes!

PS- I added you to my blog list. Hope you don't mind!

Rambo said...

Hi Girls,
thanks for stopping by my blog! I am glad to hear the little Midget isn't the only dawg with poop and pee problems. G-Mom can't wait until she grows out of it!
Again, nice to meet you!
Rambo & MM

Joe Stains said...

Patches you are looking great! Don't try to escape its a big mean world out there.

Agatha and Archie said...

OK we are a THOUSAND YEARS behind in our reading PL2 has been working funky shifts and we haven't had much access to the computer. WE DID NOT EVEN KNOW ABOUT PATCHES!!!!! So we are all caught up now!! She is a little honey and sure got the right home1!(except the running away thing might have to stop!!) Love and a million kisses A+A

Lorenza said...

Hi, Patches!
Sure it was a great adventure but please don't do it again! I don't want something bad happens to you!
Kisses and hugs

Niamh said...

Great video Patches! And I want a chicken just like that. But please, please, please no more escapes.

Your friend,

Willow the Black Dale said...

Patches you got aire-lifted. Wow that must have been cool. It's just too bad she cut your adventure short. Hey...did you look both ways before you crossed the street? My kids told me something about that one. Don't ask me why but they say it is important.
You are looking pawsome lady! Keep chowing down and you will be up to the dale weight in no time.
nose pokes,

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Oh that chicken looks funny. Oh Patches, the world out there isn't as nice as your home. Stay with Penny and Poppy

~ Girl girl

Stanley said...

P Girls!!!!

I am overwhelmed with all the love and fur at your house! It totally looks like Airedale heaven to me!

Let's hope my girl doesn't get lazy ever. During this last lazy stretch I missed out on so much that's been happening with you guys! You are 3 gorgeous Airegirls and it looks like you're having the best time together!

Patches Girl, please don't do that escape trick again. Sounds like we need to get a martingale collar on you, sister!

Goober love & smooches all around,

Miss Ellie and Baz said...

Wow Patches Penny and Poppy, that funky chicken thing looks just AWESOME. I think we need one of them too.

Hey mum where are you????

Miss Ellie and Bazzy

George the Pup said...

Wow Patches that sounds like a great adventure! I've been on one or two of those myself and for some strange reason I always get in trouble - I don't get it! Hope your Mom isn't still mad!

the many Bs said...

hi Pork chop and Patches! it sounds like there has been a lot going on at your house lately. whew. it tired us out to read about your adventures. that funky chicken is really crazy. we don't blame you for barking at it and attacking it. that's the only way to deal with one of those creatures.

and we're glad that you didn't run away too far, Patches. please don't do that again. we don't want you to get lost.


Asta said...

Pleez don't do that again...iof you got lost ow huwt youw pawents would be so vewy sad..I know adventoowing can be fun, but also vewy dangewous!
I love the pictoowe with all thwee of you in it, and that chicken is vewy funny...You awe going to have the bestest life thewe with Penny and Poppy and youw pawents, and to get Ezzy and Jaggew to come visit too WOW!!!!
Mywna says hi to powkchope
smoochie kisses

Pedro said...

Penny, Poppy & Patches,

I wanted to let you know that your package went out for the International Package Exchange today via FEDEX ground. So you should have it in a day or too (hopefully by the June 9th deadline!) Mom's had the stuff for awhile but wanted to take me to the beach for a picture but... there just hasn't been time.


William Tell said...

Whoa, the old "slip through the gate when they've got their hands full" trick. One of my favorites. Nice work, Patches! Sounds like you had an excellent adventure.

Happy Tails,
William Tell

MJ's doghouse said...

that chicken is pretty funny...but not nearly as funny as it is whenmom has to chase after me when i escape...then she gets inches away and i take off again..it is really just something i do to help her get into shape...i am a sort of physical trainer..

Noah the Airedale said...

Goodness Patches, you shouldn't run away especially after all your mum and Auntie Wendy went through to get you. My sissies take off every now and again too and it really worries the pinkies.
We're so glad you're ok.
The chicken is cute btw.

Hugs and tail wags
Noah xx

Deetz said...

Happy Friday everyone

JB's Big and Small Worlds said...

Nice to meet you all!

Eric said...

Hi Patches! It's a scary world out there. You have doggie heaven in your new home.Don't escape cos how can you blog and tell us all your aventures if escape?

Worried Wags, Eric