Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Penny's out of surgery!

Hi, everybuddy! It's me, Patches. Our mom just talked to the vet's office and they told her that Penny is out of surgery and doing fine! She's holding her head up and will come home after 4 p.m. today! Woohoo!

I, for one, will be really glad when she gets home! I didn't get my breakfast until after 9:00 this morning and now, Mom says I can't eat my afternoon meal until Penny comes home. Why do I have to suffer when I'm not the one having surgery? My mom says I should quit complaining 'cause she didn't eat breakfast until after 9 a.m. too.

Penny was one pissed pup, this morning! Our morning ritual goes like this: I jump on Mom's head, she gets up and goes into the bathroom. We can't figure out what she's doing in there, so we bark at her...especially Penny. It's an ear-piercing bark and Mom keeps yelling at us to stop it! Of course, we DON'T. Finally, she lets us outside. We hit the bottom of the steps, squat and fly back up the steps to eat breakfast. Normally, our mom has our food bowls in our feeding stands within a couple seconds of our arrival. Well...not this morning! She walked around the kitchen doing other stuffs and not paying any attention to us starving pups! WTF? We followed our mom all over the house and wouldn't get more than 2 inches away from her. We had to stay close, ya know, just in case she decided to give us our food. Well, no such luck! I sure hope we go back to our regular feeding schedule tomorrow! Today's schedule (or lack thereof) just sucks!

We'll keep you posted on how Penny's doing after she comes home!

PUPDATE: Penny is home and we just had our dinner. Mom took some away from Penny's dish and gave it to ME! Heeheehee! Penny's got a Poodle leggie and a ginormous shaved patch on her back. Her incision is about 7 to 8 inches long and she has lots of stitches on the inside and staples on the outside. That nasty thingy was lots bigger than what you could see on the outside. She just drank loads of water and has already been outside twice. So far, she's doing great! Oh, yeah, and I have an appointment to get my teefies cleaned next Tuesday. Penny's are all pearly white now and Mom says I have to match!
A starving Patches


Deetz said...

Sorry about the morning ritual being ruined but it was for your own goods. I am so happy about this news.

NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...

Thanks fur the pupdate!

We'll keep our paws khrossed until we see more news!

I'll have a snakhk in her honour too!


Marvin (oh and Jeannie) said...

oh so glad all is ok! Sorry we have been absent, we do love you, just time went on so fast, and we got behind with our blog comments.

Lovely cheery news!

love from Marvin xxxxxxxxx oh and Jeannie xxxxxxx

Duke said...

What great news! We're sure Penny is anxious to come home to you too, Patches! Once in awhile routines have to be altered. Your mom would never forget to feed you!

Love ya lot
Maggie and Mitch

Sally said...

That is good news !!! Sorry about missing breakfast - but can you have an extra large breakfast tomorrow?

Lots of licks
Sally and Paddy

doyle and mollie said...

woof hoo!!!!!! loves and licks and huge slobbers too

♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

That is wonderful news. We hope all was well with that thing on her back too. Mom makes us wait every morning for our food until after she has showered and had her breakfast - she says it is good training for us for days just like this one for you and Penny or for days when the peeps sleep in late.

Please do update us on Penny too.

Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

The Black and Tans. said...

Splendid news that Penny is ready to come home and have her dinner with you tonight.

Molly, Taffy and MOnty

John Going Gently said...

good news
only a dog owner would appreciate the stress!
all the best

Lacy said...

w00fs, glad surgery is over and her is back home..heehee a happy u 2 got food...

b safe,

Dexter said...

I am so glad that Penny is back home safe and sound. Did she get the IV fluids? That will make her pee a ton! Watch out!

Sorry you had to starve almost this morning, but I am sure it made things easier for mom. Don't tease Penny about her poodle leg, OK?


Wyatt said...

So glad you are home. It's scary being at the vets, without your family. Keep us posted.
Wet noses to you!
Luv Wyatt

Gus said...

We are so glad to hear the good news! Be nice to Penny (for a while, anyway) and tell her we are thinking good terrier thoughts and sending them your way.

gussie n teka

Asta said...


I'm sowwy you had to stawve too, but poow Penny is the one who had to go into suwgewy..I'm so glad she is home safe and that that awful blob is out of hew back and hew toofies awe all shiny and pawfect.
I hope tomowwow you can get back to youw nowmal rootine of eating immediately when you get up
love to all of you
smoochie kisses

Life With Dogs said...

That is really, really great to hear. But you go easy on her for a bit or she'll be pissed again! :)

TwoSpecialWires said...

Well ... we guess there is some advantage to being slow to get here. We got the whole story at once. We are soooo glad that Penny is home and doing well. We've guessing it was probably harder on your moma than anyone. Worrying. It's bad. We're glad the worrying part is mostly over. At least we hope it is.

So. Enjoy your Wednesday breakfast and get back to your normal routine. Including barking your thanks to your moma. We're glad you are both gonna be all fixed up and healthy!

Jake and Fergi xxpp

Lorenza said...

I am so happy to know that everything went well and that Penny is at home now!
I know about those feeding schedules broken!
Glad you got your dinner... finally!
Take care
Kisses and hugs

Huskee and Hershey said...

Oops sorry that your morning routine had been disrupted. Hope it goes back to normal soon...

Great news about Penny!! Sending all of you great big hugs...

The Oceanside Animals said...

Welcome home, Penny!

Karen Raye and Bentley Beargrass said...

Glad to hear Penny is back home and doing well. We are all in agreement about those pre-surgery feeding schedules- they suck but it is only temporary, thank doG!

Fred said...

So glad she's doing well! Hope your teef cleaning goes OK, too!

Jake of Florida said...

We're away so it took a while for us to hear the whole story. We're so glad Penny is back home and we hope your mom's blood pressure came down when the surgery was over.

As for the teefie cleaning -- I just had mine cleaned yesterday and I don't even remember a thing!!! Mom called the vet three times to be sure all was well -- but I was just my happy -- for awhile groggy -- self!!

Let us know how things go !!!

Wirey love,

Jake and Just Harry

Jacks, Narra, Tuchuck, and Rousseau said...

Yay! Glad Penny's home--and that her lump was removed. Hope she's feeling back to normal really soon. We know you guys have to get back to your busy schedule of eating, playing, and napping. Woohoo! That's a schedule to love!

Take care--

Unknown said...

Good new wahoo and now I'm cooking up some bacon and making you din din. I see you are starving....I'll send it over ASAP.

Geez I had to put my sunglasses on.. penny's toofers are blaring white.

Duke said...

We're thinking of you, Penny, and hope you're feeling back to your old self!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

ScrapsofMe said...

I'm so glad Penny is recovering and the din din schedule is back on. Gotta keep the foodies coming in! Be sure to give yer Mom lots of aire kisses, she has been under a lot of stress this year.

sniffies to everydoggie!


Sunshade said...

I am so glad Penny is home and doing well, and you don't have to starve more now that she's back Patches!

Mum's blood pressure shot up too because I just had surgery on Tuesday and she was worried about putting a 10 year old under. Don't they know, 10 & 11 are the new 3 & 4!

Oh, and we just want to say that we think the small memorial service for your daddy at your house is a great thing to do. Good for your mom for doing something for herself! We will be thinking of you....

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

Miss Ellie and Baz said...

We are glad Penny is back home, where she belongs.
Hope she is doing ok.
Isn't it awful when we have to wait for our food and it is late?
Don't they know weare starving and need food on time???

Miss Ellie and Baz

tula monstah said...

woot woot for Penny-- and you got some pearly whites out of it too! Patches.. mom cut my meals in half.. i'll send over the other half right away. someone's gotta eat it:)


Remington said...

Hi Remington here! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I hope we can be great friends! I am happy all went for Penny....

Eric said...

Phew. I'm glad I got the whole story and know that is is well with Penny. Hope Mom's blood pressure has returned to normal though perhaps the vets bill might send it a bit high....

Look after your Mom you girlies give her tons of your special aire kisses from me.

Wiry love Eric xxx

the many Bs said...

it sure is a bad deal when meal time gets messed up - or missed altogether. we're glad to hear that Penny is ok and the food is flowing again.


Sunshade said...

How is Penny doing??? Is her incision itchy yet?? Mine isn't itchy yet, but mum says it might get itchy once it starts healing. She's planning on abandoning me and take STINKY out to play, like leaving me ALONE.....

Anyway, just wanted to stop by and tell you Thank You for the AireZEN, and we're sending them right back at you!

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

Nelly said...

HI girls,
Hows Penny doing? Are you all ok?
We're thinking of you!
Nelly xx