Thursday, January 24, 2008

Problem with teddy bears!

Hello to all of our furry and not so furry friends! Today, we are launching a protest about teddy bears. See those cabinets on the right hand side of the photo? Well, they are FULL of teddy bears and we aren't allow to touch them! SO not fair! Our mom collects teddy bears and they are EVERYWHERE! There are 2 curio cabinets full in the living room and there are wooden poles in all of the bedrooms with teddy bears wired to them. I tell you, they ARE everywhere! The worst part is we are not allow to touch any of them. Since we can't tell the difference between Mom's bears and ours, no bear is safe unless it is too high for us to get at it or if it's in a cabinet. That cabinet you see in the photo is always covered with Aire-art from us lusting after the bears behind the glass. Mom has to sneak HER bears into the house in a plastic bag held way over her head and then wait for us to go outside so she can put them into the cabinet. One time, she brought a new bear in and instead of putting it in the cabinet or wiring it to a pole, she hung it on a pole with the loop from it's tag. She figured we wouldn't mess with it since we never bother the bear poles. Wrong! I, Poppy waited till she wasn't looking and I snagged that bear. By the time Mom caught me, he had no eyes and a big hole in his belly. To this day, she has still not found an exact replacement for him. That should teach her to wire them up as soon as she brings them home! We think it would be a BETTER idea if she just gave us ALL the bears and quit collecting them.


Poppy & Penny


Duke said...

My mom has teddy bears that she won't share with us too and I respect her for that! Mitch is another story - he steals stuff for attention - so mom hauls everything upstairs that Mitch can't have and she gates him downstairs! Mitch ruined one of mom's kathy kruse bears that's no longer made and mom never forgot it! Our moms are a lot alike!

Love ya lots,

Jackson's J1 and J2 said...

OHMYDOG, I would LOVE to rampage around your house, killing all those bears! Can you imagine the carnage?! J x

Lenny said...

Why do humans keep teddy bears? They don't know how to really have FUN with them! Bears and stuffies are clearly made for dogs.

Your friend, Lenny

Harry said...

Cassidy would be in her element there! I have no interest in toys, teddy or otherwise, so they'd be quite safe in my care.

Toodle pip
Harry x

Stanley said...

Hey, Penny & Poppy!

You Airegirls have been leaving some great comments over in GooberStan and it is time I came by to visit you!

We have so many pupfriends in common, and you both seem sweet. I'd love it if we could be buds. Do you mind if I link to you guys on my blog?

About the bears, tell your mama she needs to go to my buddies blog, Bob T. Bear, esq. There's a link to him on my blog. (She'll love him and you might too).

Goober love & smooches,

Noah the Airedale said...

Crikey you're mum is tormenting you with so many bears. If Willow was there she'd get stuck into them. She loves to carry bears around in her mouth. I'd hate to think what Lucy & Tess would do....eeeeep.

Hugs and tail wags

Urban Smoothie Read said...

hmm...sorry to hear that u can't get your paws on those bears...

but i'm sure u will manage to figure out a solution to it...

Gus said...

Muzzer also has "no share" toys! What is this? She keeps hers in the closet, cause Teka is not good about respecting other people's (or dog's) stuff!

Thanks for visiting my bloggie. Hope you can come to the soooooper bowl pawty.


Bogart H. Devil said...

Mmm... teddy bears. Yummy. Almost an Airedale food group. :)


Miss Ellie and Baz said...

Your mum is mean, teasing you both like that. All those bears are just perfect for Dales to play with.
The only stuffed toys I am not allowed to have are mums stuffed Airedales. But I WANT them bad!