Saturday, January 12, 2008

Shopping and in big trouble...again!

See this look on my face? It means I (Poppy) am in big trouble again. You see, I am a "shopper" and proud of it! In case you don't know what a "shopper" is, it's a dog (usually an Airedale) who takes thing that don't belong to it and moves them somewhere else. It doesn't usually involve destructomania, but there ARE exceptions.
Last night, our secretary was needle felting and she had to answer the phone. She set her felting tray on the floor and when she wasn't looking, I made off with part of a felted Airedale! It felt SO nice in my mouth and I was about to munch on it when I was nabbed. Darn! This isn't the first time I've shopped a feltie and I'm sure it won't be the last. That wool just smells so darn good...it's like it's begging me to shop it. Oh, and I am probably the world's FASTEST shopper! Mom can go into another room for a few seconds and when she comes back, her stuff has already been shopped. I am one QUICK Airedale!
Penny doesn't seem to be as much into shopping as I am, but Mom's first Airedale, Pockets, was a master at it. The only difference between Pockets and my shopping abilities is that I will give the item up when I get caught. Pockets would be ashamed of me...she would run when she got caught and the faster Mom ran after her, the faster she chewed up the item she had shopped. She could eat a whole Kleenex in a matter of seconds. Some day, I hope to be as good of a shopper as she was!
Poppy and Penny


Duke said...

I love kleenex too and if it's used, I like it even better!
Your mom needle felts? Mine does too! That's too cool! Can we see some of your mom's work?

Love ya lots

Cassidy said...

Me likes that you call it shopping. Daddy says me is thief. Me prefers shopper!

Me loves the felted Oscar your mummy made, but it be well out of reach of my teethies!

Cassidy x

erin said...

Poppy, don't you just love how wool feels in your mouth? I've got a thing for wool myself. I like to mouth on my girl's wool coat and I have a wool sweater that I always like to get out of my clothing cabinet. My girl says I have a taste for the finer things in life because I like cashmere the best. I think it's good enough to eat! Unfortunately, when I did eat some my Unkie Rob got pretty mad at me and I threw it up the next day. Bummer.