Saturday, February 16, 2008

We're blowing our coats...and other important stuff

Hi everydog, kitty and hammie! Oh, yeah, and hoomans too! This morning, Mom has discovered that we are blowing our coats. Her first clue was the slippers she was wearing. She noticed they were covered with hair so she used a lint brush to get it all off. Then she walked from the living room to the kitchen and the hair was already back! We blow our coats twice a year...in the spring and in the fall. Mom thinks it's kind of early this year, but it's probably because we have been having some pretty warm days. She has swept the kitchen and foyer floors twice, this morning and once last night. She got enough Aire-hair to make a couple more dogs. When she brushed our hair, she got enough to make 5 or 6 more! We don't mind being brushed, but we aren't too thrilled with the fact that the Roomba is running almost constantly. We have to keep moving out of it's way or it might just suck us up! It is one EVIL machine!
The picture on the left is the back of Penny's head and my tail. See how fluffy they are? Mom has let our hairs grow for the winter. She says we need Aire-cuts right now, but thinks we will wait a couple more weeks until it gets a little warmer. We had a meeting and decided that we don't want to freeze when we go out to do our potties in the cold mornings. The picture on the right is me, Poppy thinking about attacking that bunny rabbit on the floor in front of me.
We have heard a rumor that we might be getting a new brother or sister. Our mom has made an application with Airedale rescue to get one for us. They have two that Mom and Dad are interested in. One is a male and the other is a female. We aren't particular as to which one we get as long as he or she will play with us! When Mom woke up on Thursday morning, she had no intention of getting another dog, but when she saw the ones that Airedale rescue has, she couldn't help herself! She is addicted to 'dales! She talked it over with our personal servant (Dad) and he told her to fill out the application. Woo hoo! We haven't been approved yet, but our paws are crossed. Mom and Dad were approved about 10 years ago, but ended up getting Pockets from a breeder instead. Our silly parents already have an extra dog bed and a feeding station. We hope they aren't counting their chickens before they are hatched!
Mom and dad are mixing concrete, this morning, to pour a slab by the basement door so we are on our way to help! Have a great weekend, everybody!
Poppy & Penny & Maybe a soon to be brother or sister!


Duke said...

How exciting for you! A new brother or sister will be such fun!
You girlz are pretty fuzzy! We both got our hairecuts before mom went to Florida so we're set for a bit longer! We love short fur!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Lenny said...

Hey Penny and Poppy, what exciting news!
My people have a Roomba too. I agree, Roombas are evil. I attack it and I succeeded in breaking a little piece off the top of it. But it still runs.

Make sure you make some cool pawprints in the concrete while it is still wet! :)

Your friend, Lenny

Harry said...

Hello there fluffy girls! Cassidy went out today to grooming class with ma and came back half the puppy she was! Makes me look even poofier though!

How awfully exciting about a new sibling! Look forward to hearing more.

Toodle pip
Harry x

Noah the Airedale said...

Hooray a new brother or sister how exciting. We sure hope your folks get the go ahead from Airedale Rescue.

What is a Roomba? They sound scary.

Hugs and tail wags
Noah Willow Tess & Lucy

Kirby said...

Hi Guys,

I'm super fluffy too, must be an airedale issue. How exciting that you might be getting a new brother or sister! Keep us posted!!

Your pal,

Jake of Florida said...

That is so interesting -- fur coming off just like that. We just get puffier and puffier until we look like little lambs and then out comes the furminator, followed by Dogdad's plucking fingers for our jackets, and the clippers for our undersides.

I guess we never knew what blowing our coats meant!!! We thought it was those cool breeeezes on the golf coutse.

Anyway, thanks for the invite in case of treat drought. (Compared to Sydney or Singapore or London, we're not that far away!!)

(Mom loves 'dales too, by the way, but Dogdad thinks our place is too small for anybody else.)

Jake and Just Harry

Asta said...

Penny and Poppy
Fiwst! It was so gweat to see you at the dki pawty!!! You wewe both wondewful!!
I can't blame youw Mom fow being addicted to such fabulous doggies..if we had the woom , we'd get lots mowe..I'm a little jelly, cause i'm an only child(xept fow Myrna, but that's not the same..don't tell hew..I don't want to huwt hew feelings)
I'll cwoss my fingews fow you to get youw sibling..and what's the big deal about a little haiw, hehehe.it's such bootiful haiw
smoochie kisses

Huskee and Hershey said...

Hi Penny and Poppy,
THANK YOU for stopping by my blog and for your kind words about Baby!! Psst.. don't forget to come for our wedding!
Oh wow.. a new lil' brother or lil' sister will be sooo exciting!!

Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

Giggle...Mumsie's giggling...Three Terriers...PAWSOME!!!!!! Yeppers...we know ALL bout coat blowin'...Babystan just finished blowin' his puppy coat...we loved the way he'd have a bath and the bathroom walls were covered with this odd Dalefur wallpaper...Mumise thought bout using a leaf rake in the kitchen...

I'm thinkin' of startin' a business of sellin' dog fur at Petsmart...we all seem to like to eat it so why not. It could be in the snacky section and I could be RICH!

We don't have a Roomba...I'd kill it...in about 2 seconds...like mutilate its evil little body and flip in on it's back to show who's alpha. ME. Mumsie wants one though.

Barkin' at ya!!!

Urban Smoothie Read said...

u guys are getting a new family member??... hope u guys will have great fun with the new pup...

btw... i shed throughout the year... not seasonly n it drive my grandpa n grandma crazy....hahah

The Thuglets said...

Wow...girls a new brother or sister thats sooooooo exciting! But hey why stop at one tell your mum 6 are such fun!!!

We hope you soon have some news and look forward to lots of piccies.

Big Nose Pokes
The Thugletsx

Jackson's J1 and J2 said...

Ooo, so you might be getting another brother or sister? That's pawsome! J x